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Interview with Jeff Davis

by | Feb 14, 2020 | Interviews,

Jeff Davis

Jeff Davis

Founder & CEO at JD2 Consulting Group

Key Topics:Sales and Marketing Alignment, Customer Experience, Account Based Marketing, B2B Sales, B2B Marketing
Location:Chicago, USA

Jeff Davis, an international keynote speaker, business consultant, and author of the award-winning book “Create Togetherness” specializes in helping B2B revenue leaders transform the way they work together in order to be more effective in engaging the modern buyer. He and his team of consulting experts specifically help mid-sized B2B companies build high-performing Revenue Engines that strategically align Sales and Marketing in order to deliver a fluid buying experience and generate faster revenue growth for the organization.  Jeff pulls from his 15+ years of experience in sales, marketing, and business development at Fortune 100 organizations to early-stage startups. He has worked with companies such as Salesforce, LinkedIn, Seismic, and Oracle. Jeff speaks regularly about alignment transformation at conferences, company meetings, association events, and more.

How did you get to become an expert in your key topics?

I started my career in sales and after earning my MBA in Marketing transitioned into a brand marketing role. I saw there was a disconnect between Sales and Marketing that my peers didn’t quite understand because they didn’t have experience working in sales. After transitioning from a corporate role to an early-stage tech start-up leadership position, I saw the same misalignment in that community and realized it was a problem that companies of all sizes were struggling with. Thus, I started conducting research and talking to leaders in sales, marketing, and operations to understand how we could transform this relationship and improve revenue results. Being that I have worked in sales, marketing, and business development in very large and very small companies across several different industries, I have a unique perspective that helps me see things in a different way from most B2B revenue leaders.

What topic areas are you most passionate about?

How to strategically align sales and marketing teams, modern B2B sales and marketing strategies, cross-functional collaboration, sales enablement customer journey mapping, efficient revenue growth

Which influencers influence you within those key topics?

Tracy Elier, Roderick JeffersonTiffani BovaTamara SchenkMax AltschulerAnn HandleyJay BaerSteven Van Belleghem

Outside of your key topics who else influences you?

Gary Vaynerchuk, Simon Sinek, Oprah, Shep Hyken, Joe Rogan, Evan Carmichael, Lisa Nichols, Seth Godin, Nancy Duarte

How would you describe your offline influence?

Speaking at major conferences (Salesforce, Oracle, etc.). Consulting with clients. Hosting intimate executive leadership events and workshops (

If a brand wanted to work with you, what offline / online activities would you be most interested in?

Speaking opportunities, video interviews, co-branded events for leaders,  co-branded content (i.e. whitepapers, case studies, etc.)

What’s your best source of information for getting ahead of a story?

Forrester/Sirius Decisions, LinkedIn, HubSpot, Sales Hacker, Salesforce Research, Gartner, CSO Insights

What brands have you worked with?

LinkedIn,, Oracle, B2BMarketing,net,, Conga,, Data Marketing Paris, Cien,, Mediafly, TOPO, Demandbase, G2, Vidyard, InsideView, AA-ISP, SaaStr

Which non-paid activities would you be keen to take part in if the opportunity raised your profile or delivered value to your audience?

I would be willing to provide a quote for a piece of content or news article, speak at or attend an event, participate in a podcast or webinar and create video content.

What are your passions outside of work?

Classical music, salsa dancing, musical theatre, coaching/mentoring start-ups and small businesses.

Are there any organisations you are affiliated to or part of a long-term program with?

National Speakers Association (NSA), Sales Enablement Society, SCORE Chicago, Polsky Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

What would be the best way for a brand to contact you?

You can email me on, or call me on +1 708.628.7913, or get in touch through my Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.