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Demand Generation

Influencer Generated Content drives customers not just clicks


of Twitter users say they've made a purchase as a direct result of a Tweet from an influencer

Improve awareness & consideration

Prospects not knowing or even considering your product or solution when they are ready to buy is a real problem. Influencers can drive visibility of your brand with your target audiences.

Increase number of leads

Creating compelling influencer-generated content about the industry rather than self-serving brand content will capture the attention of your target market. Amplification of your content through influencer networks will ensure your content reaches and drives engagement with far more people.

Improve sales conversions

Creating content with influencers around customer problems and the latest innovation & challenges in the market will help your sales people drive credibility in the marketplace and shorten the sales cycle.

Even though you are the expert at what you are selling, people trust other people’s opinions more than they trust you as a salesperson. Get reviews and testimonials, and most importantly, find Influencers who can write blogs and create reviews for your products. Incentivize people to market and sell on your behalf. Influencer marketing is the best way to engage your audience

Greg Jameson - Best-Selling Author, Speaker & Consultant
  • Discover – Identify market influencers around a specific customer problem or hot industry topic.
  • Insights – Measure their individual influence and decide who your content creators, industry experts and social amplifiers.
  • Activation – Reach out to 30 influencers and, based on response rate, create video, audio or blog content with 5-10 influencers around one topic.
  • Management – Sustain relationship with your influencer advocates and align your content calendar with their content focus & motivations.
  • Measurement – Measure the views, shares, downloads of your content and compare this to previous content pieces. Analyze the impact on current pipeline with content that drives bottom of funnel.


of Consumers' Buying Decisions are Influenced by Social Networks

Your brand advocates are more valuable than any advertisement you could ever buy.

Dave Kerpen - NYT Best Selling Author. Global Keynote Speaker