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About the Influencer
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Onalytica’s Influencer Marketing Academy will take you from beginner to expert by arming you with the tools to start and then scale an influencer program.  You’ll learn how to identify the topical community of experts relevant to your industry, decide how to collaborate with them and develop frameworks to measure your success against key business objectives.

We constantly update the syllabus with the latest examples from across the Influencer Marketing world to bring course attendees the latest best practice techniques and strategic models that are delivering results for Marketing & Comms professionals.


Create Your Strategy

Understand the building blocks you need for an influencer program

Find Your Relevant Influencers

Find out how to identify your topical influencer community

Select Best Fit Influencers

Learn the criteria for choosing influencers to collaborate with

Influencer Engagement

Develop a plan & value proposition to engage influencers

Measure Success

Share results with your organisation to win further buy-in

Employee Advocacy

Involve your colleagues to build influencer relationships across your organisation

Scale Your Program

Create a structure to help other teams replicate your success

“From conception to execution, Onalytica’s influencer marketing academy will help you to understand and qualify your objectives and build your influencer strategy and set milestones for success.”

What Our Graduates Say


Head of Influencer Marketing Strategy at Onalytica

Meet your Coach

Jack is Onalytica’s Head of Influencer Marketing Strategy. He’s worked in a range of sectors within Marketing, ranging from SEO to user-generated content before landing in influencer marketing. A keen student of internet culture, cooking & colourful fashion choices, Jack is passionate about helping marketing & comms professionals take their campaigns to the next level by working with the right influencers.