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The Global ABM Conference: Your Guide to Must-Attend Sessions

by | Oct 26, 2023 | Best Practice,

Marketing leaders from around the globe are flocking to London next week for The Global ABM Conference by B2B Marketing. With Account-Based Marketing (ABM) having such a deep focus on building relationships with target customers, this is a must-attend event for marketing leaders leveraging community-focused strategies like influencer marketing and collaborative content creation. That’s why our team will be present and ready to meet with other marketing leaders. 

With 50+ ABM speakers, 300+ B2B brands, and limited time, we want to make sure that you are prepared for this one-day summit. Before we meet you at the event, we’ve curated the five sessions that our team won’t be missing.  

Why ABM needs to be at the core of your marketing strategy, and how to get there 


Date/Time: Wednesday 1st, November, 10:25 – 10:55 

Session Overview: In today’s marketing landscape of tight budgets and even tighter deadlines, ABM has taken a backseat role in many organisations. It’s time to change that with relationship-building content marketing and audience engagement. This panel will focus on overcoming the top challenges facing ABM programs while sharing findings from the latest Propolis Community Sprint plus inputs from 6Sense.  

Think Big. Start Small. Overcoming the challenges and embracing the opportunities of setting up an ABM program from scratch 


  • Rhiannon Blackwell, Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Leader, Global Marketing Organisation, PwC 

Date/Time: Wednesday 1st, November, 11:15 – 11:45 

Session Overview: PwC’s Rhiannon Blackwell understands that persistence and innovation are two tenets of growing a successful marketing program. She’ll be breaking down wins, losses, and learnings from the first year of PwC’s Global ABM team. We are excited to bring her tactical tips to driving business value back to Onalytica and our clients. 

Right target, right content, right time. How you can deliver personalised ABM content to smash your targets 


  • Andy Johnson, Founder & Head of Client Strategy, Hut3 
  • Nancy Harlan, Vice President, Global Account Based Marketing, UiPath 

Date/Time: Wednesday 1st, November, 11:50 – 12:20 

Session Overview: The personalised nature of an ABM program is what makes it such a great tactic for building relationships with your target customers. But it’s the customisation that can make these programs difficult to scale. Hut3’s Andy Johnson and UiPath’s Nancy Harlan share the secrets to streamlining your ABM content creation and communication.  

How to maximise creativity for ABM: a dig deeper discussion on the use of content & creativity in ABM 


Date/Time: Wednesday 1st, November, 12:25 – 12:55 

Session Overview: This session is a must-attend for the creative thinkers of the conference helping attendees spur creativity and ABM success. Leaders from Autodesk, State Street, and B2B Marketing will share how to bring together the worlds of collaboration, creativity, and marketing strategy to build relationships with target accounts. 

Next generation ABM: Building ABM strategies for an AI-driven world: a panel conversation 


Date/Time: Wednesday 1st, November, 1:45 – 2:15 

Session Overview: We all know that AI is drastically changing the marketing industry. However, it remains unclear how organisations can leverage the technology to build world-class, AI-powered, ROI-driving, ABM programs. This panel features a group of experts from LinkedIn, Workday, Salesforce, and B2B Marketing who have waded into the world of AI and are ready to share their findings with you. 

See you in London! 

Here at Onalytica we are obsessed with the creativity and innovation that is transforming the marketing industry. The potential for ABM and influencer marketing activities to drive results is too high for us to miss this year’s Global ABM Conference by B2B Marketing. We’ve selected these five workshops with that idea in mind.   

If you’re attending the conference and would like to connect with our team, we would be thrilled to meet you. Whether you have questions about our work, would like to attend a session together, or simply want to exchange insights, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us during the conference. 

With an agenda filled with action-driven insights, industry-leading speakers, and innovative minds abound, we are counting down the days until The Global ABM Conference. See you there!