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Who’s Who in Data Management?

by | Jan 27, 2021 | Influencer Lists,

Data is a crucial part of businesses in every industry, which is why data management solutions should be a top priority for any business to ensure that their data is not only easily accessible but is also correct and up-to-date. Data management is a corporate asset and is used to make data-driven decisions, improve marketing strategies, and optimise spending.

Organisations with a lack of proper data management can suffer from inaccurate and inconsistent data that limits their ability to run analytics and business intelligence applications. The goal is to increase revenue and profits as corporations rely on intangible assets to generate value more than ever.

Data management is composed of many different areas and this Who’s Who report focuses on voices within Data Governance, Master Data Management (MDM), Data Privacy & Security, Big Data and Data Integration to give a broad overview of different data management solutions available.

This report aims to help you connect and stay connected with data management experts, who are able to provide you with useful information and guidance through the space.

What’s Covered in the Report?

In our Data Management report we have a look at a range of influencers and personas, answering the key questions below:

  • Which Brand Employees are driving most impact online on the topic of Data Management?
  • Who are they key Social Amplifiers on the topic of Data Management?
  • Who are the key Event Speakers speaking at Data events?
  • Which Key Opinion Leaders are discussing Data Management?
  • Who are the Analysts within Data Management?
  • Which Journalists are publishing valuable content on Data Management?
  • Which Academics & Researchers are discussing Data Management?
  • Who is sharing content on Big Data and Data Management?
  • Who are the influencers within Data Management and Data Integration?
  • Which influencers are talking about Data Management and Privacy/Security?
  • Who is discussing and sharing content on Data Governance?
  • Who are the key influencers discussing Master Data Management (MDM)?
  • Which Brands are creating thought leadership content on Data Management?
  • Which Resources are publishing content on Data Management?

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These Who’s Who reports are created using the Onalytica platform which has a curated database of over 1 million influencers. Our platform allows you to discover, validate and categorise influencers quickly and easily via keyword searches. The lists are made using carefully created Boolean queries which then rank influencers by resonance, relevance, reach and reference, meaning influencers are not only ranked by themselves, but also by how much other influencers are referring to them. The lists are then validated, and filters are used to split the influencers up into the categories that are seen in the list.

This Who’s Who list should give you an insight into the Data Management industry and help break it down. We always want to make sure you are getting the most valuable information available from our lists, so feedback is always welcome!

If you want to learn more about Onalytica, or if you’d like to see our platform in action, feel free to get in touch!



Who's Who in Data Management?

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