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Martechopia London: Your Guide to Must-Attend Sessions

by | Feb 28, 2024 | Best Practice,

B2B marketing is undergoing a seismic shift due to the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence. It’s an exciting time, but it’s also easy to get lost in the hype. How do you separate the game-changers from the gimmicks? How do you ensure that the tech you invest in truly delivers, driving growth and innovation? 

This is exactly why the bright minds at B2B Marketing developed the one-day Martechopia event in London on 13th March, 2024. Martechopia isn’t just another conference – it’s your compass in the ever-changing landscape of marketing technology. At Martechopia, you’ll dive deep into three core themes, soaking up practical advice on leveraging AI for data insights, fostering collaboration, and finding your digital stride. And that’s not all – mark your calendars for March 12th and join us for an exclusive automation and AI training course, where you’ll discover firsthand how to integrate AI into your department for maximum impact. Below you’ll find our collection of what we think are the must-attend sessions at this premiere event.  

Six actions to transform B2B sales and marketing with generative AI 

Johan Thorbjörnsson – Partner, MKinsey and Company

Time: 9:30am 

Session Overview: Discover how generative AI is revolutionizing marketing and sales, driving continuous advancements and heightened productivity. Explore the transformative power of AI in predicting customer desires, expanding revenue opportunities, and reshaping team dynamics. Gain insights into successful AI implementations, revenue uplift statistics, emerging automation trends, and early use cases turbo-charging marketing and sales efforts. 

Building lasting relationships with customers through digital campaigns: From virtual to reality 

Olivia Ortyl – Consumer Products & Retail Marketing Leader UK, Capgemini  

Time: 9:30am 

Session Overview: Discover how Capgemini’s innovative campaign at a major retail conference offered clients a transformative journey amid industry chaos, blending virtual and physical experiences to create a unique oasis for global retailers. Explore firsthand the inspirational innovation showcased through discussions, bespoke events, and guided tours of New York City’s top retailers, empowering clients to embrace disruption as an opportunity for growth. Gain insights into leveraging disruption for messaging transformation, crafting tailored executive experiences, seamlessly integrating virtual and physical events, and designing captivating client tours to foster enduring relationships and drive growth in the retail industry. 

AI unleashed: A deep dive into content strategies for 2024 success 

Roxanne Lewington– Growth Marketing Manager, Canto 

Time: 11:40am 

Session Overview: Explore the potential of AI in boosting content productivity amid an anticipated surge in content demand, with insights from Canto’s 2024 State of Digital Content report. Gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities ahead, learn successful strategies for increasing content ROI, and discover efficient approaches to scaling content production to meet the demands of 2024 and beyond. Join us in navigating the evolving digital content landscape, equipping you with tools and strategies to excel in the dynamic year ahead and beyond. 

With you in the metaverse…and beyond: PwC’s approach to integrating emerging technologies across global campaigns  

Alex Sladen – Director Global Marketing Organisation, PwC
Constantine Okoye – Manager Global Marketing Organisation, PwC

Time: 12:15pm 

Session Overview: Embark on a journey with PwC as they reimagine a centuries-old tax and accountancy firm by tackling the pressing issue of climate change through immersive technologies like the metaverse. Gain insights into leveraging brand insights for engaging discussions on sustainability, navigating the complex journey of stakeholder involvement, and creating fully integrated campaigns across digital and media platforms. Discover how PwC goes beyond the metaverse to incorporate immersive experiences into flagship marketing campaigns, paving the way for innovative solutions in addressing societal challenges. 

