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What has changed in the Top 100 Influential Education Blogs ranking?

by | Jun 18, 2013 | Influencer Lists,

In a previous post we published a list of the top 100 most influential education blogs, ranked by their Onalytica Influence Index. Six months on, we have made an updated list of the top influential bloggers.
For a detailed explanation of the methodology we refer to our previous post. As before, we report the following metrics: Onalytica Influence Index, Popularity and Over-Influence.
The Influence Index is the impact factor of the blogs, similar to the impact factor of academic journals; Popularity measures how well-known a blog is among other education blogs and Over-Influence seeks to capture how influential a blog is compared to how popular it is.
The movements in the ranking have been caused by a change in the quantity and quality of citations that a blog has received. If a blog has gone up it means that it has been cited by more influential blogs lately and/or has received a higher number of citations. Moreover, there are new influential blogs that we have only recently started monitoring.
Stay tuned for more updates on education blog rankings.

Change In RankRankNameInfluencePopularityOver-Influence

1Dan Meyer’s Blog100.082.11.6
2Hack Education97.442.32.7
3 ↑3Dangerously Irrelevant63.759.01.3
34 ↑4Diane Ravitch’s Blog61.966.71.2
2 ↓5The Principal of Change61.856.41.3
3 ↑6Free Technology for Teachers58.293.60.8
17 ↑7Will Richardson’s Blog53.537.21.6
8 ↑8Stephen Downes48.225.61.9
New Entry ★9Cool Cat Teacher Blog47.946.21.2
New Entry ★10Steve Hargadon’s blog45.230.81.6
3 ↓11The Blue Skunk Blog44.833.31.5
8 ↓12Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day …
1 ↑13Getting Smart42.334.61.4
New Entry ★14for the love of learning40.835.91.3
3 ↓15Practical Theory38.030.81.3
9 ↓16Ideas and Thoughts36.738.51.1
New Entry ★17Computing Education Blog35.99.02.7
8 ↑18The Learning Spy35.135.91.1
14 ↓19The Learning Network35.134.61.1
New Entry ★20On an e-Journey with Generation Y33.17.72.6
9 ↑21Shanker Blog32.428.21.2
29 ↑22Kevin’s Meandering Mind32.116.71.7
New Entry ★23Granted, and…thoughts on education by Grant Wiggins29.933.31.0
New Entry ★24The Core Knowledge Blog29.621.81.3
New Entry ★25The Education Trust29.111.51.9
4 ↓26Around the Corner-Mguhlin.org28.412.81.8
New Entry ★27Angela Maiers’ Blog28.134.60.9
6 ↑28This Week in Education27.517.91.4
14 ↓29Ewan McIntosh’s edu.blogs.com27.121.81.2
10 ↓30Moving at the Speed of Creativity26.937.20.8
21 ↓31The Thinking Stick26.321.81.2
4 ↓32David Warlick25.625.61
New Entry ★33Lisa Nielsen – The Innovative Educator25.130.80.9
New Entry ★34Tech Transformation24.85.12.3
4 ↓35Continuous Everywhere But Differentiable Nowhere24.719.21.2
New Entry ★36f(t)24.420.51.1
New Entry ★37I Speak Math24.112.81.5
20 ↓38Cogdogblog23.820.51.1
29 ↑39Action-Reaction23.816.71.3
New Entry ★40Math Mistakes23.714.11.4
New Entry ★41The Daring Librarian23.523.11.0
23 ↓42Open Thinking23.321.81.0
New Entry ★43Shawn Cornally’s Blog23.020.51.1
New Entry ★44Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice22.834.60.7
10 ↓45Nerdy Book Club22.830.80.8
New Entry ★46always learning22.714.11.3
14 ↓47Learning in Hand22.317.91.1
23 ↓48Doug – Off the Record22.216.71.2
New Entry ★49Gary Rubinstein’s Blog22.016.71.2
New Entry ★50edrethink21.726.90.8
New Entry ★51TonyBaldasaro.com21.62.62.4
20 ↓52Let’s Play Math!
New Entry ★53Change Agency20.55.11.9
New Entry ★54The Edublogger20.2100.00.3
11 ↑56Linking and Thinking on Education 19.915.41.1
New Entry ★57Daniel Willingham’s blog19.624.40.8
New Entry ★58Colossal19.66.41.7
2 ↓59The Wejr Board19.215.41.1
6 ↓60Jay P. Greene’s Blog19.216.71.0
61My Island View19.029.50.7
New Entry ★62Van Meter Library Voice18.615.41.0
New Entry ★63Lost in Recursion18.311.51.2
New Entry ★64Computer Science Teacher18.27.71.5
54 ↓65David Wees17.815.41.0
New Entry ★66@theresashafer17.72.62.0
New Entry ★67Teachers as Technology Trailblazers17.711.51.2
New Entry ★68Digital Leader Network17.52.61.9
New Entry ★69Tait Coles @totallywired77 – Punk Learning17.514.11.0
New Entry ★70School Finance 10117.119.20.8
New Entry ★71Dropout Nation17.111.51.1
New Entry ★72Quantum Progress17.015.41.0
New Entry ★73Constructing Modern Knowledge16.73.81.7
New Entry ★746D 2012 – 2013 Happy learners blog well16.61.32.0
New Entry ★75Remote Access even from here16.37.71.3
59 ↓76Annie Murphy Paul16.323.10.7
New Entry ★77iLearn Technology16.316.70.9
New Entry ★78A Difference16.214.11.0
New Entry ★79Bianca Hewes16.26.41.4
10 ↓80Marisa Constantinides – TEFL Matters16.217.90.8
New Entry ★81Nebraska Change Agent15.99.01.2
New Entry ★82Rational Expressions15.711.51.0
21 ↓83User Generated Education15.715.40.9
48 ↓84Assortedstuff15.610.31.1
New Entry ★85Half an Hour15.711.51.0
41 ↓86David Truss :: Pair-A-Dime for Your Thoughts15.315.40.9
40 ↓87I’m a teacher, get me OUTSIDE here!
New Entry ★88Bob Sprankle’s Blog14.97.71.2
New Entry ★89The Doc Is In14.91.31.8
32 ↓90NYC Educator14.910.31.0
New Entry ★91Culture of Yes14.810.31.0
New Entry ★92Mrs. Yollis’ Classroom Blog14.819.20.7
New Entry ★93Math Mama Writes…14.512.80.9
New Entry ★94The Hum of Language Acquisition14.55.11.3
New Entry ★95Always Formative14.412.80.9
New Entry ★96Bud the Teacher14.410.31.0
New Entry ★97edcetera14.39.01.1
New Entry ★98The Fischbowl14.317.90.7
28 ↓99Learning in Burlington14.215.40.8
New Entry ★100Concrete Classroom14.25.11.3