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AI 2017: Top 100 Influencers, Brands and Publications

by | May 25, 2017 | Influencer Lists,

Artificial intelligence – or AI – is a true part of our world, as well as a substantial hub of interest for science and business. Companies are ferociously investing in, engaging in and including artificial intelligence in their operations. It is a fascinating technology that enables new options for companies, from detecting security intrusions to anticipating future consumer purchases.

Some significant moves from tech giants to acquire AI competitiveness have been made in the past five years. This includes the creation of Microsoft Ventures’ fund for AI startups and Uber’s acquisition of AI startup Geometric Intelligence; both in December 2016, Apple acquiring Emotient in early 2016, Google buying Deepmind for $400 million in 2014, and IBM pairing up with Nvidia to enable faster responses for the cognitive system, Watson.


We reached out to some of the top influencers to ask them for their views on artificial intelligence. We spoke to Mike Quindazzi (#6), John Hagel (#12), Gary Marcus (#14), Jeremiah Owyang (#15) and Sandy Carter (#17). Be sure to follow them to stay up to date on the best content and resources on artificial intelligence!

Mike Quindazzi –  Managing Director at PwC
Are you ready for artificial intelligence ? The global potential of AI as an emerging technology has taken hold in the form of virtual assistants, chatbots, machine learning (and deep learning), autonomous systems, and natural language processing with advancing algorithms being developed in the cloud and available as-a-service to enterprises. This democratised approach is providing unprecedented access across both the world’s developed and developing nations, not only to leverage but also made available to the crowd to further develop “skills”. Much like the proliferation of mobile apps in the app store growing from just 500 apps in 2008 to over 2.2 million today, the level of AI innovation and sophistication is poised for an exponential growth curve. These factors, in addition to increasing computational power, are positioning AI to extend far beyond the forms I mentioned – and these other forms are rapidly developing. Taking the form of assisted intelligence, augmented intelligence or even autonomous intelligence. AI, when coupled with robotics, has the ability to break down additional barriers, provide personalization to the masses and solve many more of the world’s most important global challenges. In fact, PwC recently surveyed 2,500 consumers and business decision makers on AI’s impact in the business world, the evolution of AI acceptance by consumers and AI’s changing role in addressing socioeconomic issues. 63% of consumers agreed – AI will help solve complex problems that plague modern societies, while 72% of business leaders believe AI will be the business advantage of the future. It is incumbent on business leaders and workers at all levels to embrace the technology – if not to develop it – but to at least understand it’s ability to integrate and automate our most mundane and repetitive tasks. To explore partnerships between man and machine, that form collaborative solutions, to solve the daily challenges facing business and create new opportunities.

John Hagel – Founder and Co-Chairman of the Deloitte Center for the Edge
AI technology will continue to evolve at an exponential pace but the key to unleashing the full economic value of this technology will hinge on two things. First, it requires the ability to generate and aggregate relevant data to fuel the AI engines. Without data, AI remains dumb. Second, people will need to become more adept at framing really powerful questions and re-imagining their own tasks in ways that more fully leverage their own unique human capabilities to generate greater impact from the insights that AI delivers.

Gary Marcus – Founder and CEO of Geometric Intelligence, Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at NYU

“Someday AI will change the world. But it is important to realize that statistics ≠ knowledge, and that “deep learning” is much more superficial than people realize. We still have a long way to go.”

Jeremiah Owyang – Founder and CEO of Crowd Companies

In my lifetime, we will create a “God” an all knowing, artificial human that’s able to recall, process, and think. Will it feel? Will it hurt? that remains to be seen. We know that the world will become more efficient as technology rapidly empowers faster everything. God creates man, and man creates a god.

Sandy Carter – Vice President of Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services has become the center of gravity for artificial intelligence, with companies of all sizes in virtually all industries using AI to build new capabilities for existing services, or define entirely new categories of products and experiences. Today, customers are using AI on AWS for everything from the American Heart Association, who are helping to streamline registration in charity walks, to Capital One, who are providing new ways to interact with customers’ bank accounts, to startups like TuSimple who are using computer vision in autonomous vehicles, to Stanford University who are providing early detection of diabetic complications for patients. We’re just getting started, and we couldn’t more excited to be on this journey with our customers.