How EY are using gamification to drive employee engagement  

Matt Holder – Global Communications and Engagement Leader Brand Marketing and Communications, EY
Ann Legros – Strategy Director, Ogilvy
Tash Freedman – Creative Director, Ogilvy

Time: 12:50pm 

Session Overview: Discover how EY’s NextWave gamified team experience, a B2B Marketing Gold Award winner, exemplifies the transformative potential of gamification in engaging employees and driving brand ambition. With over 80,000 participants and overwhelmingly positive feedback, NextWave showcases the power of fun, innovation, and teamwork in fostering inspiration and understanding of employees’ roles in delivering company goals. Learn key strategies for leveraging gamification to connect employees to brand values, foster collaboration, and drive tangible business outcomes, emphasizing the importance of co-creation and inclusivity for maximum impact across diverse cultures and skill sets. 

How to maximise your martech stack for B2B marketing success 

Paul Graves – CSM Team Lead EMEA, Demandbase
Sophie Rausch – Head of Digital Marketing, Randstad Enterprise 

Time: 12:50pm 

Session Overview: Join Sophie Rausch, Head of Digital Marketing at Randstad Enterprise, in a fireside chat exploring strategies to enhance martech efficiency during a phased brand transformation. Gain insights into navigating resource constraints, optimizing ABM program relaunches through strategic partnerships like Demandbase, and reshaping martech stacks for success. Learn about Randstad Enterprise’s martech components, priorities for streamlining, and essential processes and technologies for a successful ABM program relaunch, emphasizing strategic alignment with partners like Demandbase to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. 

How to implement a marketing tacking software and unified ways of working in a global organisation

Emily Randall – Head of Marketing Activation, Mott MacDonald

Time: 2:20pm 

Session Overview: Discover how Mott MacDonald transformed its marketing operations by implementing Optimizely’s content marketing platform, uniting diverse teams and driving numerous benefits across the organization. Emily will share insights on aligning software implementation with company structure, fostering new ways of collaboration, and promoting adoption to enhance long-term business outcomes. Gain valuable strategies for overcoming challenges, motivating colleagues, and ensuring widespread adoption, equipping you with a structured process and tactics to successfully implement and adopt a content marketing platform in your organization beyond mere software investment. 

MASTERCLASS: Ehancing buying group marketing with AI: Balancing tech innovation with customer centricity 

Barbara Stewart – Propolis Expert for Customer Experience, B2B Marketing
Steve Kemish – Propolis Expert for Content, Creative and Campaigns, B2B Marketing 

Time: 2:20pm 

Session Overview: Embark on a journey at the crossroads of technology and customer focus. Delve into practical strategies for integrating cutting-edge tech tools while keeping the customer at the forefront of your B2B marketing strategy. Gain insights into leveraging AI and technological advancements to gain deeper insights into buying groups, ensuring your marketing efforts remain innovative and customer-centric. This dynamic presentation offers a comprehensive approach to understanding and engaging buying groups more effectively, ensuring your marketing strategies are both technologically advanced and rooted in customer needs. 

Realising the true Value of AI with Copilots 

Adrian Cutler – Director Global Agency, Microsoft (Advertising)

Time: 3:45pm 

Session Overview: Join seasoned AI expert Adrian Cutler in an enlightening keynote as he explores the possibilities with the groundbreaking Microsoft Copilot, providing practical insights to enhance productivity with Bing Copilot. Gain a glimpse into cutting-edge technology driving consumer interaction, and engage in an open Q&A session to address any queries. Leave empowered with actionable strategies and a deeper understanding of leveraging innovative AI tools for optimal results in your endeavors. 

Branding in the age of AI 

Jason Miller – Head of Brand Experiences, Tyk 

Time: 4:20pm 

Session Overview: Get ready for an electrifying journey with Jason Miller as he unveils the essential strategies for thriving in the AI era while keeping your brand authentically human. Drawing from his extensive experiences at LinkedIn, Microsoft, and more, Miller shares hard-hitting tactics to measure true brand impact and redefine success in the B2B world beyond superficial metrics. Learn to strike the perfect balance between human authenticity and AI enhancements, positioning your brand for sustained demand and real impact in 2024 and beyond. This session isn’t just a talk; it’s a wake-up call for brand authenticity and human connection, essential elements for success in the evolving marketing landscape. 

See you in London! 

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