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BYOD: Freedom or Fright? Top 100 Influencers

by | Apr 30, 2014 | Influencer Lists,

Are you looking for freedom and flexibility? Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a way that firms can empower employees to choose their own tools to get their work done. IT departments now often struggle to implement reactive policies due to the quickly changing nature of technology. Even if BYOD means cost reduction, employee satisfaction and productivity gains for most of the companies, there is still a barrier which involves security (think of open source operating systems such as Android). Accessing corporate data through personal devices poses a serious threat for any organisation.

The influencer network around BYOD

We have taken all twitter conversation around the hashtag #BYOD and wanted to see how the influencers are connected. Not only tech is concerned by BYOD, education and healthcare are big topics that are also directly related by this trend.

The Top 50 thought leaders on BYOD

This trend of BYOD in education and tech is confirmed by our list below as the majority of the top 20 influencers are directly related to education and tech. See our full top 50 below to get a better idea of which individuals talk about #BYOD.


RankTwitter HandleNamePageRank (Normalised)
1@MaribelLopezMaribel Lopez100
2@MindShiftKQEDTina Barseghian75.25
3@coolcatteacherVicki Davis74.97
4@NMHS_PrincipalEric Sheninger60.83
5@mssacksteinStarr Sackstein43.17
6@InnovativeEduLisa Nielsen35.91
7@RossCoops31Ross Cooper28.06
8@mluhtalaMichelle Luhtala22.63
9@andycinekAndrew P. Marcinek21.96
10@jksuterJason K. Suter21.93
11@mjwheeleraliMJ Wheeler-Ali21.08
12@SNewcoScott Newcomb19.62
13@bobeganBob Egan19.11
14@bbeldingBrett Belding18.83
15@meetduxDux Raymond Sy16.68
16@ValaAfsharVala Afshar16.56
17@thomascmurrayTom Murray16.14
18@jeffcarusoJeff Caruso15.49
19@JeffRyanPetersJeff Peters15.29
20@ciscokimaKim A at Cisco15.14
21@ABridgwaterAdrian Bridgwater15.09
22@justintarteDr. Justin Tarte14.47
23@DavidFifeVPDavid Fife12.82
24@TastenspielerAndré J. Spang12.33
25@chrisfleckChris Fleck11.92
26@tcdsb21cPeter Aguiar11.84
27@WirelessLifeAnthony Bartolo11.76
29@BYOTNetworkTim Clark, Ed.D.11.4
30@willkellyWill Kelly11.39
31@JFBrashearJim Brashear11.38
32@iplanteSharon LePage Plante11.15
33@bmkatzBrian Katz10.82
34@mkrigsmanMichael Krigsman10.78
35@jhengstlerJulia Hengstler10.64
36@matthewhesterMatt Hester10.18
37@ron_millerRon Miller10.1
38@PhilipFavroPhilip Favro9.36
39@Glennr1809Glenn Robbins8.91
40@KerryHawk02Kerry Gallagher8.44
42@TamraDollarTamra Dollar7.76
43@RickBlaisdellRick Blaisdell7.69
44@1DavidClarkeDavid Clarke7.69
45@courosaAlec Couros7.6
46@JudyArztJudy Arzt7.52
47@s_beardenSusan M. Bearden7.5
48@gtpintadoGladys Pintado7.44
49@simonlporterSimon Porter7.4
50@S_dFStephen diFilipo7.19

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