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Women in Tech: Hot Topics and Top Influencers

by | Dec 6, 2017 | Influencer Lists,

When we say tech, what do you first think of? Young men squirreling away in a dark room surrounded by half eaten pizzas, lit only by flickering lines of code – an army of wannabe Mark Zuckerbergs on a mission to develop the newest product which will make them millions? Or a woman? For the majority of us, the first image springs to mind – sort of understandably. After peaking in 1991 at 36 percent, the number of women in computing roles has decreased to 25 %. Gender ratios are as low as 1 female to every 4 male engineers in top tech companies like Google. Women only hold 11 % of executive positions in Silicon Valley companies.  And things aren’t looking up – especially when women receive lower salary offers than men for the same job at the same company 63% of the time and their earnings are on average 29% less.

All this is despite women leading the way right at the beginning of tech as we know it: Ada Lovelace was the first computer programmer back in the 1840s, Hedy Lamarr invented frequency-hopping technology to help avoid the threat of blocking radio signals during the Second World War, and in 1952 Rear Admiral Grace Hopper created one of the world’s first compilers and her programming language design work led to the creation of COBOL (common business-oriented language) which is still used to this day.

So, what happened – what’s holding back all the Lovelace 2.0s? There isn’t a straightforward answer, nor a straightforward solution. An internal study by HP found women are only likely to apply for jobs for which they are 100% qualified, compared to men applying for ones when they only hold 40% of the qualifications. In fields such as tech, where the general view is that it’s complicated and difficult to understand, women’s lack of confidence in putting themselves out there and taking a risk could be more common. Couple this with the stereotype at the beginning of this article, and you get an industry lacking in clear role models for women of all ages to aspire to which could boost confidence and encourage them to apply for roles in which they could possibly excel. Not ideal.

Enacting this change to create a more gender-equal industry is not just a case of ticking the diversity box – studies have shown that a more diverse workforce is more productive and innovative especially for tech. In the case of products developed and tested solely by men, there is an intrinsic gender bias literally programmed into it – creating products such as voice recognition software that struggles to recognise women’s voices. As complicated algorithms become greater parts of our daily lives as we steam-roll into the fourth industrial revolution and rely more on human-coded AI, rounded and fully-representative development teams are essential.

It’s not all bad news, though. All female support networks and networking sites dedicated to providing platforms for women in tech have sprung up in both the virtual and physical world, and it’s this outpouring of support and a dedication to profiling role models in the sector which can drive the change needed to increase female participation. So, in partnership with long-established digital marketing leaders TopRank Marketing we’ve compiled a few lists of the most influential women in top tech topics for you to get inspired!


We were really interested in seeing which topics associated with #WomenInTech received the most attention, so we analysed over 631K posts from 1st January – 20th November 2017 looking at social influence as well as authority by analysing how much influencers are referenced in online media, forums, blogs and YouTube content. These influencers were then added to our Influencer Relationship Management software and this word cloud was created by measuring all the frequencies of all the keywords used in order to provide an accurate gauge of the conversation:


The most frequently mentioned topics by the top women in tech influencers were: Artificial Intelligence, FinTech, Blockchain, BigData, IoT, EdTech, MarTech, InsurTech, Virtual Reality, Cyber Security. We decided to delve into these topics further to uncover the top influencers in each area.


Below is a list of the top 25 female influencers discussing artificial intelligence. If you want to see who ranks from 1-50 be sure to download the full report by clicking the download button below!

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RankTwitter HandleNameCompanyInfluencer Score
1@drfeifeiFei-Fei LiGoogle100
2@TamaraMcClearyTamara McClearyThulium78.48
3@sandy_carterSandy CarterAmazon53.27
4@ariannahuffArianna HuffingtonThrive Global45.99
5@katecrawfordKate CrawfordMicrosoft37.32
6@kalioubyRana el KalioubyAffectiva32.62
7@thinkmariyaMariya YaoTopbots31.94
8@karaswisherKara SwisherRecode30.03
9@zeynepZeynep TufekciThe New York Times29.82
10@Maxi_MackiMaxine MackintoshOne HealthTech29.67
11@TarynSouthernTaryn SouthernHappy Cat Media27.54
12@setlingerSusan EtlingerAltimeter27.54
13@PadmasreePadmasree WarriorNIO US27.2
14@Info_Data_MgmtCaroline HigginsPwC26.04
15@chrissyfarrChristina FarrCNBC25.72
16@psb_dcTheodora LauAARP24.98
17@gigabarbBarb DarrowFortune Magazine24.12
18@mathbabedotorgCathy O’NeilBloomberg21.32
19@mrogatiMonica RogatiStanford University21.19
20@AdrienneLaFAdrienne LaFranceThe Atlantic20.9
21@hmasonHilary MasonCloudera20.71
22@petitegeekDr. Angelica LimSimon Fraser University19.84
23@adelynzhouAdelyn ZhouTopbots18.77
24@CarolineHydeTVCaroline HydeBloomberg18.03
25@MariaBartiromoMaria BartiromoFox News17.94




