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Interview with Ronald Van Loon

by | Jun 15, 2018 | Interviews,

Ronald Van Loon

Ronald Van Loon

Key Topics:Data & Analytics, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Customer Experience, Edge Analytics, Blockchain, IoT, IIoT, Digital Transformation, Predictive Analytics, Business Intelligence
Location:Amsterdam Area, Netherlands

Top 10 Global AI, Machine Learning, IoT, 5G, Big Data, Predictive Analytics, Data Science Influencer. Director of data and analytics consultancy firm, Intelligent World, and course advisor for professional certification company, Simplilearn. Vlogger, blogger, author, webinar host, keynote speaker, and AI business coach. I use my industry knowledge and experience to help data driven companies, executives, and business leaders develop and deploy the strategies they need to successfully navigate future disruption.

How did you get to become an expert in data science?

I’ve learned by doing. I was active in data management for 25 years, and then it was a natural transition to analytics. From there I progressed to advanced analytics, and started honing my knowledge base in intelligent technologies, like Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

New formats of data captured my interest and are a continual source of study for me. IoT data is a new data generation source that I’ve actively acquired knowledge in. Technology is always changing, always evolving, and my pursuit of knowledge will always be evolving with it.

What areas of data science are you most passionate about?

While the broader scope of Data Science always interests me, I’m very passionate about Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Data Governance in particular. These three areas are impacting businesses, society, and our daily lives in profound ways. Their applications influence smart city development, medical diagnostics, personalization of the customer experience, business transformation, and so much more. I also have a strong interest in industry specific AI applications in relation to supply chain innovation, specifically through the use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), whose disruptive potential has a radical impact on business processes and a company’s ability to maximize value.

Which data science influencers influence you?

I really admire the work of Gary Marcus, Professor of Psychology and Neural Science at New York University. His exploration of the potential for AI to be more human through the merging of cognitive science and neuroscience is very interesting, and his entrepreneurship in AI development is contributing to the ongoing advancement of smarter machines.

Outside of data science who else influences you?

I’m fortunate to be an active member within this industry, and have had the opportunity to interview and speak with numerous experts across sectors. It’s inspiring to gain an insider’s look at the industry from these varied perspectives, and hear first hand insights from people who are a part of the trends and technologies that are shaping the industry today. I’ve had conversations with C Level experts from leading organizations, fast growing businesses, and start-ups. These people influence me everyday, and aid me in educating and informing others.

I’m also deeply inspired by the film industry, and the visual forms of communication it depends on to create experiences for people. Experience is so important today, which leads me to another topic that influences me: the Customer Experience. Creating a responsive, quick, and personalized experience for customers is vital to the survival of businesses, and enables consumers to get exactly what they want and need most.

Deep Learning, and all of its capabilities, is another source of influence. Its applications in video analytics and voice recognition are driving digital technology trends and allowing businesses to better handles massive quantities of streaming data.

I find companies that manage to successfully manage and implement a transition from traditional to fully data driven to be incredibly inspiring. They’re helping to set an example for other companies who aspire to begin taking steps to be digitally driven.

How would you describe your offline influence?

Talking to peers, interviewing people, speaking at events, and engaging with people through different formats is a valuable part of my professional journey. However, it’s the combination of both on and offline influence that I really focus on to reach and connect with others.

What are going to be the key developments in the industry in the next 12 months?

As mobile device usage continues to increase, there’s going to be a substantial corresponding rise of mobile video, voice data, and sensor IoT data in 2018. The increase in video usage can be attributed to numerous factors, such as the increase in sensored and connected devices like tablets, smartphones, and security cameras, and it’s becoming a valuable source of data generation for businesses. Voice applications in any device is also going to be another trend in 2018.

Machine Learning cost-effectiveness, speed, responsiveness, and intelligent automation are important elements that will factor into its continued extensive adoption by large companies in 2018.

This is enabling a real-time data and analytics infrastructure that’s augmenting business capabilities and efficiency levels in any data driven industry or consumer product. We’re going to be really experiencing how Machine Learning can enhance our daily lives and our own capabilities as humans.

What brands have you worked with?

I work with 40+ global brands like : Google, Microsoft, IBM, SAP, HPE, Intel, Oracle, Huawei, Ericsson, Comcast, RELX Group (LexisNexis, Reed Exhibitions, Elsevier), PTC, Tata Communications, Microstrategy, Adobe, Pyramid Analytics, Clickfox, SAS, Talend,, Progress DataRPM, KPMG, Mahindra Comviva, Griddable, Lucidworks, Big Panda, Big Data World, Digital Enterprise Show (Nebext), IDG, PPR WW, Ogilvy, Devmode strategies, MSL group, Drury design Dynamics, Omni group, Lewis Communication, Lewis Pulse, MOI Global, Lubber de Jong, WKMedia, Wired Magazine, Jack Morton Worldwide, George P. Johnson, Ad Mirabilia, Open systems Media, Valley View Ventures, Adversitement and Simplilearn and more

If a brand wanted to work with you, what activities would you be most interested in collaborating on?

I enjoy collaborating on diverse formats, but I’m particularly interested in attending events where I can involve people in the conversation. Also, partnering with companies to create educational and coaching materials designed to help C-levels and executives develop and deploy AI strategies, as well as developing streaming panel sessions and keynotes from an analyst perspective has become a compelling new avenue of partnership and collaboration. Additionally, I like article writing, hosting webinars and speaking. Video recordings in a variety of unique formats have been a very exciting and dynamic way to communicate and connect with my audience, and I appreciate creating and producing video series that enhance certain topics and events through a visual media.

What would be the best way for a brand to contact you?

Brands can feel free to connect with me on Twitter, LinkedIn, or via email at