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IFA 2014: Top Brands, Products and Influencers

by | Sep 16, 2014 | Influencer Lists, ,

With IFA2014 coming to an end last week, it’s been an extremely exciting time for all things consumer tech. IFA is the biggest consumer electronics event in Europe and took place in Berlin from the 5th to the 10th of September. Many products were presented during the event, ranging from the hottest smartphones and wearables to enormous 110” curved TVs.

We ran the #IFA2014 hashtag through our system in order to cut through the noise and figure out which individuals and brands were most influential in the online debate during the event. If you want to find out how we approach influence and influencer marketing, try this article.

Please note: Brands that did not use the official #IFA2014 hashtag will not appear in the analysis

2014 is the year of Wearables

Galaxy Gear S, ZenWatch, SmartWatch 3, G Watch R, Moto360, Smartband Talk, Gear VR …

These are all names of “wearable” products that were presented during this year’s IFA and the list seems to get longer each year. A year ago people were extremely excited about tablets and laptop-tablet hybrids being the next big thing, the attention has shifted.

With the major brands now seeing the success in the wearable space thanks to brands such as Fitbit and Jawbone, most of the big players have released wearables to grab a part of the pie. Talking about pies, our pie confirms this tendency below. Wearables generated almost as much discussion as smartphones (.7% difference over the duration of the event).

Which brands grabbed the highest share of voice during IFA2014?

Below you can see a lovely pie with our Share of Voice analysis focused on the major brands at IFA. Samsung and Sony were clearly the major players during the event.

Sony and Samsung managed to account for half (50%) of the Share of Voice during IFA2014. Products from Samsung such as the Galaxy Note 4, Gear VR (A virtual reality headset that uses the Galaxy Note 4), and the Galaxy Note Edge secured Samsung’s 1st place and were very well received among media and the larger public.

Sony presented its Xperia Z3 line of products, including their new flagship smartphone the Xperia Z3, The Z3 Tablet Compact and the Z3 Compact. Furthermore Sony presented two wearables, called Smartwatch 3 and Smartband Talk.

An interesting release from Sony that will get gamers excited is its new Remote Play function available on the Xperia Z3 devices. It allows you to stream your PS4 games on your Z3 devices.

Asus managed to secure 8.6% of the discussion thanks to its well-received the release of the “ZenWatch”. Similarly LG created interesting discussion around its G Watch R, which adds another member to the ever growing family of Smartwatches.

If you want to see our full analysis, detailing further releases and products, please download the (free!) report.

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Top 50 Most Influential Brands at IFA2014

We took a detailed look at the discussion surrounding IFA2014 to surface the most influential. Find below major companies, media outlets and tech blogs. Don’t hesitate to dowload the full report to access the top 100 brands.

Rank Twitter Handle Name PageRank (Normalised)
1 @SonyUK Sony UK 100
2 @intel Intel 61.64
3 @IntelUK Intel UK 58.34
4 @Sony Sony 52.35
5 @mashable Mashable 33.42
6 @lenovo Lenovo 33.28
7 @2Wired2Tired 2Wired2Tired 25.09
8 @PhilipsLiveFrom Philips at IFA 2014 23.54
9 @ASUS ASUS 22.75
10 @MicrosoftOEM OEM at Microsoft 21.32
11 @Windows Windows 19.49
12 @Acer Acer 18
13 @whathifi What Hi-Fi? 17.73
14 @Microsoft Microsoft 15.23
15 @DigitalTrends Digital Trends 13.17
16 @panasonic Panasonic Corp. 12.96
17 @laptopmag Laptop Magazine 12.57
18 @OxGadgets OxGadgets 12.18
19 @CNET CNET 11.55
20 @IFA_Berlin IFA Press 10.46
21 @engadget Engadget 9.59
22 @mashabletech Mashable Tech 9.42
23 @twandroid FrAndroid 8.7
24 @UHD4k Ultra HD 4k news 8.16
25 @pcpro PC Pro 7.69
26 @BBCClick BBC Click 7.63
27 @AndroidAuth Android Authority 6.9
28 @LGUK LG Electronics UK 6.76
29 @Philips Philips 6.74
30 @boysnoizerec BOYSNOIZE RECORDS 6.66
31 @MSFTnews Microsoft News 6.21
32 @Withings Withings 5.66
33 @NDTVGadgets NDTV Gadgets 5.38
34 @Wayerless Wayerless 5.37
35 @PanasonicUK Panasonic UK 5.36
36 @Intel_DE Intel in Deutschland 5.28
37 @girlygeekdom GirlyGeekdom 4.87
38 @andro4all andro4all 4.55
39 @windowsblog Windows Blogs 4.08
40 @OEMPartner OEM PartnerCommunity 3.7
41 @fayerwayer FayerWayer 3.58
42 @01net 01net 3.42
43 @samsungbusiness Samsung Business UK 3.41
44 @abc_tecnologia Tecnología 3.3
45 @CNBC CNBC 3.25
46 @SamsungTMRW Samsung Electronics 3.23
47 @techfieber TechFieber Network 2.95
48 @AllSeenAlliance AllSeen Alliance 2.93
49 @AndroidPITcom 2.92
50 @ParallelsAccess Parallels Access 2.87

