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Interview with Michael Cavaretta

by | May 5, 2021 | Interviews,

Michael Cavaretta

Michael Cavaretta

Senior Manager of Manufacturing Analytics Department at Ford Motor Company

Key Topics:Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science
Location:Michigan, United States
Michael Cavaretta is an Analytics Executive at Ford, having had multiple roles in Global, Insights, Data and Analytics (GDIA). Since joining in 2015, he’s worked in connected vehicles, analytics infrastructure, customer data and manufacturing and the Industrial Internet of Things. In addition to leading analytics teams, he has managed large IT projects of $40M / year with 100+ direct reports. Before joining GDIA, he spent over 15 years applying data analytics to business problems as part of Research and Advanced Engineering. While there, he led multiple analytic projects across all areas of Ford Motor Company, including sales and marketing, warranty and quality, manufacturing, and HR, saving the company hundreds of millions of dollars. Michael received his Ph.D. in Computer Science with a focus on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in 1995.

How did you get to become an expert in your key topics?

I became interested in AI back in my Bachelors program and through my first programming job. I was dismayed to hear from my first manager that no one can get a job in AI. Undeterred, I left industry and went back to school for a Ph.D. After graduation I worked in consulting before being hired by Ford. During my time here, I’ve a number of executive roles.

What topic areas are you most passionate about?

I’m most passionate about using AI, ML and DS to add value to the business. In my current role, I support Ford’s global manufacturing organisation. It’s challenging, but I’m proud that my team is able to positively impact the business.

Which influencers influence you within those key topics?

I’m fairly active on Twitter and LinkedIn where I follow a variety of individuals – two of my favourites are Monica Rogati, and Hilary Mason. KDnuggets is one of my favourite websites. It’s been around for a long time, but continues to put out relevant and important content.

How would you describe your offline influence?

Writing, networking and consulting.

If a brand wanted to work with you, which activities would you be most interested in collaborating on?

I am open to doing podcasts, speaking opportunities, video interviews, whitepapers and product innovation.

What’s your best source of information for getting ahead of a story? What resource do you use to stay ahead of the trend?

I follow Twitter and LinkedIn closely and I also have a few targeted Google searches that I monitor.

What brands have you worked with?

Ford and other brands in the automotive and manufacturing space as well a high-volume retailers.

Which non-paid activities would you be keen to take part in if the opportunity raised your profile or delivered value to your audience?

I would be happy to provide a quote for content or news article, share or create a social post or video content , speak at an event, podcast, online chat or a webinar. I am also keen to co-create long form content.

What are your passions outside of work?

I like photography, craft beer and working out.

What would be the best way for a brand to contact you?