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Issue Reputation

Leverage Influencers to manage your brand reputation


of consumers have been influenced by a social media post or a blog review

Measure the impact on the market and influencer community

Negative issues can seem like a big deal but is the issue being discussed in siloes or hitting your mainstream audiences. Understand what the impact is geographically, by media channel and on your target audiences.

Manage your brand advocates and detractors

Find out who is a fan of your brand, who is being negative and their individual influence. Engaging and influencing the key movers and shakers will help you shape the brand perception you are looking for.

Improve your brand reputation

Influencers can act as a catalyst to change the way your brand is perceived. Engaging relevant influencers around key topics & themes and creating content with them will help your brand quickly become associated with those topics. Connecting internal subject matter experts with your influential detractors can help sway their opinion & and mitigate any negative conversation towards your brand.

To partner successfully with B2B influencers, it is critical to build trusted, long-term relationships that provide mutual value

Konstanze Alex - Head of B2B Influencer Relations, Dell
  • Discover – Identify advocates, detractors, market influencers around a specific topic or issue.
  • Insights – Measure their individual influence and decide who to prioritise for engagement. Analyse the scale of the issue on the market and your target audiences.
  • Activation – Create content with influencers addressing the negative issue or around safer thought leadership topics to drown out negative noise.
  • Management – Assign and connect internal subject matter experts to up to 5 advocates, detractors and influencers for them to sustain dialogue on social.
  • Measurement – Measure the volume of conversation associated with negative issues and how this has changed compared to the last month / monthly average from previous year. Also measure the uplift in brand association with positive topics.


of Consumers' Buying Decisions are Influenced by Social Networks

The future is not about marketing to influencers – it’s about marketing with them. (This flaw in the term itself has surely resulted in the immediate deletion of countless pitches). Treating influencers as an extension of your company – rather than a distribution channel – will result in a more impactful experience for influencers and consumers alike.

Emily Garvey Group Strategy Director at R/GA