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Employee Advocacy

Market your brand through your employees


of B2B buyers use social media to support purchase decisions

Increase brand trust, awareness and engagement

Brands are being trusted far less. As customers, we turn to social media, reviews, our friends, family, influencers and the people behind the logo: employees. Collectively, employees often have larger total reach than brand handles alone. On top of this, employees’ audiences trust their content and are far more engaged.

Increase sales and shorten sales cycles

The modern buyer journey is more digital, much longer and more complex than they once were. Traditional tactics such as advertising remain effective at raising initial awareness, but not in gaining commitment, as consumers seek further validation. Influence your target buyers at every stage of their journey through employee & influencer content.

Position your employees as thought leaders

Employee advocacy is a great opportunity for employees to grow their professional brand online and be seen as Subject Matter Experts within their respective fields. Given this employee advocacy is an integral part of employer branding when it comes to job satisfaction, attracting & retaining talent.

Consumers are disappointed by brands. Trust in brands is lower than ever and the flipside of that is just as important, that people are trusted more. The reason people are trusted more than advertising is that there is no financial stake in the outcome.

Jay Baer, Founder of Convince & Convert
  • Discover – Discover which employees would like to join the employee advocacy program & discover relevant topical influencers. Audit & map employee personas based on their network size & level of social activity.
  • Insights – Benchmark existing performance in the marketplace. Listen to the influencer community to understand what topics and content are trending. Feed these insights into the content strategy to produce well aligned and optimized content that is going to resonate.
  • Activation – Train, enable and create development plans for your employee advocates to get to the next level. Integrate your internal Subject Matter Experts into your content strategy. Assign & connect topically relevant influencers to employees to build relationships, share & amplify content.
  • Management – Always-on interactions between your employees and the influencer community to build relationships at scale.
  • Measurement – Measure the success of the program against your program objectives. Measure the evolution of your employee personas. Present internal case studies, make adjustments, set new goals and repeat to scale up the program.


of B2B buyers are more likely to engage with sales professionals viewed as thought leaders in their industry

Employee advocates are the new authentic marketing channel for brands. By sharing helpful content that engages communities, employee advocates encourage others to share and amplify their brand’s message, leading to increased social chatter, web traffic, and sales.

Cheryl Burgess, CEO, Blue Focus Marketing