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Interview with Matteo Carbone

by | Mar 13, 2021 | Interviews, ,

Matteo Carbone

Matteo Carbone

Founder and Director of the IoT Insurance Observatory

Key Topics:InsurTech, Insurance, Insurance IoT
Location:United States

Founder and Director of the IoT Insurance Observatory, NED and Chairman of the Innovation Advisory Board at Net Insurance, and Global Ambassador of the Italian InsurTech Association. Internationally recognized as insurance industry strategist and world-renowned authority on InsurTech, he has worked in 20 different insurance markets around the world. Before creating Observatory and co-founding Archimede SPAC, he spent 11 years in Bain & Company. He received his degree in Business Administration from Bocconi University, also an executive program certificate in IoT from the MIT Sloan School of Management

How did you get to become an expert in your key topics?

It just happened. I have advised insures for all my career. You start to share ideas, which generates feedback and you learn. Then you enjoy so you repeat, you work hard to do it better…and one day it starts to grow exponentially.

What topic areas are you most passionate about?

Insurance innovation is the area I’m enjoying the most and where I deliver more value to my clients.

Which influencers influence you within those key topics?

I have found myself frequently a contrarian on the topic I’m an expert about, and I don’t pretend to influence on things I don’t know. Looking at my main focus – insurance – I continuously look at what is said, and I try not to be influenced. If I find something interesting, I go two or three levels deeper than the social media buzzwords. I want to look at the raw stuff and talk with the people directly involved. This way, you are exposed to reality and can build an informed perspective. This is how that brings me to have a contrarian position, and I love to debate it. New angles to explore frequently emerge from the debate.

Outside of key topics, who else influences you?

I love to look to perspective outside the insurance arena, it gives you food for thoughts. Jim Marous and Paolo Sironi write things that have always stimulated me. About IoT, Ahmed Banafa has always been a precious source of interesting opinions. About AI, Imtiaz Adam is a reference.

How would you describe your offline influence?

I’m a consultant. I’ve advised four of the top 5 Reinsurers, 11 of the top 15 European Insurance Groups, 8 of the top 15 US P&C Insurance Groups in 20 different insurance markets over the past four years. I can say that my influence is mainly offline. I have spoken at 40 conferences a year before Covid. No digital conferences for me, I need to feel the energy in the room.

What’s your best source of information for getting ahead of a story? What resource do you use to stay ahead of the trend?

I have a team that constantly scouts for me all the main sources of information. However my LinkedIn network is the best source of insurance innovation news. I’m connected to almost all the insurance professionals passionate about innovation. It almost impossible that something happens and it is not detected by someone in my network.

What brands have you worked with?

ACT, Acuity, AF Group, Allstate, American Family, American Modern, AmTrust, Economical, Erie, Encompass, FBL Financial Group, Farmers Insurance, Fundamental Underwriters, Geico, Grinnell Mutual, Guy Carpenter, Hartford Steam Boiler, Homesite, Liberty Mutual, Marsh, Munich Re, Nationwide, Porto Seguro, RenaissanceRe, Scor, Sonnet, Swiss Re, The Hartford, TD Insurance, The General, State Farm, United Heartland, Travelers, Wawanesa; Agile Lab, Arity, Cambridge Mobile Telematics, Cinch, Comcast, EVO, Insurance Thought Leadership, HCS Capital, InsurtechNews, Intellect Design, Likk Technologies, Microsoft, Neos, Neosurance, Nomura, Notion, Novarica, Reply, Octo Telematics, ValueMomentum.ACE, Admiral, AIBA, Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance, AlfaStrakhovanie, Allianz Worldwide Partners, Archimede, AssurOne Group, Avipop, AXA, Cardif, Cargeas, Cattolica, Chiara Assicurazioni, Covea, Credit Agricole Assicurazioni, Chubb, Direct Line, Discovery Insure, Ergo, Europ Assistance, Filo Diretto, Generali, Genertel, Groupama, Hannover Re, Helvetia, HDI, IMA Assistance, Intesa Assicura, ITAS, Italiana Assicurazioni, IVASS, La Parisienne Assurance, Linear, Mapfre Re, Mapfre Warranty, Munich Re, Net Insurance, Partner Re, Poste Vita, RBM Salute, Reale Mutua, RGA, Scor, Sara Assicurazioni, Societe Generale Insurance, Swiss Re, Talanx, UnipolSai, UNIQA Group, Vienna Insurance Group, Vitality, Warta, Zurich;Agile Lab, ALD Automotive, Amodo, Appian, Aubay, Audi, Bain, Cambridge Mobile Telematics, Cloudera, EVO, Do Different, G-Evolution, Guidewire, IBM, InfoBlu, InsurtechNews, Jeniot, Kirey, LoJack, Neos, Neosurance, Octo Telematics, PerceptoLab, Pioneer, Portolano Cavallo, Poste Italiane, Relayr, Roost, Sysdata, SSI, TrueMotion, Venture Scanner, Vodafone.

What are your passions outside of work?

My job is my hobby.

What would be the best way for a brand to contact you?

LinkedIn message.