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Big Data Top 200 Influencers 2013

by | Jul 31, 2013 | Influencer Lists,

Big Data is a hot topic, if you are a vendor in the Big Data market place you are probably either already running influencer programs or strongly considering it.

The Big Data market place is quite complex with many vendors and a huge number of complex issues to digest and take into account. It’s a classic example where influencers, including analysts, journalists, bloggers, commentators and technical evangelists are influencing the awareness and viewpoints of prospective clients.

However, if you want to run an influencer program on Big Data, how do you go about it?

First you need to identify who are influential in the debate on Big Data.

You probably already have an idea about who some of the influencers are and you may already be engaging with them – probably much in the same way as you did a decade ago. It’s likely you are only dealing with a small number of influencers, maybe only the top industry analysts.

However something has changed. Today there are many more influencers participating in the discussions. Being part of the discussion is a great way to grow your personal and/or company’s brand, and because it is now so easy to join the discussion on blogs, on the WWW and on Twitter the number of participants has swelled to 100s of thousands.

I fired up Onalytica IRM (Influencer Relationship Management) and took a look at who are influential in the Twitter conversations on Big Data. The top 200 (out of 125k+) are at the end of this post.

However, it’s clear that there are so many influencers that building relationships with all of them doesn’t seem very scalable.

For most tech influencer programs we recommend targeting tiers in the influencer pyramid in different ways:

Tier 1: Global/National Influencers Usually household names in the industry, these influencers make a living from being influencers. They include journalists, industry analysts, “famous” commentators and similar. If you want to build relationships with anyone in this group, it is best handled by people with substantial PR training/experience.
Tier 2: Topic Thought Leaders Prime influencer engagement material. These thought leaders usually have a tech background, are often subject matter experts, but are often less hands-on today than they used to be. You want to build personal relationships with anyone in this group.
Tier 3: Community Influencers Actively hands-on, these influencers are all influential in their local community and several are on a trajectory to move into Tier 2. This group also represent excellent influencer engagement material. You don’t necessarily want to build personal relationships with everyone in this group, but you do want to engage with anyone you can be helpful to or who is likely to find your influencing material such as case studies and white papers interesting enough to share with their community/followers.
Tier 4: The Rest The members of this group may participate in the discussion but they usually have neither the appetite nor the expertise to move into Tier 3.

Once you have identified all the influencers in your industry you can upload them to Onalytica IRM together with all your influencing material such as white papers, case studies, presentations, blog posts, etc.

Onalytica IRM will then start generating great influencing opportunities – opportunities where an influencer is very likely to find one or more pieces of your influencing material highly relevant and timely.

It does so by using our patent-pending content recommendation engine which, based on what influencers are saying online makes an immediate assessment of what material, if any, you have that is likely to be of high relevance and interest for the influencer – right at this moment.

You can now reach out to the influencer using Twitter, email, phone or any other appropriate way with the increased conviction that follows from knowing that you are being highly relevant to them. In fact – in most cases they are likely to thank you for bringing the relevant material to their attention and in many cases they will share their “find” with others.

The net effect of this solution is that your evangelists spend time on being relevant and building relationships with influencers – rather than spending time looking for opportunities to engage; and just as a sales team that works off a steady stream of hot leads performs better than one that has to find their own leads, your evangelists will help win significantly more hearts, minds and market share.

Of course Onalytica IRM comes with all relevant CRM functionally for effectively recording, reporting, analysing and managing the whole influencing process built in.

Top 200 Big Data influencers on Twitter (out of 125k+ participating in the #bigdata discussion in the last few months):

