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IOT 2017: Top 100 Influencers, Brands and Publications

by | Jun 8, 2017 | Influencer Lists,

With the latest Amazon Echo advertising campaign dominating our  TV screens it is hard to ignore the rise of smart appliances. These appliances fall under the category the Internet of Things (IoT). The Internet of things generally means anything that is connected to the internet, but as stated in Wired it is ‘increasingly being used to define objects that talk to each other’. These objects can be anything from household appliances such as kettles to publicly owned bins.

IoT is a huge industry, with 150 million smart appliances currently available for consumption. It is also a growing industry with a lot of potential and a bright future. However for the industry to reach its potential, security systems, network systems and management systems will need to be updated. This is especially necessary considering the high level of damage a hack could invoke upon an individual or community. As Network World point out an industry like the Internet of Things will always need to evolve to keep up with consumer needs. This may mean increasing machine to machine communication in all sphere’s of manufacturing, including highly intelligent cars.


We were very interested in seeing which individuals, brands and publications were leading the social media debate around IOT, so we analysed over 10.8 million tweets mentioning the key words: IOT or “internet of things” OR internetofthings from Jan 1st – June 7th 2017. We then identified the Top 100 most influential individuals, brands and publications leading the discussion.

Below you can see a network map created with our Influencer Relationship Management software (IRM) showing the number one brand IBM at the centre, and all the IoT conversations to and from the influencers in their field. Be sure to click on the map to see it in more detail:

Onalytica - IoT 2017 Top 100 Influencers, Brands and Publications

Below, is another network map showing recent interactions with the number one influencer Evan Kirstel. This map was created with our Influencer Relationship Management software (IRM). If you are interested in learning more about identifying, managing and engaging with influencers click here to get in touch!Onalytica - IoT 2017 Top 100 Influencers, Brands and Publications Evan Kirstel Network Map


Below, you can find a pie chart showing the relative number of brand mentions by the key IoT influencers. This tells us which out of the top brands has the biggest share of voice among the top influencers discussing IOT counting posts from 1st January – 7th June 2017.

Onalytica - IoT 2017 Top 100 Influencers, Brands and Publications Brand Share of Voice

The most popular brand in our analysis was Amazon with a 41% share of mentions among the top IoT influencers, this is not surprising considering the large strides Amazon have been making in the IoT market. Alexa stole the show at CES17 this year. Apple were 2nd with a 22% share of voice, with the Apple Watch, Earpods and HomeKit gaining a lot of attention. Google follows with 12% share of voice, with their Nest Labs acquisition receiving the most lot of mentions. IBM were 4th in the top IoT brands with a 7% share of voice. Their products IBM Watson and Bluemix stirred a lot of debate. Microsoft also received a 7% share of voice with their Azure IoT Suite driving the most attention. Samsung came 6th with a 4% share of voice followed by Intel, Cisco, Huawei and LG.


IOT is an massive topic on its own, but we were interested in seeing which other topic were mentioned the most around it. We analysed tweets and blogs from the top 100 influencers, brands an publications between 1st January – 7th June 2017. We then measured the frequencies of all the words used by the influencers in our programme related to IOT. These words were then weighted by frequency and made into the word cloud shown below:

Onalytica - IoT 2017 Top 100 Influencers, Brands and Publications Word Cloud

It is interesting to see that Artificial Intelligence, IIOT, M2M, Machine Learning and Big Data all accompany IOT as the top connected topics. Also worth noticing, is the presence of Fintech as a top IOT-related topics, illustrating the impact IoT will have on the financial services market.


We looked at all the individuals engaging on Twitter to bring you a list of the top influencers around IoT. Below is the top 50, if you want to see who ranks from 50-100 be sure to download the full report by clicking the download button below.

