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Brand Awareness & Perception

Gain visibility with your target audience through influencers


of brands have seen improved brand awareness and perception from working with influencers

Remain front of mind amongst your target audience

Be the first brand your customers think of by remaining front of mind at all times. Build & sustain relationships and create content with the key individuals that influence your target audience’s decisions.

Increase your brand share of voice compared to competitors

Off the back of your influencer relationships and influencer generated content, you will see an increase in brand mentions on social media within your marketplace, compared to your competitors.

Be associated with the topics that matter to your brand

Brands evolve and change over time, creating a need to shift and change brand perception. Create content with thought leaders relevant to the topics, trends and categories that you want your brand to be associated with, to improve your brand perception over time.

To partner successfully with B2B influencers, it is critical to build trusted, long-term relationships that provide mutual value

Konstanze Alex - Head of B2B Influencer Relations, Dell
  • Discover – Identify influencers relevant to your industry and to topics that you want to be associated with. Identify influencers with a brand affinity for your competitors. Map the influencers to understand how many key influencers there are and who they’re connected to.
  • Insights – Understand each influencer’s level of influence and which persona category they fit into. Categorise your influencers according to who is a key engagement target and who you would like to track as part of your wider program. Benchmark your current brand share of voice and topic association compared to your competitors to effectively set KPIs.
  • Activation – Engage with influencers online and offline to start building relationships. Create content with influencers around key topics, taking into account insights from your wider influencer program.
  • Management – continue to build relationships with your influencers as part of an always-on program. Connect your internal SMEs with influencers to scale up your program, to enable you to build more relationships, more effectively & efficiently.
  • Measurement – Measure the performance of your content within the wider influencer community. Measure your increase in share of voice and topic association over time compared to your benchmark report at the beginning of the program. Measure your increase in the number of brand advocates compared to your competitors.

“I find it encouraging that brands want to work with influencers not just to go for the jugular, which is drive leads and sales, but realize that influencers can become the in-direct face of their brand. Therefore, improving brand awareness and perception is the number one thing that they are seeking to achieve. If you work with influencers to improve your brand awareness and perception those leads and sales will come anyway.”

Neal Schaffer - CEO, PDCA Social