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Onalytica Launches YouTube Search!

by | Feb 15, 2023 | Best Practice,

With 2023 well underway, we’d like to give you all an update on recent changes to the Onalytica platform, as well as a future-gaze into the new functionalities that users can expect in the first half of this year. 

 YouTube Search is here! 

We are delighted to announce that we have rolled out the ability to search in-app based on our YouTube database of over 70k profiles.

Searches match against the title and descriptions of videos based on the topics that users select, just like our Twitter search. Results display with YouTube-specific ranking metrics like average views or average likes per video to help users assess the impact of each creator’s content.

This feature is now available in beta to customers – we’ll be closely monitoring your feedback in this phase and looking for ways to keep improving our YT results. In particular, we’re keen to deepen our understanding of what B2B users are on the lookout for when it comes to YouTube creators, and we’ll be aiming to speak to as many of our customers as possible in the coming months to make sure we can learn the lessons to be had from the B2C influencer sector while tailoring our platform for our core B2B use-case.

YouTube Search

New & Improved Influencer Profiles 

The one big change you’ll have noticed came late last year, was a new layout and functionality for our influencer profile. The data shows this is one of the most important parts of our app for users, so we’ve given it a refresh to make it easier to evaluate influencers quickly, based on the factors that our users told us are most important to them: foregrounding audience data, making data from different channels easier to find and keeping the key info visible to reduce the need to scroll.

So what’s changed?

  • The summary information has moved to the side to reduce the need to endlessly scroll
  • The influencer data is segmented by channel in tabs at the top
  • Key actions that you can take on the influencer profile live in one place – the top right corner.

As before, there’s additional data submitted by opted-in members of our marketplace such as details on the services they offer, clients they’ve worked with and additional biographical details within the profile’s tab structure.

With 1,000+ members signed up, users will be able to find a rich treasure trove of unique data to help them find the perfect B2B influencer to partner with.

New Profile Interface

YouTube data in influencers’ profiles  

The new profile interface allows us showcase one of the other big changes that’s come to the app – new channel data. We’ve rolled out YouTube data on the profile, with historic engagement data as well as the ability to see recent posts to help you explore an influencer’s content performance and suitability for collaboration.

YouTube has long been one of the most active platforms in fostering a vibrant creator economy, so we felt it was important to enable B2B marketers to tap into this ecosystem and get their message out in video as well as the more text-based formats of Twitter and LinkedIn.

YouTube Profile Data

Upcoming Release: Monthly Profile Performance 

Later this year, we’ll be releasing a new reporting format to help users auto-generate comprehensive insights reports on the influencers they’re most interested in. The first of these will be a monthly profile performance summary to help you compare influencers or your internal spokespeople based on their social media performance. Identifying, supporting & monitoring internal voices within your organisation can be tricky.

In the course of helping dozens of customers scale their advocacy programs, we’ve noticed that many of the measurement solutions were improvised by marketers doing their best without the right tools for the job. Our profile scorecard report aims to meet this need, summarising the monthly activity of your internal advocates on social in one place. 

Monthly Profile Performance Summary

As always, if you’re an Onalytica customer and you have feedback or questions about what we have coming up, speak to your Customer Success Manager to set up a time to chat – feedback from our users is always welcome. I’ll be back later in the year with a progress update on some of the features above and a preview of our plans for H2. 

Want to see these new features live in action?