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Killer Collaboration Examples that Prove the Value of Influencer Marketing

by | Dec 7, 2022 | Best Practice,

2022 has been a year of great content, and we loved watching some incredible and beneficial collaborations throughout the year. With the social media landscape continuing to evolve, marketers are having to take extra steps to succeed in oversaturated social media platforms.

The impact influencer marketing has on content’s quality and performance  is clear, but if you are still unsure on what kind of outcomes and results Influencer Marketing can drive for your brand, take a look at these examples of influencer collaboration to see the value it can bring! We are thrilled to share some top examples with you that speak for themselves!

Collaboration One: Swiss Re

With a focus on boosting brand awareness, increasing thought leadership, enriching their narrative in partnership with KOLs and facilitating lead generation, Swiss Re have continued to implement influencer marketing into their strategy to achieve their goals. Over the past year they have collaborated with many influencers, but a more recent and notable collaboration was with Antonio Grasso. To date, they have seen an increase of 21.7% in SOV, most impressively jumping from 15.5% to 37% in Q3.

What did their collaboration look like? Antonio co-authored 3 dialogue blogs with Swiss Re Exec, Pravina Ladva, which were published on LinkedIn Pulse, Medium, ResearchGate and his own Deltalogix blog. These blogs were then amplified across his social cannels (LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook). In addition to each blog post, Antonio produced an accompanying infographic summarising each blog.

  • Form a relationship with Swiss Re Exec and influencer community for wider exposure to those with experience in driving digital transformation in the finance industry
  • Widen public discussion on the importance of data to new relevant audiences
  • Get an outside-in assessment from Antonio on data in the re/insurance industry
  • Start a relationship with human-centric thought leader on the subject of digital transformation
  • From the content produced, 69% of all campaign traffic came from Antonio’s social channels
  • Time spent on the landing page was highest from Antonio’s audience with an average of 2.75 minutes on LinkedIn
  • On this campaign alone, Antonio generated over 1.1k total engagements and 5.4M impressions on Twitter.
  • Key relationship formed with Swiss Re and their Exec Pravina Ladva to access her community



Collaboration Two: Equinix

Wanting to drive brand awareness, Equinix have implemented Influencer Marketing to drive their goals over the last 5 months. A great example of collaboration is the partnership with two influencers, Keith Townsend and Maribel Lopez which showed direct results to drive their goals. Impressively, the results were higher than industry benchmark averages across all elements of the collaboration. Notably, the comments activity on the LinkedIn Live was 15,581% above benchmark, highlighting the strong and intent engagement from the audience.

What did the collaboration look like? Leveraging an internal exec and realising the potential of this voice with other subject matter experts, Equinix collaborated with Keith and Maribel on a LinkedIn Live episode, coupled with an influencer blog post.

  • Core objective of driving brand awareness
  • Create additional brand awareness around the Equinix Annual Research Report

Looking directly at the LinkedIn Live, the results were benchmarked against industry standard to provide a relative scope of the impact.

  • 269 viewers at peak, 225% above benchmark
  • 158 reactions, 13% above benchmark
  • 67 comments, 15,581% above benchmark
  • 16 shares, 133% above benchmark

Collaboration 3: Tipalti

With goals of increasing brand awareness and driving organic traffic to their website, Tipalti have activated Influencer Marketing over the last 6 months. With both goals going hand in hand, they activated multiple influencer initiatives that all worked collaboratively to fulfil their goals and increase their brand visibility.

Tipalti partnered up with influencers on three distinct initiatives: a LinkedIn Live, content creation and promotion of EBook Asset and Event speaking engagements. These different activities all had great results, with Tipalti securing 4 speakers for their event, their LinkedIn Live performing above benchmarks (446% above average in comments) and 50% Net New relationships with influencers.

  • Drive brand awareness by partnering with a variety of influencers across different channels
  • Use different channels to activate different aspects of awareness
  • Drive traffic to the website

It is worth highlighting the results from the EBook promotion as this links to their core goal of brand awareness, as well as a direct relation to their secondary goal of website traffic.

  • Drove 185+ direct clicks to the asset
  • 59 posts by tracked influencers in the campaign
  • 6 million impressions
  • 9 engaged influencers


So why would you want to leverage influencer marketing? If you struggle to make your content stand out, need that extra help in increasing your SOV, or just want to drive your brand awareness further, look no further! Leveraging in your activities can increase your SOV by staggering amounts such as the 21.7% increase for Swiss RE, or drive above benchmark engagements on activities like the 15,581% above average on Equinix’s LinkedIn Live comments.