Rank Twitter Handle Name Company Influencer Score
1 @evankirstel Evan Kirstel TEN DIGIT Communications LLC 100
2 @docjamesw James Whittaker Microsoft 76.17
3 @dhinchcliffe Dion Hinchcliffe 7Summits 39.98
4 @mikko Mikko Hypponen F-Secure Corporation 38.5
5 @TamaraMcCleary Tamara McCleary 37.46
6 @harrietgreen1 Harriet Green IBM 37.33
7 @MikeQuindazzi Mike Quindazzi PwC 37.01
8 @IoTRecruiting Bill McCabe IoT Recruiting 35.09
9 @Ronald_vanLoon Ronald van Loon Adversitement 33.29
10 @iotwatch Alexandra D-S Good Night Lamp 30.53
11 @mjasay Matt Asay Adobe 27.68
12 @rossrubin Ross Rubin Backerjack 27.05
13 @paulmadsen Paul Madsen 26.92
14 @jaybaer Jay Baer Convince & Convert 26.38
15 @JimHarris Jim Harris Blindsided 26.22
16 @ValaAfshar Vala Afshar Salesforce 24.66
17 @MichaelDell Michael Dell Dell Technologies 23.9
18 @jasonhiner Jason Hiner TechRepublic 23.42
19 @DavidLinthicum DavidLinthicum Cloud Technology Partners 23.22
20 @Shirastweet Shira Rubinoff SecureMySocial 23.02
21 @rajtalluri Raj Talluri Qualcomm 22.55
22 @KirkDBorne Kirk Borne Booz Allen Hamilton 22.03
23 @johnmaeda John Maeda Automattic 20.39
24 @Mike_Mimoso Mike_Mimoso Threatpost 19.28
25 @SpirosMargaris Spiros Margaris Margaris Advisory 19.27
26 @simonlporter Simon Porter IBM 19.01
27 @GilPress Gil Press gPress 18.98
28 @dez_blanchfield Dez Blanchfield Australian Federal Government 18.67
29 @gigastacey Stacey Higginbotham SKT Labs LLC 18.4
30 @JimMarous Jim Marous Digital Banking Report 18.13
31 @DBaker007 Duane Baker Self-Employed 17.45
32 @CMacIoT Carrie MacGillivray IDC 17.41
33 @shanselman Scott Hanselman Microsoft 17.41
34 @GlenGilmore Glen Gilmore Gilmore Business Network 17.05
35 @robvank Rob van Kranenburg IERC 16.28
36 @vernonxt vernon turner IDC 16.18
37 @1DavidClarke David Clarke GDPR 16.15
38 @sjvn S. Vaughan-Nichols CBS Interactive 15.85
39 @sandy_carter sandy carter Amazon Web Services 15.73
40 @Kevin_Ashton Kevin Ashton Random House 15.4
41 @tanelitikka Taneli Tikka Tieto 15.34
42 @AmyxIoT Scott Amyx Amyx+ 15.02
43 @BernardMarr Bernard Marr Advanced Performance Institute 15.01
44 @tprstly Theo Priestley SAP 14.94
45 @theRab Ryan Boyles IBM 14.85
46 @evanderburg Eric Vanderburg JURINNOV, LLC 14.78
47 @deonnewm Deon Newman IBM 14.72
48 @2morrowknight Sean Gardner World Communication Forum 14.31
49 @clurr Claire Rowland Claire Rowland Associates 14.19
50 @rwang0 R Ray Wang (王瑞光) Constellation Research 14.17
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We also looked at all the brands engaging on Twitter to bring you a list of the top brands talking about IoT. Below is the top 50, if you want to see who ranks from 50-100 be sure to download the report to get the full top 100 list, and see who are most the influential brands in IoT.

Rank Twitter Handle Name Influencer Score
1 @IBM IBM 100
2 @IBM Watson IoT IBM Watson IoT 68.92
3 @Intel Intel 67.65
4 @IBM Watson IBM Watson 41.5
5 @CB Insights CB Insights 34.63
6 @Navigant Research Navigant Research 33.06
7 @Nokia Nokia 32.96
8 @HPE HPE 30.93
9 @IEEE IoT IEEE IoT 30.73
10 @Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure 29.77
11 @Cisco Cisco 28.99
12 @CloudEXPO ® CloudEXPO ® 26.75
13 @IBM Bluemix® IBM Bluemix® 25.8
14 @Dell EMC Dell EMC 25.6
15 @Gartner Gartner 24.24
16 @Qualcomm Qualcomm 23.58
17 @Seeed Seeed 23.06
18 @The IoT The IoT 23.03
19 @Microsoft IoT Microsoft IoT 22.97
20 @Accenture Digital Accenture Digital 22.73
21 @ThingsVentures ThingsVentures 22.26
22 @Software Innovations Software Innovations 21
23 @Dell Dell 20.21
24 @Wearables & IOT Wearables & IOT 20.02
25 @SAP SAP 19.85
26 @Tata Communications Tata Communications 19.52
27 @IBM developerWorks IBM developerWorks 19.34
28 @World Economic Forum World Economic Forum 19
29 @AT&T Business AT&T Business 18.99
30 @InfoWorld InfoWorld 18.98
31 @Intel IoT Intel IoT 18.94
32 @Dell EMC OEM & IoT Dell EMC OEM & IoT 18.24
33 @IBM Cloud IBM Cloud 17.83
34 @IOTS World Congress IOTS World Congress 17.74
35 @McAfee McAfee 17.66
36 @Cloud Expo Europe Cloud Expo Europe 17.32
37 @SAP Leonardo SAP Leonardo 17.3
38 @Reliance Mobile Reliance Mobile 17.2
39 @Internet of Things Internet of Things 16.93
40 @Accenture Accenture 16.89
41 @Indiegogo Indiegogo 16.88
42 @Cisco IoT Cisco IoT 16.77
43 @IBM InterConnect IBM InterConnect 16.69
44 @@ThingsEXPO @ThingsEXPO 16.64
45 @Sigfox Sigfox 15.49
46 @Schneider Electric Schneider Electric 15.09
47 @Intel IT Center Intel IT Center 14.78
48 @Huawei Technologies Huawei Technologies 14.78
49 @BlackBerry BlackBerry 14.69
50 @a16z a16z 14.52
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As part of our new analysis, we scanned all the publications engaging on Twitter to bring you a list of the top publications talking about IoT. Below is the top 50, if you want to see who ranks from 50-100 be sure to download the report to get the full top 100 list.