Rank Twitter Handle Name
1 @KirkDBorne Kirk Borne
2 @JDavidMorris J. David Morris
3 @mjcavaretta Michael Cavaretta
4 @rwang0 R Ray Wang
5 @custom_publish Karen Schopp
6 @BigDataSpeaker Sushil Pramanick
7 @kdnuggets Gregory Piatetsky
8 @numbercruncha NUMBERCRUNCHA
9 @hyounpark Hyoun Park
10 @kncukier Kenneth Cukier
11 @jg21 Jeremy Geelan
12 @BigDataBorat Big Data Borat
13 @GilPress Gil Press
14 @SocialNewsCorp Mike Martino
15 @BigDataGal Lillian Pierson
16 @philsimon Phil Simon
17 @dhinchcliffe Dion Hinchcliffe
18 @Doug_Laney Doug Laney
19 @praxsozi Alfred Fuhr
20 @BernardMarr Bernard Marr
21 @RICHI Richi Jennings
22 @vipsgupta Vipul Gupta
23 @HKotadia Harish Kotadia
24 @tunvall Fredrik Tunvall
25 @bobehayes Bob E. Hayes
26 @MandiBPro Mandi Bishop
27 @keesdenhartigh Kees denHartigh
28 @jameskobielus jameskobielus
29 @Natasha_D_G Natasha Bishop
30 @CraigMilroy Craig Milroy
31 @merv Merv Adrian
32 @jburnmurdoch John Burn-Murdoch
33 @eric_kavanagh Eric Kavanagh
34 @mgualtieri Mike Gualtieri
35 @revodavid David Smith
36 @YvesMulkers Yves Mulkers
37 @BuyukVeri Buyuk Veri
38 @DanielBurrus Daniel Burrus
39 @jahendler jahendler
40 @DrMattRoach Matt Roach
41 @graemeknows J. Graeme Noseworthy
42 @marie_wallace Marie Wallace
43 @juliebhunt Julie Hunt
44 @kidehen Kingsley Uyi Idehen
45 @marcusborba Marcus Borba
46 @EdwardTufte Edward Tufte
47 @TheSocialPitt David Pittman
48 @strataconf O’Reilly Strata
49 @Frank_Konkel Frank Konkel
50 @NadhanAtHP E.G.Nadhan
51 @data_nerd Carla Gentry
52 @katecrawford Kate Crawford
53 @Viktor_MS V Mayer-Schönberger
54 @jeffreyfkelly Jeff Kelly
55 @DeepInTheCode David Young
56 @atulbutte Atul Butte
57 @AliRebaie Ali Rebaie
58 @lfeuerstein Lukas Feuerstein
59 @Joseph_Marks_ Joseph Marks
60 @PatrickMeier Patrick Meier
61 @jilldyche Jill Dyche
62 @BigData_paulz Paul Zikopoulos
63 @MDMGeek Prash Chan
64 @ITredux Theo
65 @Brian_Eastwood Brian Eastwood
66 @DavidAmerland David Amerland
67 @FangFeng88 Fang Feng
68 @CosimoAccoto Cosimo Accoto
69 @dschubmehl Dave Schubmehl
70 @mhausenblas Michael Hausenblas
71 @5h15h ..S..h..i..S..h..
72 @ajayc47 Ajay Chandramouly
73 @jenstirrup Jen Stirrup
74 @Dana_Gardner Dana Gardner
75 @MeghanMBiro Meghan M. Biro
76 @dr_morton Morten Middelfart
77 @spoonen Sanjay Poonen
78 @Timothy_Hughes Timothy Hughes
79 @elchiconaranja Luis Rodríguez Vives
80 @evanquinn Evan Quinn
81 @DanaFLove Dana Love
82 @timoelliott Timo Elliott
83 @RobertsPaige Paige Roberts
84 @antgoldbloom Anthony Goldbloom
85 @jamet123 James Taylor
86 @jaimefitzgerald Jaime Fitzgerald
87 @t1c1 Thomas Ciszek
88 @webtechman Daniel Hudson
89 @oscarwijsman Oscar Wijsman
90 @captain_dash Captain Dash
91 @johnlmyers44 johnlmyers44
92 @Sve_Sic Svetlana Sicular
93 @servantofchaos Gavin Heaton
94 @manovich manovich
95 @usamaf Usama Fayyad
96 @ecereda Enrico Cereda
97 @moorejh Jason H. Moore
98 @TonyBaer Tony Baer
99 @plevy Pierre Levy
100 @JAdP Josep di Paolantonio
101 @SoftwareHollis Hollis Tibbetts
