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Mobile World Congress 2014 – Top Influencers (So Far)

by | Feb 26, 2014 | Influencer Lists,

It’s Day 3 of Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014 in Barcelona, with the mobile industry’s flagship annual event having seen a number of major announcements already.

Highlights amongst others include the unveiling of the new Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone, the launch of the Sony Xperia Z2 and Nokia’s first foray into Android devices with the Nokia X, X+ and XL series.

But who has been moving the needle on the conversation? We’ve been analysing the Twitter talk around the #MWC14 hashtag to identify the most influential people talking about the subject, using our PageRank analysis platform. We’ve also had a sneaky peek at which brands have been receiving the most attention across the wider web within the MWC conversation (scroll down to take a look!).

Top #MWC14 Influencers (So Far!)

Rank Twitter Handle Name PageRank (Normalised)
1 @nokia Nokia 100
2 @smashpOp Jason Goh 96.78
3 @GSMA GSMA 56.88
4 @engadget Engadget 42.05
5 @CNET CNET 32.4
6 @idWinPhone Windows Phone 26.83
7 @Utechcom التقنية بلا حدود 24.05
8 @antondnagy Anton D. Nagy 23.05
9 @kobebryant Kobe Bryant 22.74
10 @gamerz Lester Chan 21.14
11 @SocialGeek_Co Social Geek 19.8
12 @CNET_Es CNET en Español 19.78
13 @wwwhatsnew WWWhatsnew 19.6
14 @el_pais EL PAIS 18.94
15 @GeeksRoom Hector Russo 18.12
16 @Jaime_Rivera Jaime Rivera 18.02
17 @htc HTC 17.82
18 @RogerWCheng Roger Cheng 17.56
19 @NDTVGadgets NDTV Gadgets 17.36
20 @fechu Federico Ini 16.54
21 @mcontreras Manu 16.25
22 @acatalan Arturo Catalán 16.16
23 @soldelafuente Marisol de la Fuente 14.31
24 @gabosama Gabriel Sama 14.23
25 @Wayerless Wayerless 13.79

Way out in the lead so far is Nokia’s Twitter account, followed closely by Jason Goh of smashpOp. Tech publications such as Engadget and CNET rank highly within the hashtag, while HTC is the only other phone brand that makes it into the top 25.

What else do you know?

Well, we’ve run some charts into to see how this Twitter influence is translating into impact across the wider conversation:

MWC 2014 – Brand Attention

While Nokia has been driving conversation on Twitter, Samsung has been receiving the most attention throughout the event, consistently dominating talk around MWC 2014. Nokia started off strong on Day 1 upon the official unveiling of its Android-ready smartphones (including some good pre-event attention), although this has waned going into Days 2 and 3. Motorola has been steadily increasing its share of the conversation throughout the event, while Sony has seen the opposite trend.

Is that all?

Well, no – we’ll be publishing a more thorough analysis of MWC 2014 next week, including the final influence ranking, network maps and some more brand and product analysis from the ol’ web. In our deeper analysis reports we look at sentiment, trends and other insights so in the meantime, you can get in touch with us if you’re interested in that sort of thing, and we’ll be super friendly and personable towards you.

Has the market reacted to Nokia’s phones with a big “meh”? Is Motorola stealing attention away from Sony? Is Samsung running away with the show, or is the attention actually more negative than positive? Find out next week, same Onalytica time, same Onalytica place!