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The Cloud Industry

Top Brands and Influencers Changing the Face of Cloud 


Influencers driving the conversation around Cloud

At Onalytica, we have identified the leading influencers in Cloud that will drive awareness and consideration your brand. These influential experts consist of Tech Professionals, C-Suite and Analysts who have demonstrable influence over your target audience through their social media channels.

By engaging with these influencers to create inspiring thought leadership content you can drive up to 30 x Awareness & Engagement and up to 5 x Demand Gen than traditional branded content.


Why do you as a marketer need this report?

Cloud is an increasingly important sector of the tech industry; this is shown by an increase of 17.5% in the value of the cloud industry in 2019, when compared with 2018, from $182.4 billion to $214.3 billion. Cloud drove 32,586,688 posts across social media in 2019. We also see new innovations in tech, such as blockchain, benefiting the cloud industry by providing secure and speedy access to important files stored on the cloud. This report is vital for any brands who are interested to learn what the Cloud influencer community are talking about and understand who the key influencers are driving the conversation around the key topics within this sector.


of the Cloud conversation amongst the influencer community is focused on Cloud Security

What does this report cover?

This report will provide you with a deep understanding of how influencer marketing is transforming the Cloud Industry and will answer questions such as:


    • What are the top 10 topics driving the conversation within Cloud?
    • Who are the top 1,000 influencers driving the Cloud conversation?
    • What type of influencer is driving the most engagement?
    • Who are the top 30 influencers at the center of the Cloud conversation?


social media posts on Cloud in 2019

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