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Interview with Fabio De Pasquale

by | Jun 9, 2020 | Interviews, , ,

Fabio De Pasquale

Fabio De Pasquale

Architect and UX expert at Atos Global Manufacturing

Key Topics:UX, Industry 4.0, Manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Twin, AR, VR, 5G, Edge Computing, Additive Manufacturing
Location:Barcelona, Spain

Architect and UX expert with a great passion for new technologies. Atos Global Manufacturing.

Tell us about your background and how you developed your social media influence?

My background is very broad, because I mainly studied architecture, but I also have a great passion for technology, communication and languages. All these passions, with the help of many specialized training courses, have given me the opportunity to work for many years in the IT sector and especially in the field of User Experience at an international level. I currently work at Atos, where I am part of the Digital Business & Innovation team that helps manufacturing companies to implement, through new technologies, what we call Industry 4.0. I started using Social Media to share my passions and experiences to help all those people like me, who need to stay up to date on new technologies and the uses that can be made of them, applied to all markets but especially to the manufacturing market.

What are the key topics you’re most passionate about?

Nowadays, the technologies that I am most passionate about are Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Digital Twin combined with Artificial Intelligence, Edge Computing and 5G. Obviously, all these technologies together give us a wide margin to create new use cases for our manufacturing and retail customers.

Which influencers influence you within those key topics?

Regarding this question, I could do many well-known names, but without a doubt, the main one is Bill Gates, not only as one of the most avant-garde in terms of technology, but also as an entrepreneur and communicator. Having said that, I believe that the people who most influence my way of seeing and thinking are my colleagues and my clients, with whom I grow day by day and allow me to always face new challenges.

What is your social media routine? Do you have any daily habits that you’d recommend?

Every morning, my day starts with a good cup of coffee by spending some time reading the news and posting on the social network. During breaks, or during my travels, I normally devote part of my time to Social Media. My recommendation is to dedicate specific spaces of the day to better manage your time and dedicate the time necessary to the social network

What motivates you to post on social media?

What motivates me to use Social Media is to share my professional experiences with others, what I learn every day in order to help others stay informed. My grandfather always said, if you have an idea and another person has another idea, if you share the ideas, everyone will have two ideas.

What tends to be your most successful posts?

My most successful posts are all those posts where I promote professional work activities, events, workshops with customers, etc. People normally show me their interest in knowing what I do on my day-to-day and what my job consists of.

Where do you start in finding relevant content to share with your audience?

There are many websites or sources from where I get the content to share, such as Feeds, Feedly and many others, but the content that I like most to share is my own content or references of books that I read.

Do you receive any support or encouragement from your organization?

Yes of course, at Atos we are very active on social media and we have many hashtags, such as the hashtag for the Atos Expert Community is #YourExpert and the one for Atos Scientific Community is #AtosSC. Atos continuously promotes the use of the social network, to share what we do, internally and with our partners and customers.

What results have you seen both personally and commercially for your company?

Huge results, internally we have created a large community of social media users, which also helps us to create more union and to do teambuilding. On a commercial level it is very important to have a presence on social media, because the first thing our customers do when we talk to them is to take a look at our profiles, to really see if we have experience in the sector and to see what we really do, the social network goes beyond a simple presentation or a portfolio, it tells what we do day by day.

What do you feel was your breakthrough moment?

I believe that the breakthrough moment will still have to come and perhaps never will come, this philosophy helps me to continuously improve and grow personally and professionally. There are undoubtedly important moments that must be enjoyed, but as Steve Jobs said: “If you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you should go do something else wonderful, not dwell on it for too long. Just figure out what’s next.”

What advice would you give to someone just starting out?

Take inspiration from others and learn, but apply your style and remember to always be yourself.