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Virtual Events

Increase your event’s social media footprint with influencers


increase in social media engagement when influencers attend events

Sustain social media engagement pre, during & post event

Inviting influencers to your events is a great way at driving and sustaining engagement on social media. To an influencer, an event is an experience and an opportunity to create and share content with their audiences before, during and after an event.

Meet & build relationships with your influencers

Building meaningful relationships is time consuming. For influencer marketing to work there needs to be equal value for the brand and the influencer. For an influencer, attending an event is an experience and chance to create content. For the brand, it’s a great opportunity to actually meet and build genuine relationships with the influencers.

Truly influence & impact your attendees

Including influencers in your event presentations and panels improves the quality & credibility of your event. Make a lasting impact and drive real action among your attendees.

The true value of building authentic longer-term relationships with influencers was shown by how our influencers drove the multi-day crowdchat event, suggesting the idea and requesting to join the panel. VMware supported and facilitated our influencers in burnishing their expert credentials, in a way that simultaneously provided value to our clients

Philip Peters - Social Media Professional at VMWare
  • Discover – Identify influencers that are relevant to your brand and the event that you’re hosting, well in advance of your event. Match influencers against your promotional event content. Map the influencers to understand who is connected to who.
  • Insights – Understand each influencer’s level of influence, and which persona category they fit into. Categorise your influencers according to influencers that you would like to invite as delegates, panellists and presenters. Benchmark your social media impact of your past events.
  • Activation – Build out and articulate your value proposition to the influencers. Start building relationships and connecting influencers together in the build up to the event. Include influencers in your content creation to promote the event.
  • Management – Continue to build & sustain relationships pre, during and post-event. Scale up this process by connect your internal SMEs with influencers.
  • Measurement – Measure the social media impact of your event compared to previous events where you haven’t included influencers. Measure the volume and performance of content created by influencers during and post-event, and how this has impacted your share of voice.


increase in engagement on tweets when inviting influencers to events