We were very interested in seeing which individuals, brands and publications were leading the social media debate around AI, so we analysed over five million tweets mentioning the key words: AI OR “artificial intelligence” OR artificialintelligence; from 1st January – 18th May 2017. We then identified the Top 100 most influential individuals, brands and publications leading the discussion .
Regarding individuals, David Brin is the top AI influencer since the beginning of 2017. Below, is our network map of his recent interactions around the AI topic. This map was created with our Influencer Relationship Management software (IRM). Be sure to click on the map to enjoy the full size network diagram in greater detail.

Below you can see another network map created with our Influencer Relationship Management software (IRM) showing the number one brand IBM Watson at the centre, as well as all the AI conversations to and from the influencers in its field.

Below, you can discover yet another network map created with our Influencer Relationship Management software (IRM) with the number one publication WIRED at the centre of all interactions.

If you are interested in learning more about identifying, managing and engaging with influencers click here to get in touch!


Below, you can find a pie chart which assesses the different shares of voice of each brand within the AI social media debate – amongst the top influencers listed in the full report. We have displayed the top 10 brands, from 1st January – 18th May. This pie chart was created with our Influencer Relationship Management software (IRM).
Onalytica - Artificial Intelligence Top 100 Influencers, Brands and Publications Brand Share of Voice Pie
The most popular brand in this analysis is Google, which represents over a quarter (26%) of shares of voice. The most recent discussions around Google and AI focus on its speech recognition technology with a 4.9% word error rate and its AI abilities to create sounds that humans have never heard before.  IBM follows with 21% of shares, with Watson at the centre of its AI discussion – especially around the system’s constant improvement and the possibilities it enables, whether they are intended for medical use or business. On the last step of the podium is Microsoft (13%).

Following their lead are other tech giants: Amazon (11%), Facebook (8%) and Intel (6%). On the bottom of the top 10, we find Nvidia (5%), Apple (4%), Baidu (4%) and Salesforce (3%).


Artificial Intelligence is an immense topic on its own, but we were interested in seeing which other topic were mentioned the most around it. We analysed tweets and blogs from the top 100 influencers, brands an publications between 1st January – 18th May 2017. We measured the frequencies of all the words used by the influencers in our programme related to “AI”. These words were then weighted and made into the word cloud shown below:
Onalytica - Artificial Intelligence Top 100 Influencers, Brands and Publications Word Cloud
It is interesting to see that Machine Learning, Deep Learning and – naturally – Artificial Intelligence accompany AI as the top topics. Also worth noticing, is the presence of Big Data, Data Science and FinTech as top AI-related topics.


We looked at all the individuals engaging on Twitter to bring you a list of the top influencers around artificial intelligence. Below is the top 50, if you want to see who ranks from 50-100 be sure to download the full report by clicking the download button below.