Rank Twitter Handle Name Influencer Score
1 @Forbes Forbes 100
2 @ZDNet ZDNet 80.4
3 @TechRepublic TechRepublic 73.43
4 @WIRED WIRED 46.08
5 @RWW ReadWrite 45.77
6 @IndustryWeek IndustryWeek 41.5
7 @FastCompany Fast Company 41.43
8 @IDC IDC 40.48
9 @NetworkWorld Network World 34.43
10 @forrester Forrester 34.33
11 @ipfconline1 ipfconline 33.31
12 @InfosecurityMag Infosecurity 30.86
13 @Raspberry_Pi Raspberry Pi 30.34
14 @CGTMagazine CGT 30.11
15 @smartcityfeed Smart City Feed 🤖 25.25
16 @iotworldnews IoT World News 24.33
17 @WIREDInsider WIRED Insider 23.46
18 @cbronline 23
19 @iotagenda IoT Agenda 22.78
20 @IoTNow_ IoT Now 21.5
21 @siliconrepublic SiliconRepublic 21.49
22 @threatpost Threatpost 20.87
23 @HIMSS HIMSS 20.86
24 @BourseetTrading Fintech Trading Tech 19.92
25 @euronews euronews 19.9
26 @techreview MIT Tech Review 18.58
27 @TheDrum The Drum 17.86
28 @TechNative TechNative 16.84
29 @sectest9 Security Testing 16.78
30 @govtechnews 16.65
31 @DigitalTrends Digital Trends 16.4
32 @rcrwirelessnews RCR Wireless News 16.38
33 @trend_slam TrendSlam 16.32
34 @verge The Verge 16.12
35 @TechThings_IOT Tech Things IOT 15.79
36 @ProductHunt Product Hunt 15.71
37 @engadget Engadget 15.67
38 @CNET CNET 15.43
39 @DZone DZone 15.31
40 @Hacksterio 15.2
41 @DU_Press Deloitte Univ Press 14.89
42 @cebit CeBIT 13.96
43 @CBCNews CBC News 13.95
44 @IoTchannel IoT Community 13.91
45 @InternetofBiz Internet of Business 13.56
46 @Computerworld Computerworld 13.44
47 @OReillyMedia O’Reilly Media 13.33
48 @ComputerWeekly ComputerWeekly 13.05
49 @TheManufacturer The Manufacturer 13.04
50 @PubNub PubNub 12.86
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At Onalytica we love building these lists and want to give back to our loyal readers as much as we can. If you’re interested in other topics (such as Big DataVirtual RealityDigital Marketing) be sure to have a gander on our blog or why not propose some topics to us on twitter? We also build some very cool software to manage all of these influencers. Get a free demo today by clicking the button below!


Disclaimer: As ever with these lists, it must be stressed that the ranking is by no means a definitive measurement of influence, as there is no such thing. The individuals, brands and publications listed are undoubtedly influential when it comes to driving discussion around IoT.

The PageRank based methodology we use to extract influencers on a particular topic takes into account the number and quality of contextual references that a user receives measured as resonance (engagement). These calculations also take into account a user’s relevance (number of tweets on topic) and reach (number of followers). If you want to learn more, please read our article that outlines influencer identification.

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IOT 2017


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