RankTwitter HandleNameCompanyInfluencer Score
1@annairreraAnna IrreraReuters100
2@psb_dcTheodora LauAARP70.64
3@TamaraMcClearyTamara McClearyThulium54.53
4@eileentsoEileen BurbidgePassion Capital48.25
5@adenatfriedmanAdena FriedmanNasdaq43.18
6@ainsleyocAinsley HarrisFast Company41.81
7@AnneBodenAnne BodenStarling Bank40.25
8@GhelaBoskovichGhela BoskovichStartupbootcamp FinTech39.2
9@CvNieuwenhuizenCora van NieuwenhuizenSPVOZN37.25
10@ChiOnwurahChi OnwurahLabour Party36.52
11@clarashihClara ShihHearsay35.63
12@CelineLzCeline LazorthesLeetchi34.27
13@SusanneChishtiSusanne ChishtiFintech Circle33.17
14@devie_mohanDevie MohanBurnmark31.76
15@heathersomervilHeather SomervilleReuters31.29
16@jalakJalak JobanputraFuturePerfect Ventures30.54
17@LizLumElizabeth LumleyDNXCommunity30.16
18@Anne_HidalgoAnne HidalgoFrench Socialist Party29.88
19@neirajonesNeira JonesCognosec28.21
20@rsohoniReshma SohoniSeedcamp27.01
21@emilyspavenEmily SpavenLinkedIn26.94
22@kiranshawKiran Mazumdar ShawBiocon26.37
23@TanyaBankTechTanya AndreasyanBanking Technology26.21
24@laurashinLaura ShinForbes25.97
25@Info_Data_MgmtCaroline HigginsPwC25.9




RankTwitter HandleNameCompanyInfluencer Score
1@annairreraAnna IrreraReuters100
2@TamaraMcClearyTamara McClearyThulium95.08
3@starknessElizabeth StarkLightning80.13
4@chboursinChristine BoursinLe Groupe La Poste78.16
5@jemimajoannaJemima KellyReuters71.19
6@YEBobeldijkYolanda BobeldijkFinancial News54.25
7@PerianneDCPerianne BoringChamber of Digital Commerce51.53
8@adenatfriedmanAdena FriedmanNasdaq45.65
9@imogenheapImogen HeapThe Featured Artists Coalition42.97
10@pennycrosmanPenny CrosmanAmerican Banker42.86
11@laurashinLaura ShinForbes41.91
12@psb_dcTheodora LauAARP41.8
13@rosenbergannAnn RosenbergSAP41.39
14@Katie_RoofKatie RoofTech Crunch39.33
15@EvaKailiEva KailiParty of European Socialists37.79
16@ainsleyocAinsley HarrisFast Company36.99
17@Info_Data_MgmtCaroline HigginsPwC34.39
18@BLR13Bailey ReutzelMoneytripping33.84
19@AureliePolsAurélie PolsOX3 Analytics S.L.33.38
20@sallyeavesSally EavesForbes33
21@teksquisiteBev RobbTeksquisite29.87
22@karaswisherKara SwisherRecode29.17
23@SusanneChishtiSusanne ChishtiFINTECH Circle28.38
24@_tessrTess RinearsonChain27.91
25@srolondonSandra RoUWINCorp27.41


Below is a list of the top 25 female influencers discussing big data. If you want to see who ranks from 1-50 be sure to download the full report by clicking the download button below!