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Rank Twitter Handle Name Company Influencer Score
1 @DavidBrin David Brin  Epocene 100
2 @BernardMarr Bernard Marr  Advanced Performance Institute 90.85
3 @AndrewYNg Andrew Ng  Baidu, Inc. 82.21
4 @drfeifei Fei-Fei- Li  Google Cloud 62.79
5 @ValaAfshar Vala Afshar  Salesforce 61.3
6 @MikeQuindazzi Mike Quindazzi  PwC 58.56
7 @elonmusk Elon Musk  SpaceX 58.35
8 @TamaraMcCleary Tamara McCleary 49.58
9 @jackclarkSF Jack Clark  OpenAI 49
10 @Benioff Marc Benioff  Salesforce 48.32
11 @evankirstel Evan Kirstel  Kirstel Report 47.04
12 @jhagel John Hagel  Deloitte & Touche 46.55
13 @erichorvitz Eric Horvitz  Microsoft 46.27
14 @GaryMarcus Gary Marcus  Geometric Intelligence 43.95
15 @jowyang Jeremiah Owyang  Crowd Companies 41.51
16 @pmddomingos Pedro Domingos  University of Washington 40.95
17 @sandy_carter Sandy Carter  Amazon Web Services 38.63
18 @EricTopol Eric Topol  Scripps Health 35.15
19 @ericschmidt Eric Schmidt  Google 34.63
20 @hannawallach Hanna Wallach  Microsoft 33
21 @SpirosMargaris Spiros Margaris  Margaris Advisory 32.29
22 @peteratmsr Peter Lee  Microsoft 32.1
23 @dharmesh Dharmesh Shah  HubSpot 31.54
24 @erikbryn Erik Brynjolfsson  MIT 30.82
25 @briansolis Brian Solis  Altimeter Group 30.64
26 @cspenn Christopher Penn  SHIFT Communications 27.7
27 @KirkDBorne Kirk Borne  Booz Allen Hamilton 27.67
28 @andi_staub Andreas Staub  FehrAdvice 27.55
29 @sidbanerjee Sid Banerjee  Clarabridge 27.39
30 @dhinchcliffe Dion Hinchcliffe  7Summits 27.29
31 @Ronald_vanLoon Ronald van Loon  Adversitement 27.21
32 @Timothy_Hughes Timothy Hughes  Digital Leadership Associates 26.79
33 @IoTRecruiting Bill McCabe  IoT Recruiting 26.64
34 @GlenGilmore Glen Gilmore  Gilmore Business Network 26.39
35 @nreed_trl Nick Reed  TRL Academy 25.92
36 @reckel Richard Eckel  Microsoft 25.43
37 @davidwkenny David Kenny  IBM 25.25
38 @robmccargow Rob McCargow  PwC 24.79
39 @Kasparov63 Garry Kasparov  Human Rights Foundation 24.19
40 @harryshum Harry Shum  Microsoft 24.18
41 @willknight Will Knight  MIT Tech 23.42
42 @ahier Brian Ahier  AHIER 23.22
43 @2morrowknight Sean Gardner  World Communication Forum 23.03
44 @pauldaugh Paul Daugh  Accenture 23.02
45 @simonlporter Simon Porter  ‎NGA Human Resources 22.81
46 @JimMarous Jim Marous  Digital Banking Report 22.68
47 @JohnGCourtney John Courtney  The Marketing Centre 21.05
48 @j2bryson Joanna J Bryson  University of Bath 20.68
49 @timoreilly Tim O’Reilly  O’Reilly Media 20.53
50 @adamsconsulting Diana Adams  Adams Consulting Group 20.16


We also looked at all the brands engaging on Twitter to bring you a list of the top brands talking about artificial intelligence. Below is the top 50, if you want to see who ranks from 50-100 be sure to download the report to get the full top 100 list, and see who are most the influential brands in artificial intelligence.

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Rank Twitter Handle Name Influencer Score
1 @IBMWatson IBMWatson 100
2 @googlecloud googlecloud 97.22
3 @Microsoft Microsoft 86.59
4 @IBM IBM 78.75
5 @xprize xprize 69.01
6 @intel intel 67.6
7 @ITU ITU 61.44
8 @IDC IDC 60.44
9 @MSFTResearch MSFTResearch 52.79
10 @IBMResearch IBMResearch 50.78
11 @nvidia nvidia 50.26
12 @roborace roborace 48.31
13 @KPMG KPMG 40.4
14 @IBMcloud IBMcloud 37.13
15 @MaluubaInc MaluubaInc 36.94
16 @awscloud awscloud 35.37
17 @Azure Azure 34.61
18 @ipfconline1 ipfconline1 33.44
19 @McKinsey McKinsey 33.38
20 @royalsociety royalsociety 31.83
21 @IBMIoT IBMIoT 31.16
22 @lenovo lenovo 31.16
23 @Toyota Toyota 30.93
24 @snips snips 29.93
25 @BigCloudTeam BigCloudTeam 29.24
26 @AMD AMD 29
27 @thomsonreuters thomsonreuters 28.63
28 @MaRSDD MaRSDD 28.1
29 @MITSloan MITSloan 28.02
30 @innovateuk innovateuk 27.5
31 @ISpeakAnalytics ISpeakAnalytics 27.27
32 @AccuetHome AccuetHome 25.7
33 @Analytics_Edge Analytics_Edge 25.68
34 @Accenture Accenture 25.65
35 @autodesk autodesk 25.1
36 @HCI_Labs HCI_Labs 24.72
37 @udacity udacity 24.49
38 @DevOpsSummit DevOpsSummit 22.47
39 @TVSNext TVSNext 20.52
40 @FastCoDesign FastCoDesign 20.42
41 @OReillyAI OReillyAI 20.28
42 @analyticbridge analyticbridge 19.08
43 @CMIContent CMIContent 19.01
44 @SMExaminer SMExaminer 18.59
45 @MSFT_Business MSFT_Business 18.47
46 @SR_ SR_ 18.41
47 @watsonanalytics watsonanalytics 18.22
48 @Gartner_inc Gartner_inc 18.17
49 @DataScienceCtrl DataScienceCtrl 18.13
50 @lifeatgoogle lifeatgoogle 18.03


