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Top 101-200 Influential Education Blogs: Sep 2013

by | Sep 30, 2013 | Influencer Lists,

Here is the updated list of the top 101 – 200 influential education blogs.

You can see the top 100 here.

Top 101-200 Influential Education Blogs – Sep 2013

Change In RankRankNameInfluencePopularityOver-Influence
New Entry ★101Learner Weblog13.24.31.2
39 ↓102Lost in Recursion13.29.81.0
New Entry ★103Russ Goerend: The Stories I Tell13.12.21.4
New Entry ★104Education Experts Blog13.114.10.8
59 ↑105Catlin Tucker’s Blog13.114.10.8
New Entry ★106the becoming radical13.015.20.8
53 ↓107The Edublogger12.996.70.2
24 ↓108Assortedstuff12.913.00.8
New Entry ★109Teaching Village12.819.60.7
41 ↓110Tait Coles @totallywired77 – Punk Learning12.815.20.8
New Entry ★111Kleinspiration12.819.60.7
41 ↑112Learning in Technicolor12.715.20.7
New Entry ★113Burlington High School Principal’s Blog12.75.41.1
New Entry ★114Teacher Reboot Camp12.615.20.7
New Entry ★115 Seomra Ranga12.53.31.3
62 ↑1164C in ELT12.515.20.7
20 ↑117The Jose Vilson12.516.30.7
11 ↓118All Things Education12.38.70.9
New Entry ★119InterACT12.29.80.9
New Entry ★120Digigogy12.26.51.0
56 ↑121Educator, Learner12.25.41.1
New Entry ★122Mighty Little Librarian12.27.61.0
New Entry ★123Daniel S. Christian’s Learning Ecosystems12.13.31.2
124Teach them English12.112.00.8
63 ↓125Van Meter Library Voice12.115.20.7
New Entry ★126Gridjumper’s Blog12.13.31.2
16 ↓127The Edge of Tomorrow12.04.31.1
New Entry ★128My Learning Journey12.06.51.0
44 ↑129Oliver Quinlan11.98.70.9
34 ↓130Bud the Teacher11.89.80.9
3 ↓131Beyond School11.85.41.1
New Entry ★133Scenes From The Battleground11.837.00.4
18 ↓134Ed & Workforce Dems11.86.51.0
New Entry ★135Cedar’s Digest11.77.60.9
57 ↓136Bianca Hewes’ Blog11.65.41.0
19 ↓137Fair Languages11.64.31.1
47 ↓138Culture of Yes11.69.80.8
New Entry ★139Film English11.56.51.0
New Entry ★140Divisible by 3 [Andrew Stadel]
20 ↑141Dr. Cook’s Blog11.55.41.0
New Entry ★142Ms. Cassidy’s Classroom Blog11.46.51.0
New Entry ★143Deborah Meier on Education11.37.60.9
43 ↓144Research in Practice11.210.90.8
New Entry ★145The Art of Education11.23.31.1
2 ★146The Daily Riff11.25.41.0
72 ↓147Remote Access even from here11.27.60.9
New Entry ★148The Primary Head’s Blog11.26.50.9
New Entry ★149Byrdseed11.24.31.1
41 ↑150Vicky Loras’s Blog11.122.80.5
18 ↑151Edukwest11.17.60.9
65 ↓152I’m a teacher, get me OUTSIDE here!
9 ↓15321k1211.013.00.7
New Entry ★154Teaching with Soul11.09.80.8
New Entry ★155The Adventures of Library Girl10.913.00.7
37 ↓156educationrealist10.89.80.8
11 ↑157The Number Warrior10.88.70.8
31 ↓158Primary Tech10.814.10.7
87 ↓159Quantum Progress10.815.20.6
New Entry ★160Edwize10.812.00.7
New Entry ★161Megan Hayes-Golding’s Blog10.86.50.9
New Entry ★162Darcy Moore’s Blog10.75.41.0
23 ↓163PHSdirectorBLOG10.73.31.1
54 ↓164Hooked on Innovation10.77.60.9
61 ↓165Science teacher10.68.70.8
New Entry ★166johntomsett10.526.10.4
16 ↑167Geeky Mom10.55.40.9
69 ↓168Learning in Burlingtion10.416.30.6
24 ↑169Blogging about the Web 2.0 Connected Classroom10.316.30.6
New Entry ★170Mr. Carter’s Office
New Entry ★171Two Writing Teachers10.27.60.8
74 ↓172The Fischbowl10.217.40.6
New Entry ★173Technology Tidbits: Thoughts of a Cyber Hero10.210.90.7
11 ↑174Mike Klonsky’s SmallTalk Blog10.29.80.7
94 ↓175Nebraska Change Agent10.19.80.7
New Entry ★176RnDesign10.16.50.9
6 ↓177Shifting Phases10.17.60.8
43 ↓178My Web 2.0 Journey10.16.50.9
59 ↓179Steve Sailer: iSteve10.14.30.9
38 ↓180Donald Clark Plan B10.012.00.7
New Entry ★181Bryan Alexander’s Blog10.05.40.9
116 ↓182@theresashafer10.02.21.1
New Entry ★183Concrete Classroom10.02.21.1
55 ↓184edtech digest10.09.80.7
New Entry ★185Organized Classroom9.98.70.8
45 ↓18621st Century Collaborative9.910.90.7
119 ↓187Digital Leader Network9.96.50.8
New Entry ★188Learning with ‘e’s9.919.60.5
New Entry ★189Let the Children Play9.95.40.9
97 ↓190Math Mama Writes…9.912.00.7
4 ↓191molehills out of mountains9.84.30.9
New Entry ★192Eliterate Librarian9.87.60.8
New Entry ★193Cloaking Inequity9.78.70.7
New Entry ★194Jeff Selingo’s Blog9.72.21.0
New Entry ★195Michelle Pacansky-Brock’s Blog9.64.30.9
New Entry ★196Red or green pen?9.614.10.6
New Entry ★197Kevin Corbett’s Blog9.63.31.0
New Entry ★198Reflections of a Teacher and Learner9.68.70.7
40 ↓199CristinaSkyBox9.56.50.8
New Entry ★200Life of an Educator by Justin Tarte9.510.90.7

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