Top 50 Influential Individuals at IFA2014

Below are the Top 50 influencers around #IFA2014. Composed of tech journalists, professionals and tech lovers, follow these people to stay up to date on what’s hot in consumer tech.

Rank Twitter Handle Name PageRank (Normalised)
1 @Caleb_Denison Caleb Denison 100
2 @geardiary Judie Stanford 82.26
3 @spenley Spencer Kelly 70.04
4 @AndreaSmith Andrea Smith 54.22
5 @christianevejlo Christiane Vejlø 47.69
6 @pestoverde Maurizio Pesce 46.01
7 @martinapennisi Martina Pennisi 42.35
8 @joshsalutes Joshua Vergara 33.51
9 @SteveMay_UK Steve May 31.76
10 @PatriceBerlin Patrice Bouedibela 26.67
11 @wiemeyer Federico Wiemeyer 22.22
12 @philipdisalvo Philip Di Salvo 21.86
13 @ManeeshJuneja Maneesh Juneja 21.13
14 @nixtweet Nik Seth 20.34
15 @AshrafGhori Ashraf Ghori 20.26
16 @Captain2Phones Michael Fisher 20.05
17 @nandu79 Nandagopal Rajan 19.48
18 @roccorossitto Rocco Rossitto 18.95
19 @MissSMeis Sylvie Meis 18.62
20 @girlabouttech Amy Cutmore 18.41
21 @pbrody Paul Brody 17.65
22 @LiatBenZur liat benzur 16.61
23 @Nicole_Scooter Nicole Scott 15.95
24 @martyn_williams Martyn Williams 14.18
25 @timanderson Tim Anderson 13.43
26 @desireathow Désiré Athow 13.32
27 @jendudley Jen Dudley-Nicholson 13.24
28 @Mr_Gittes Henry Farrar-Hockley 13.04
29 @JoeSpeeds Joe Speed 12.71
30 @TheRealJoeCox Joe Cox 12.71
31 @gavinohara Gavin O’Hara 12.33
32 @robchandhok Rob Chandhok 12.18
33 @Vincent_Teoh Vincent Teoh 12.12
34 @tekong Ikhwan Nazri 11.97
35 @SamJam Tom Samiljan 11.65
36 @pompeymeado George Mead 11.21
37 @JJMcCann John ‘BM’ McCann 11.01
38 @calvertnc Nic Calvert 10.88
39 @MandyAdden Andy Madden 10.88
40 @georgie_hill Georgie 10.87
41 @kenekaplan Ken E Kaplan 10.75
42 @mrbrown mrbrown 10.16
43 @pdouglas Paul Douglas 9.7
44 @ajaraujo AJAraujo 9.61
45 @inamghafoor Inam Ghafoor 9.54
46 @smacula smacula 9.03
47 @YvesDas Yves Das 8.96
48 @PDTalkinTech Purav 8.94
49 @Faryaab Faryaab Sheikh 8.71
50 @IMKevinWebb Kevin Webb 8.64

If you are interested in seeing more of this analysis please download the free report on IFA2014 including the TOP 100 influencers and brands + a full analysis on tablets, smartphones and wearables!

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IFA 2014:


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