As part of our new analysis, we scanned all the publications engaging on Twitter to bring you a list of the top publications talking about artificial intelligence. Below is the top 50, if you want to see who ranks from 50-100 be sure to download the report to get the full top 100 list.

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Rank Twitter Handle Name Influencer Score
2 @techreview techreview 93.64
3 @CIOonline CIOonline 69.94
4 @TechRepublic TechRepublic 69.29
5 @eMarketer eMarketer 53.8
6 @CBinsights CBinsights 53.61
7 @SCMP_News SCMP_News 51.01
8 @FastCompany FastCompany 50.11
9 @ZDNet ZDNet 43.4
10 @engadget engadget 43.2
11 @Entrepreneur Entrepreneur 42.78
12 @BNN BNN 42.61
13 @Forbes Forbes 42.43
14 @CNET CNET 35.16
15 @techstars techstars 35.09
16 @XHNews XHNews 33.39
17 @DigitalTrends DigitalTrends 33.26
18 @BBCClick BBCClick 31.13
19 @CMO_com CMO_com 30.65
20 @TheEconomist TheEconomist 29.7
21 @guardianscience guardianscience 29.33
22 @contently contently 29.11
23 @MarketingWeekEd MarketingWeekEd 29.09
24 @AFP AFP 28.92
25 @siliconrepublic siliconrepublic 28.77
26 @gigaom gigaom 28.52
27 @DZone DZone 27.88
28 @singularityhub singularityhub 27.45
29 @Flipboard Flipboard 27.27
30 @coindesk coindesk 26.81
31 @WSJ WSJ 26.7
32 @TechCrunch TechCrunch 26.5
33 @StartupGrind StartupGrind 26.21
34 @euronews euronews 25.84
35 @ProductHunt ProductHunt 25.78
36 @VentureBeat VentureBeat 25.62
37 @DU_Press DU_Press 25.53
38 @sejournal sejournal 25.47
39 @InfoQ InfoQ 25.4
40 @handelsblatt handelsblatt 25.27
41 @BankInnovation BankInnovation 25.17
42 @strataconf strataconf 24.97
43 @dose dose 24.26
44 @BigchainDB BigchainDB 23.73
45 @TechCityNews TechCityNews 23.53
46 @Xconomy Xconomy 23.38
47 @LiquidNewsroom LiquidNewsroom 23.06
48 @wef wef 22.55
50 @MyABJ MyABJ 22.22


 At Onalytica we love building these lists and want to give back to our loyal readers as much as we can. If you’re interested in other topics (such as Big DataVirtual RealityDigital Marketing) be sure to have a gander on our blog or why not propose some topics to us on twitter? We also build some very cool software to manage all of these influencers. Get a free demo today by clicking the button below!


Disclaimer: As ever with these lists, it must be stressed that the ranking is by no means a definitive measurement of influence, as there is no such thing. The individuals, brands and publications listed are undoubtedly influential when it comes to driving discussion around artificial intelligence.

The PageRank based methodology we use to extract influencers on a particular topic takes into account the number and quality of contextual references that a user receives. These calculations also take into account a user’s relevance (number of tweets on topic) and reach (number of followers). If you want to learn more, please read our article that outlines influencer identification.





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