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Renewable Energy & #Women4Climate – What’s the Connection?

by | Mar 13, 2017 | Influencer Lists, ,

During Womens’ History Month, and in the days before the first ever #women4climate event (convened by @C40Cities), we took a look at the influencers in the broader climate action and energy conversations. Especially given the new U.S. administration’s views on climate change, where and how we find continued momentum to move forward with climate action will be critical.

Whose voices are being raised and engaged with in Twitter conversations currently? What are THEY talking about? And, how can we connect the dots to tell better, more accessible stories that keep bi-partisan audiences on the cleaner energy path?

An emphasis on renewable energy as a key climate action topic has been emerging in the Twitter leadership sphere. Note the graph below:

Women4Climate Key Topics Being Discussed Before the Event

The spike in discussion around Climate Action in November was due to the #Cop22 conference. The steady growth of the renewable energy debate occurred leading up to and around that date, from July 2016 – January 2017.

Leading up to the #Women4Climate event in New York City, March 15,  it’s certainly interesting to note the influence of women – more than men – in Twitter’s renewable energy conversation among the top 300 climate influencers (see the pie graph below).

It might just be that leading women influencers have identified renewable energy as the most mainstream-accessible topic in climate action. Let’s keep our eyes on how the  #women4climate voices, in particular, impact the momentum of the global renewable energy transition moving forward.

Onalytica - Renewable Energy and #Women4Climate - What's the Connection? Gender Split Pie Chart


Andrea Learned

Andrea Learned is a climate action-focused writer and strategic communications consultant helping business and nonprofit influencers develop authentic, high impact, leadership platforms. Her expertise in women’s leadership momentum comes from her early career work in marketing to women (she co-authored Don’t Think Pink, which published in 2004 ). Andrea shares her insight on the potential for women, especially in climate action leadership, through her contributions to the HuffingtonPost , her own blog, and many other publications.


Rank Twitter Handle Name Influencer Score
1 @c40cities C40 Cities 100
2 @UNFCCC UN Climate Action 91.14
3 @UN United Nations 62.17
4 @PEspinosaC Patricia Espinosa C. 39.27
5 @WorldBank World Bank 37.12
6 @CompactofMayors Compact of Mayors 25.27
7 @CDP CDP 24.51
8 @CFigueres Christiana Figueres 24.1
9 @Anne_Hidalgo Anne Hidalgo 23.26
10 @unfoundation UN Foundation 20.37
11 @WBG_Climate World Bank Climate 20.17
12 @UNEP UN Environment 19.66
13 @LeoDiCaprio Leonardo DiCaprio 19.28
14 @Shell Shell 19.14
15 @theGEF GEF 19.02
16 @Climate_Action_ Climate Action Org 18.62
17 @Momentum_UNFCCC Momentum for Change 17.17
18 @MikeBloomberg Mike Bloomberg 15.98
19 @climasphere Climasphere 15.26
20 @USAID USAID 15.25
21 @TheCVF Climate Vulnerable 14.71
22 @ClimateReality Climate Reality 14.55
23 @HakimaElHaite Hakima El Haité 14.52
24 @IFC_org IFC 14
25 @WHO WHO 13.86
26 @UNDP UNDP 13.7
27 @EUClimateAction EU Climate Action 12.03
28 @ClimateGroup The Climate Group 11.86
29 @WMBtweets We Mean Business 11.8
30 @Connect4Climate Connect4Climate 11.56
31 @350 350 dot org 11.55
32 @EU_Commission European Commission 11.46
33 @solarimpulse SOLAR IMPULSE 10.5
34 @ICLEI ICLEI 10.41
35 @NYClimate NYClimate 10.39
36 @bertrandpiccard Bertrand PICCARD 10.35
37 @CloverMoore Clover Moore 10.17
38 @IEA IEA 10.07
39 @EcoWatch EcoWatch 9.97
40 @WorldResources World Resources Inst 9.95
41 @UN_Spokesperson UN Spokesperson 9.91
42 @HuffPostGreen HuffPost Green 9.81
43 @CCACoalition Climate & Clean Air 9.25
44 @Sustainia Sustainia 8.71
45 @100ResCities 100 Resilient Cities 8.71
46 @JimYongKim Jim Yong Kim 8.59
47 @NRDC NRDC 8.55
48 @rkyte365 Rachel Kyte 8.41
49 @GlobalGoalsUN Global Goals 8.38
50 @HerveMarro Hervé Marro 8.36


Stay tuned, as we will delve deeper into why this seems to align with #women4climate, and more of the fascinating data, in our follow up post after the March 15, @C40Cities event in NYC (link to that event page).