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RankTwitter HandleNameCompanyInfluencer Score
1@TamaraMcClearyTamara McClearyThulium100
2@mathbabedotorgCathy O’NeilBloomberg97.69
3@chboursinChristine BoursinLe Groupe La Poste85.27
4@carmeartigasCarme ArtigasSynergic Partners71.97
5@nuriaoliverNuria OliverVodafone32.42
6@Info_Data_MgmtCaroline HigginsPwC31.93
7@katecrawfordKate CrawfordAI Now Institute31.91
8@hmasonHilary MasonFast Forward Labs30.78
9@drfeifeiFei-Fei LiGoogle26.26
10@zephoriaDanah BoydMicrosoft25.3
11@IIoT_WorldCarol Rudinschi, PhDIIoT World24.35
12@zeynepZeynep TufekciThe New York Times23.55
13@ShirastweetShira RubinoffSecureMySocial22.82
14@Anne_HidalgoAnne HidalgoSocialist Party21.96
15@BlacklawslawChristina BlacklawsCripps LLP21.12
16@setlingerSusan EtlingerAltimeter Group20.71
17@fianxuGaia DempseyDAQRI20.68
18@digitalcloudgalJo PetersonClarify36020.62
19@adamsconsultingDiana AdamsAdams Consulting20.21
20@lenadroidLena HallMicrosoft18.97
21@fadouceFabienne BillatFYI Consulting18.8
22@lynnlangitLynn LangitLynn Langit Consulting18.39
23@psb_dcTheodora LauAARP17.95
24@MiaDMia DandLighthouse317.02
25@MariaBartiromoMaria BartiromoFox Business Network16.35




RankTwitter HandleNameCompanyInfluencer Score
1@harrietgreen1Harriet GreenIBM100
2@TamaraMcClearyTamara McClearyThulium29.92
3@sandy_carterSandy CarterAmazon Web Services27.6
4@chboursinChristine BoursinLe Groupe La Poste18.91
5@gigastaceyStacey HigginbothamSKT Labs LLC15.5
6@LisaSeacatLisa Seacat DeLucaIBM14.89
7@ConnectedWMagPeggy SmedleyConnected World12.51
8@AnnCavoukianAnn CavoukianRyerson University11.91
9@Info_Data_MgmtCaroline HigginsPwC11.89
10@aliciaasinAlicia AsínLibelium10.53
11@ariannahuffArianna HuffingtonThrive Global9.53
12@susieweeSusie WeeCisco8.74
13@TopCyberNewsLudmila MorozovaBussBrooks Consulting International7.5
14@karaswisherKara SwisherRecode6.4
15@IIoT_WorldCarol Rudinschi, PhDIIoT World5.26
16@iotwatchAlexandra D-SDesign Swarm4.66
17@fadoucefabienne billatFYI Consulting4.2
18@ShirastweetShira RubinoffSecureMySocial3.95
19@teena_maddoxTeena MaddoxTechRepublic3.71
20@juliejacobsonJulie JacobsonCEDIA3.5
21@adamsconsultingDiana AdamsAdams Consulting3.2
22@CynthiaLIVECynthia JohnsonBell + Ivy3.17
23@kiranshawKiran Mazumdar Shawv3 Broadsuite2.93
24@jefieldingJenny FieldingTechstars2.81
25@yoditstantonYodit StantonOpenSensors2.48



Below you can see a network map of the online #WomenInTech conversation. This map was created with our Influencer Relationship Management software (IRM). Be sure to click on the map to enjoy the full size network diagram in greater detail.

Onalytica Women in Tech Network Map


Below is a list of the top 25 female influencers discussing edtech. If you want to see who ranks from 1-50 be sure to download the full report by clicking the download button below!

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RankTwitter HandleNameCompanyInfluencer Score
1@coolcatteacherVicki DavisCool Cat Teacher, LLC100
2@ShakeUpLearningKasey BellShake Up Learning96.15
3@ClassTechTipsMonica BurnsClass Tech Tips81.12
4@AngelaMaiersAngela MaiersChoose2Matter54.83
5@sylviaduckworthSylvia DuckworthEdTechTeam Press51.26
6@alicekeelerAlice KeelerMicrosoft46.87
7@PVCBUDr Sonal MinochaBournemouth University46.25
8@cultofpedagogyJennifer GonzalezCult of Pedagogy43.72
9@KLirenmanKaren LirenmanSurrey Schools42.17
10@HollyYettickHolly YettickEducation Week Research Center31.86
11@MsMagieraJennie MagieraEdTechTeam31.84
12@ShellTerrellShelly SanchezThe 30 Goals Challenge for Teachers30.64
13@JenWilliamsEduJennifer WilliamsParticipate30.47
14@InnovativeEduLisa NielsenNYC Department of Education29.61
15@brhollandBeth HollandJohns Hopkins School of Education28.98
16@MJMaddaMary Jo MaddaGoogle28.03
17@audreywattersAudrey WattersHack Education27.37
18@brocanskyMichelle Pacansky-BrockCalifornia Community Colleges27.09
19@shfarnsworthShaelynn FarnsworthAEA26726.18
20@teachermarijaMaria PetreskaHristo Uzunov25.4
21@KerryHawk02Kerry GallagherConnectSafely25.15
22@AskATechTeacherJacqui MurrayAskATechTeacher.com23.57
23@OhLottieClaire LotrietHenwick Primary School21.24
24@JaimeDonallyJaime DonallyHoonuit19.93
25@sarahdateechurSarah ThomasPrince Georges County Public Schools19.12




