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Metaverse: 32 Content Creators & Thought Leaders to Follow

by | Aug 16, 2022 | Influencer Lists,

Recently we hosted an Onalytica Experts LinkedIn Live with Alex Rühl, Jeremy Dalton & Jack Morel-Paulo to discuss the ever present topic in most conversations about the future & technology – The Metaverse.

“It’s a form of virtual world inhabited by real people, in which those real people can communicate, interact with one another and explore those 3 dimensional worlds. The only limitation of that definition though, is it doesn’t cover any sort of experience that is equally immersive, but doesn’t contain any people in it, but may perhaps give you information as well.”  Jeremy Dalton, Head of Metaverse Technologies at PwC.

It’s a fascinating new technological advancement that will change the way we work & live in the coming years. Therefore, we decided to compile a short sample list of socially active content creators and thought leaders who create a lot of industry content, and are helping to drive the industry forward. If you’re interested in the topic of Metaverse, or you would like to educate yourself on it – follow these experts & influencers to get ahead of the curve!

(N.B. This is only a sample list of influencers and is ordered alphabetically. There are no rankings associated with this list.)

32 Metaverse Thought Leaders & Content Creators to Follow

Alex RuhlAlex Rühl
Director at Cats Are Not Peas
🔊Listen to Alex’s podcast here
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Andrew Grant SuperAndrew Grant Super
2022 Jury at European Metaverse Awards
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Annie ZhangAnnie Zhang
Founder & Host at Hello Metaverse
🔊Listen to Annie’s podcast here
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Artur SychovArtur Sychov
Founder & CEO at Somnium Space
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Cathy HacklCathy Hackl
Chief Metaverse Officer & Co-Founder at Journey
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Charlie FinkCharlie Fink
Contributor & Columnist at Forbes
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David RoseDavid Rose
Chief Technology Officer at Home Outside
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Dr Catriona WallaceDr Catriona Wallace
Founder at Responsible Metaverse Alliance
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Dr Mark van RijmenamDr Mark van Rijmenam
‘Step Into the Metaverse’ Book Author
📖Take a look at Mark’s book here
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Dr Martha BoeckenfeldDr Martha Boeckenfeld
Dean & Partner at Metaverse Academy; Thought Leader, Advisor & Speaker
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Esther O'CallaghanEsther O’Callaghan
Founder & CEO at
Follow on: Twitter | LinkedIn
Jamie BurkeJamie Burke
Founder & CEO at Outlier Ventures
🔊Listen to Jamie’s podcast here
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Jeremy DaltonJeremy Dalton
Head of Metaverse Technologies at PwC
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Joanna PopperJoanna Popper
Chief Metaverse Officer at Creative Artists Agency
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Justin HockbergJustin Hockberg
Advisory Board Member at Metaverse Fashion Council
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Leila HurstelLeila Hurstel
Founder at AllStarsWomen NFT Club & DAO
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Lucy HallLucy Hall
Founder at Digital Women
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Luke FranksLuke Franks
Host at Welcome to the Metaverse
🔊Listen to Luke’s podcast here
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Madaline ZannesMadaline Zannes
Lawyer at Zannes Law
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Marc PetitMarc Petit
VP, Unreal Engine Ecosystem at Epic Games
🔊Listen to Marc’s podcast here
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nathaniel del JongNathaniël de Jong
VR Content Creator at Nathie
📺Watch Nathaniël’s YouTube channel here
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Nicole LazzaroNicole Lazzaro
President & Founder at XEODesign, Inc
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Nina Jane PatelNina Jane Patel
VP of Metaverse Research at Kabuni
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Patrick CozziPatrick Cozzi
Chief Executive Officer at Cesium
🔊Listen to Patrick’s podcast here
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Rene SchulteRene Schulte
Director of Global Innovation, Research & Incubation at Valorem Reply
📺Watch Rene’s YouTube channel here
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Ryan GillRyan Gill
Founder at Open Meta Association
Follow on: LinkedIn
Sebastien BorgetSebastien Borget
Co-Founder & COO at The Sandbox
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Tiffany Xingyu WangTiffany Xingyu Wang
Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer at Spectrum Labs
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Tipatat ChennavasinTipatat Chennavasin
Co-Founder & General Partner at The Venture Reality Fund
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Tom EmrichTom Emich
Director of Product Marketing at Niantic, Inc
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Tony ParisiTony Parisi
Chief Strategy Officer at LAMINA1
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Yonatan Raz-FridmanYonatan Raz-Fridman
Founder & CEO at Supersocial, Inc
🔊Listen to Yonatan’s podcast here
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You can watch the live session Is the Metaverse the Future of B2B Marketing? below, and to keep up-to-date with the Onalytica Experts, be sure to follow #OnalyticaExperts on LinkedIn and Twitter.