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IFA 2013 – Top 100 Influencers

by | Sep 18, 2013 | Influencer Lists,

The IFA 2013 consumer electronics show in Berlin has been and gone for this year, with brands from around the world launching a host of new products, from innovative Smartwatches through to Ultra HD televisions, tablets and hybrid devices.
With so many people discussing the event, we ran the #IFA2013 hashtag through our system to cut through the noise and identify who the most influential IFA 2013 brands, publications, bloggers and commentators are on Twitter.
Onalytica Ifa 2013 Analysis
We also carried out some further analysis into the event itself to see which brands and products had the greatest impact amid all of these discussions, looking at metrics such as Share-of-Voice and sentiment within different product categories to find out which brands made the biggest splash at IFA 2013. Download a free copy of our report to see which brands received the most attention at the event, and which products failed to live up to the hype.
Download The Report
Please get in touch with us if you’d like to find out more about how Onalytica can help you identify and engage with influencers in your key areas. For more information on the subject, you can also check out our article on influencer identification best practice, or take a look at our lists of Big Data, education and economics blogs top influencers.

IFA 2013 – Top 100 Influencers

Rank Twitter Handle Name
1 @lenovo Lenovo
2 @Agotthelf Andreas Gotthelf
3 @lenovode Lenovo Deutschland
4 @panasonic Panasonic
5 @keineantwort Martin Schumacher
6 @Microsoft Microsoft
7 @GIGAandroid GIGA – DE
8 @Windows Microsoft Windows
9 @VitaDock VitaDock
10 @worldwidegadget Francisco De Jesús
11 @EviMaquoi Evi Maquoi
12 @gadgetmaniaes gadgetmaniaes
13 @parentesiscom Paré
14 @MicrosoftOEM Microsoft
15 @Philips_IFA Philips
16 @whathifi What HiFi
17 @panasonicESP Panasonic ESP
18 @xataka Xataka
19 @expectativa67 Antonio Da Silva Cam
20 @SonyLatin Sony Latin
21 @froilan Froilan Fernandez
22 @ASUS_ib ASUS
23 @PhilipsNL Philips NL
24 @sonyxperiaco Sony Xperia
25 @MonsterProducts Monster
26 @IngMorrison Hiddekel Morrison
27 @bnetTV bnetTV
28 @trustedreviews Trusted Reviews
29 @IFA2013 IFA 2013
30 @MetCastle Camilo Uribe
31 @SamsungEspana Samsung ES
34 @Sony Sony
35 @fnac_tech Fnac Tech
36 @anneliesje Annelies Verhelst
37 @iRobot iRobot
38 @fcomartingarcia frankie!
39 @Alxxrt Nokia_Fan
40 @SonyNederland Sony Netherlands
41 @CazuaLLUK Liam Biggs
42 @AndrewClough Andy Clough
43 @LGMexico LG Mexico
44 @fraunhoferfokus Fraunhofer Fokus
45 @wireditalia Wired Italia
46 @visevic Danijel Visevic
47 @MSFTnews Microsoft News
48 @Cameramanager Cameramanager
49 @retweet_samsung Samsung
50 @aletecno Ale del Pino
51 @nirave Nirave
52 @AndreaSmith Andrea Smith
53 @ToshibaUSA Toshiba USA
54 @jahshing Joshua Vergara
55 @xzibit Xzibit
56 @sonyxperiamx Sony Xperia Mexico
57 @SonyDeutschland Sony DE
58 @RoviCorp Rovi Corporation
59 @SonyColombia Sony Colombia
60 @sonyxperiaes Sony Xperia ES
61 @CollChris Chris Collins
62 @Trace_Cohen Trace Cohen
63 @bianca_morris Bianca Morris
64 @ERTonline ERT Online
65 @SaudiAndroid Saudi Android
66 @Launch_it
67 @tweethue Philips Hue
68 @getqardio Quardio
69 @achimh Achimh
70 @carmenafan_LG Carmen Afán
71 @VelodyneAudio Velodyne Acoustics
72 @HDTVTest HDTVTest
73 @MediaStraubing Media Markt – Straubing DE
74 @CSR_plc CSR PLC
75 @robpegoraro Rob Pegoraro
76 @PhilipsBeLux Philips BE and LUX
77 @michaelsawh Michael Sawh
78 @apacherose3 Sam Loveridge
79 @arnehess Arne Hess
80 @paullamkin Paul Lamkin
81 @UHD4k Ultra HD 4k News
82 @conectica Conéctica
83 @Portaltic
84 @SamsungMexico Samsung Mexico
85 @claireybeard Claire Beard
86 @SiemensHomeDE Siemens DE
87 @tuxnet Andrés Luquetta
88 @TivoliAudio Tivoli Audio
89 @virtualizate Virtualizate
90 @digitalSTROM DigitalSTROM
91 @CrisFe CrisFe AG
92 @cardonahill Cardona
93 @SDPTech SDP Tecnología
94 @simpletv
95 @msnuk MSN UK
96 @josemnieves José Manuel Nieves
97 @TECH_cetera TECHcetera
98 @LuisGyG LuisGyG
99 @puroWindows pureWindows
100 @A_Gafes عبدالله الغفيص

We have also done the analysis for IFA2014, right here.