RankTwitter HandleNameCompanyInfluencer Score
1@GinnyMarvinGinny MarvinThird Door Media100
2@MarketingProfsAnn HandleyMarketingProfs98.76
3@TamaraMcClearyTamara McClearyThulium93.27
4@corinnejamesCory MunchbachBlueConic39.63
5@MichelleRobbinsMichelle RobbinsThird Door Media32.83
6@SarahetoddSarah ToddSHE Software31.21
7@meisenbergMeagen EisenbergMongoDB28.65
8@CarlaJohnsonCarla JohnsonType A Communications25.49
9@rachelloumillerRachel MillerTopRank Marketing22.2
10@MoniOloyedeMoni OloyedeFidelis Cybersecurity21.89
11@Tiffani_BovaTiffani BovaSalesforce20.74
12@fadouceFabienne BillatFYI Consulting18.77
13@psb_dcTheodora LauAARP18.43
14@elisabethosElisabeth OsmeloskiThird Door Media18.3
15@marshawrightReal Marsha WrightGlobalTravelClothing.com17.57
16@MarshaCollierMarsha CollierThe Collier Company, Inc16.82
17@jill_rowleyJill RowleySales for Life15.89
18@ShellyKramerShelly KramerFuturum Research15.76
19@grattongirlSarah-Jayne GrattonThe Social Skillset14.42
20@ingaromaInga RomanoffRomanoff Consultants12.19
21@HopeFrankHope FrankMercer11.31
22@chboursinChristine BoursinLe Groupe La Poste10.54
23@KatieMartellKatie MartellOn-Demand Marketing10.23
24@sellingtoolsNancy NardinSmart Selling Tools and Hushly10.12
25@sfouilleSandrine FouilléCapgemini9.99



RankTwitter HandleNameCompanyInfluencer Score
1@guzmandDanielle GuzmanMercer100
2@SabineVdLSabine VanderLindenStartupbootcamp & Rainmaking Innovation87.67
3@JacBurns_ComextJacqueline Burns International Trade Broker73.49
4@annairreraAnna Irrera Reuters52.71
5@devie_mohanDevie Mohan Burnmark43.32
6@psb_dcTheodora Lau AARP38.71
7@D_ZimnochDorota Zimnoch Zing Business Consulting31.67
8@SuzanneBarlynSuzanne Barlyn Reuters26.54
9@charliehalkettCharlotte Halkett Buzzmove22.83
10@Info_Data_MgmtCaroline Higgins PwC21.74
11@extrablattChristina Kehl Swiss Finance Startups18.89
12@SusanneChishtiSusanne Chishti Fintech Circle18.59
13@LizLumElizabeth Lumley DNXCommunity18.41
14@GhelaBoskovichGhela Boskovich Startupbootcamp FinTech14.93
15@fadouceFabienne Billat FYI Consulting11.57
16@_Magali_NOEMagali Noe CNP Assurances10.29
17@RubiconFinanceConny Dorrestijn Shiraz Partners10.19
18@ccalmejaClaire Calmejane Lloyds Banking Group8.33
19@TopCyberNewsLudmila MorozovaBuss Brooks Consulting International7.25
20@sallyeavesSally Eaves Forbes6.91
21@Ypsilon_ZettNadja Schlössel Figo GmbH6.34
22@TanyaBankTechTanya Andreasyan Banking Technology6.25
23@susvisSusan Visser IBM5.89
24@efipmEfi Pylarinou Daily Fintech5.8
25@NicoleAnMoNicole Anderson Fintech Circle Innovate5.67



Below is a list of the top 25 female influencers discussing Virtual Reality. If you want to see who ranks from 1-50 be sure to download the full report by clicking the download button below!

