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#Interop Las Vegas 2014 – Top Influencers & Brands

by | Apr 8, 2014 | Influencer Lists,

Last week we looked at the top 25 #Interop influencers after day 2 of the event, and we promised to do a full influencer analysis of the whole event. Well, that time has come – so, true to our word, we bring you the top 50 people involved in the #Interop conversation on Twitter, based on our analysis of the event hashtag.

You can also download our analysis of the top brands using the #Interop hashtag – so you can see who won the Twitter battle between Cisco and HP, whether Extreme Networks has fared as well as its representatives have in the influencers list, or how brands such as VMWare, Symantec, Brocade or Verisign compare to the competition.

Top 10 Related Hashtags

Above you’ll see the hashtags most commonly used in conjunction with #Interop. In comparison to last week, #cisco has dropped out of the top 10, while #HP has increased in prominence and #vmware has entered the top 10. #CCEVENT remains the hashtag most frequently used with #Interop, while both #SDN and #BYOD have risen in popularity.

The Top 50 #Interop las Vegas 2014 Influencers

The analysis, which covers one week from 31 March to cover the event and a little post-event round-up. Congratulations to Vala Afshar of Extreme Networks for retaining the no. 1 spot on the list!

If you want to see the top 50 brands involved at the event, including a full ranking and network map, hop on over to our download page via the green button below.

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Rank Twitter Handle Name PageRank (Normalised)
1 @ValaAfshar Vala Afshar 100
2 @PatrickWillis52 Patrick Willis 45.65
3 @seattledawson Margaret Dawson 45.31
4 @TechJournalist Sean Kerner 33.6
5 @PhilKomarny Phil Komarny 32.94
6 @networkingnerd Tom Hollingsworth 29.76
7 @JimMacLeod Jim MacLeod 29.43
8 @MikeLeibovitz Mike Leibovitz 28.46
9 @MrsYisWhy Mrs. Y. 27.07
10 @tcrawford Tim Crawford 26.78
11 @stephengillett Stephen Gillett 25.29
12 @ecbanks Ethan Banks 22.97
13 @wendywhite Wendy White 21.55
14 @randybias Randy Bias 20.61
15 @babcockcw Charles W. Babcock 19.46
16 @radzima Ryan M. Adzima 19.39
17 @drjmetz J Metz 18.62
18 @marciasavage Marcia Savage 18.38
19 @DeepStorageNet Howard Marks 17.31
20 @OhMyJet Stephanie West 17
21 @krishnan Krishnan Subramanian 16.93
22 @e_hanselman Eric Hanselman 16.86
23 @jtroyer John Mark Troyer 16.03
24 @colinmcnamara Colin McNamara 15.64
25 @Interop_Andrew Andrew Conry-Murray 15.42
26 @tameraRV Tamera Rousseau Vesta 14.97
27 @dchou1107 David Chou 14.87
28 @mfratto Mike Fratto 14.09
29 @tddupree Tracy Dupree 12.48
30 @martin_casado Martin Casado 12.19
31 @gallifreyan Robert Novak 11.4
32 @mathewlodge Mathew Lodge 11.21
33 @RobertNoel3 Robert Noel 11.03
34 @ehorley Ed Horley 10.27
35 @lmclaughlin Laurianne McLaughlin 10.04
36 @GTHill GT Hill 9.96
37 @GKJohnMarkIvey John Mark Ivey 9.96
38 @joeweinman Joe Weinman 9.59
39 @_jfeldman Jonathan Feldman 9.21
40 @JamesAlanMiller James Alan Miller 9.17
41 @kasialorenc Kasia Lorenc 8.95
42 @scottsanchez Scott Sanchez 8.81
43 @SusanFogarty Susan Fogarty 8.46
44 @BButlerNWW Brandon Butler 8.28
45 @xianrenaud Christian Renaud 8.07
46 @ChandlerQuintin Chandler Quintin 7.88
47 @dcunni Darren Cunningham 7.88
48 @NJDavidD David Danto 7.78
49 @bernardgolden Bernard Golden 7.73
50 @BilalJaffery Bilal Jaffery 7.32

If you’re interested in more event analysis, you can check out our MWC 2014CES 2014 and IFA 2014 coverage. We have also looked at influencer identification across a number of sectors, such as Wearable Tech, Content Marketing and Customer Experience – you can browse through our lists here. And finally, if you haven’t already, don’t forget to check out our list of the top brands involved in the #Interop conversation on Twitter:

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