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Big Data and Customer Experience – Top 100 Influencers

by | Feb 5, 2014 | Influencer Lists,

We’ve identified influencers within the Big Data space before (PS – for the most up-to-date rankings you can see our Big Data influencers list over on It is indeed a big and – dare I say it – somewhat buzzy term, which can encompass a huge range of meanings and applications, depending on who you ask.

For the latest instalment we’ve decided to delve a little deeper into the Petabytes and Zettabytes out there in order to hone in on a more specific Big Data use case – improving customer experience – and bring you a slightly different community of influencers. Yes, it’s still a big subject, but we thought it might be an interesting (and maybe even useful) angle for anybody operating in this space.


To find the influencers, we analysed the network of individuals interacting on Twitter using customer experience hashtags such as #CX, #CXP and #custexp within the context of #BigData. We then used PageRank analysis to calculate the influence of the people within this network, and create a network map of the connections between them (which you can see below). For more information on our methodology you can see our previous post here (and if you harbour cynicism towards the whole idea of influencer lists and rankings, well, you might have a point).

Big Data and CX – Top 50 Network Map

Click here for a larger version (opens in new window)

Darker, larger nodes signify more influence within the network – for example, Annette Franz, being the top influencer, sits in the centre of the network, and is represented in a deeper shade of blue.

If you’d like a little more background on the subject, the folks at OgilvyOne have put together
a very nice microsite about the use of Big Data in enhancing customer experience, while the inimitable Brian Solis looks at some real-life examples of developing a data-driven customer-centric approach in this article.

Big Data and Customer Experience – Top Influencers

OK, hands up – we’ve only published the top 50 right here… but you can download the full top 100 (complete with network map) by clicking the big green button below. So that’s not so bad, right? Right..?

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RankTwitter HandleNamePageRank (Normalised)
1@annettefranzAnnette Franz100
2@kerrybodineKerry Bodine48.8
3@jlnorwoodJames Norwood38.74
4@HykenShep Hyken38.71
5@nporteNancy Porte37.34
6@samsternjonesSam Stern35.17
7@rwang0R Ray Wang34.66
8@Natasha_D_GNatasha Bishop31.32
9@megbearMeg Bear30.17
10@jonathanbrowneJonathan Browne27.93
11@TedRubinTed Rubin24.94
12@KateNasserKate Nasser22.49
13@dcapuan0Dave Capuano22.04
14@bobehayesBob E. Hayes, PhD18.95
15@RoyAtkinsonRoy Atkinson18.92
16@BernardMarrBernard Marr17.85
17@piplzchoiceGregory Yankelovich17.47
18@martinhwMartin Hill-Wilson17.41
19@stephaniethumStephanie Thum17.3
20@eswayneEric Swayne16.47
21@bobevansITBob Evans15.71
22@CutlerDaveDave Cutler15.54
23@avdingusAmanda Dingus14.96
24@jpalocsikJenni Palocsik12.96
25@TheSocialPittDavid Pittman11.26
26@alanlepoAlan Lepofsky11.12
27@KirkDBorneKirk Borne11.05
28@jameskobielusJames Kobielus10.97
29@TullioSiragusaTullio Siragusa10.93
30@juliebhuntJulie Hunt10.29
31@clearactionLynn Hunsaker10.14
32@CaseyCrlCasey Lucas10.09
33@maldyjJennifer Maldonado10.06
34@williammcknightWilliam McKnight10.04
35@MJohnsonLoyaltyMark Johnson9.99
36@JimMarousJim Marous9.89
37@erinraeseErin Raese9.11
38@VOCMountaineerSarah Simon9.01
39@laurenziskieLauren Ziskie8.97
40@apmcinnesAndrew McInnes8.27
41@stealeyreedSarah Stealey Reed8.04
42@graemeknowsJ. Graeme Noseworthy7.89
43@andy_mcfAndrew McFarland7.88
44@brettkingBrett King7.87
45@TomHoffman121Tom Hoffman7.84
46@holgermuHolger Mueller7.84
47@bsdaltonBarry Dalton7.67
48@colinsataylorColin Taylor TRG7.55
49@SteveStenackerSteve Stenacker7.29
50@larryfreedLarry Freed6.92


We have rankings for Content Marketing influencers, top education blogs and influential economics blogs to name a few – if you have any questions for us you can get in touch – or download the full list below to see the rest of the influencers.

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Big Data and CX

Top 100 Influencers

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