102 @GJ7300 GJ Reinders
103 @tamaradull Tamara Dull
104 @nyike Isaac Sacolick
105 @digiphile Alex Howard
106 @ScottOstby Scott Ostby
107 @hsteph Stéphane Heckel
108 @joshuagrossman Joshua Grossman
109 @prasannalaldas Prasanna Lal Das
110 @bobgourley Bob Gourley
111 @jsaulroig Josep Sauleda
112 @SusanFourtane Susan Fourtané
113 @TheGrok Bryan Eisenberg
114 @simonlporter SimonPorter
115 @jbertolucci Jeff Bertolucci
116 @cosmopolitanvan Weiai
117 @carbone Cedric Carbone
118 @RichDuszak Rich Duszak
119 @HaleChris Chris Hale
120 @furrier John Furrier
121 @bobevansIT Bob Evans
122 @mich8elwu Michael Wu
123 @MathewFallon Mathew Fallon
124 @ryanpraski Ryan Praskievicz
125 @dpatil dj patil
126 @brunoaziza Bruno Aziza
127 @OttmarAmann Ottmar Amann
128 @nopiedra Nelson Piedra
129 @fcharles fcharles
130 @Saif_Abed Saif Abed
131 @luisdans Luis Daniel Soto
132 @infoarbitrage Roger Ehrenberg
133 @mjasay Matt Asay
134 @NeelieKroesEU Neelie Kroes
135 @Digitaltonto Greg Satell
136 @downtotheblock Stephen Jones
137 @OmoNsasi Damara Arrowood
138 @marilor Marie-Laure VIE
139 @billfranksga Bill Franks
140 @jotero81 Julio Otero Santamar
141 @MalteLandwehr Malte Landwehr
142 @HealthcareWen Wen Dombrowski
143 @sanchezjb Joe Sanchez
144 @ydemontcheuil Yves de Montcheuil
145 @RadhikaAtEmcien Radhika Subramanian
146 @TheEbizWizard Jason Bloomberg
147 @klintron Klint Finley
148 @BeverlyMacy Beverly Macy
149 @edd Edd Dumbill
150 @LoraineLawson Loraine Lawson
151 @SethGrimes Seth Grimes
152 @sidprobstein Sid Probstein
153 @GaryMarcus Gary Marcus
154 @tinagroves Tina Groves
155 @hlsdk Henrik L. Sørensen
156 @AAjraou Abed Ajraou
157 @ukgav Gav Broughton
158 @toccaceliblasi Toccaceli Blasi
159 @jeanetwalraven Jeanet Walraven
160 @GregoryJGreben Gregory J. Greben
161 @MarketBuildr Steve Offsey
162 @acroll Alistair Croll
163 @lkafle Lava Kafle
164 @craigmullins Craig Mullins
165 @Ellen_Friedman Ellen Friedman
166 @FastBigData Mark Wall
167 @FrankFormisano Francesco Formisano
168 @luiy luiy
169 @witolddc Witold Chrabaszcz
170 @dainsworld Dain Hansen
171 @TechTalkEditor Maya Saggu
172 @HealthcareMBA Justin Hipps
173 @jakeporway Jake Porway
174 @MOC_Aproged M-Odile Charaudeau
175 @lilithlela Lilith Lela
176 @SocialMktgFella Andre F Bourque
177 @DavidLinthicum DavidLinthicum
178 @storagesport Dave O’Donoghue
179 @Charly_BG Carlos Barranco
180 @marcteerlink Marc Teerlink
181 @annamasera Anna Masera
182 @Datagrrl April Reeve
183 @Bilafer Kurt J. Bilafer
184 @marcosluis2186 Marcos Ortiz
185 @rajatrocks Rajat Paharia
186 @Colinstrong Colin Strong
187 @carmeartigas Carme Artigas
188 @ManeeshJuneja Maneesh Juneja
189 @ocdqblog Jim Harris
190 @PaulNemitz Paul Nemitz
191 @wareFLO Charles Webster
192 @deKokPieter Pieter de Kok
193 @andrewbrust Andrew Brust
194 @fredhermelin Frédéric Hermelin
195 @guidoromeo guidoromeo
196 @mchui Michael Chui
197 @RafaelPadura Rafael Padura
198 @practicingEA Brian Hopkins
199 @johnchavens John C. Havens
200 @preinman Paula Reinman