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RankTwitter HandleNameCompanyInfluencer Score
1@ImmersiveJournoNonny de la Peña Emblematic Group100
2@Tiffani_BovaTiffani Bova Salesforce82.17
3@downtohoerthEva Hoerth VREAL79.25
4@TamaraMcClearyTamara McCleary Thulium74.98
5@SanemavcilSanem Avcil Arkit Today69.45
6@CathyHacklCathy Hackl HTC Vive64.04
7@brillhartJessica Brillhart Google60.83
8@JaimeDonallyJaime Donally Hoonuit57.06
9@JessicaChobotJessica Chobot Firebrand56.61
10@ClassTechTipsMonica Burns Class Tech Tips51.74
11@lizaledwardsLiz Edwards Creative Assembly51.04
12@AmandineFlachsAmandine Flachs Flachs Consulting39.78
13@SarahMidMOSarah Hill StoryUP Studios39.44
14@TopCyberNewsLudmila Morozova-Buss Brooks Consulting International38.62
15@VirtualSarahJSarah Jones Birmingham City University38.59
16@missliviroseLiv Erickson High Fidelity, Inc36.05
17@_CatherineAllenCatherine Allen Limina Immersive34.14
18@LaurenGoodeLauren Goode The Verge33.83
19@AdaoraUdojiAdaora Udoji New York University32.45
20@fromthehipIngrid Kopp Electric South30.48
21@adamsconsultingDiana Adams Adams Consulting29.9
22@AnnaDreamBrushAnna ZhilyaevaAnna Zhilyaeva Art Gallery29.63
23@sehurlburtStephanie Hurlburt Binomial29.19
24@HelenSituHelen Situ Virtual Reality Pop28.82
25@JessKantorJessica Kantor Freelance VR & Digital Video Director28.26




RankTwitter HandleNameCompanyInfluencer Score
1@tarahTarah M. Wheeler New America100
2@zeynepZeynep Tufekci The New York Times80.91
3@ShirastweetShira Rubinoff SecureMySocial76.58
4@k8em0Katie Moussouris Luta Security75.64
5@TamaraMcClearyTamara McCleary Thulium72.85
6@hacks4pancakesLesley Carhart Motorola63.98
7@chboursinChristine Boursin Le Groupe La Poste55.09
8@Dr_BlackDr Sue Black OBE Noel Gay Management LTD51.99
9@JacBurns_ComextJacqueline Burns International Trade Broker48.57
10@CarolineWMWongCaroline Wong Cobalt48.51
11@TopCyberNewsLudmila MorozovaBuss Brooks Consulting International43.98
12@kellymsheridanKelly Sheridan Dark Reading42.44
13@k3r3n3Keren Elazari Tel Aviv University42.06
14@tamaradullTamara Dull SAS40.96
15@Info_Data_MgmtCaroline Higgins PwC40.78
16@JdR_TechJacqueline de Rojas techUK38
17@IIoT_WorldCarol Rudinschi, PhD IIoT World37.73
18@neirajonesNeira Jones Cognosec30.59
19@kim_crawleyKim Crawley Peerlyst29.88
20@sueporembaSue Poremba Freelance Writer29.01
21@SpacekatgalBrianna Wu Giant Spacekat27.35
22@guzmandDanielle Guzman Mercer26.48
23@JennaMC_LaughJenna McLaughlin Foreign Policy26.48
24@Cecalli_HelperPia Jensen Cafe Rad Lab24.01
25@psb_dcTheodora Lau AARP23.11


At Onalytica we love building these lists and want to give back to our loyal readers as much as we can. If you’re interested in other topics (such as Virtual Reality, Digital HealthDigital Marketing) be sure to have a gander on our blog or why not propose some topics to us on twitter?

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Disclaimer: As ever with these lists, it must be stressed that the ranking is by no means a definitive measurement of influence, as there is no such thing. The brands and individuals listed are undoubtedly influential when it comes to driving discussion around Women in Tech.

The PageRank based methodology we use to extract influencers on a particular topic takes into account the number and quality of contextual references that a user receives. These calculations also take into account a user’s relevance (number of tweets on topic), reach (number of followers) and reference (how often they appear in Twitter lists). If you want to learn more, please read our article that outlines influencer identification.





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