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Social Selling 2015: Top 100 Influencers & Brands

by | Jan 28, 2015 | Influencer Lists,

Why should we care about social selling? Isn’t it just another one of those buzzwords used to describe something we already know about? Isn’t it just sales under a different name? If that’s true then why are we seeing organisations increasingly using new digital channels as part of their sales strategy? Maybe it’s because engaging with our audiences in new ways is just more exciting than traditional sales channels as it provides a way of interacting with our potential buyers. It’s also because it’s a lot cheaper, digital channels allow us to reach a wider audience, with the same resources. We’re having a look at who is the most influential in this up and coming topic, and figuring out what brands are driving most engagement on social media.

Customer relationship management software is big business and CRM brands are starting to integrate social selling into their packages.  In the analysis we can find brands like Pipeliner and Nimble in the true CRM space and more complete solutions like Hubspot and Salesforce also join the party. Next to the big boys we can also find solutions like Socedo and PeopleLinx, which are tools that feature high social media integration and are really focused on social selling/ prospecting. Furthermore, combined with the classic CRM and social selling players we also find a good number of blogs and publications on the subject, ranging from the classic business2community to more specialised twitter handles like Social Selling News.

Social selling is definitely here to stay as you can see below on the Google Search Trends graph. We have seen a very engaged community around the topic and this is only set to increase in the coming year, old sales techniques are dying and its great to see the use of “new” channels in sales.

Social Selling

Mapping the Debate

Below you can see a network map of the debate and we were surprised to see such an engaged community of individuals. We captured data from around 33,000 users and the top 100 individuals (in red) were all extremely interactive with each other. Be sure to click on the map to enjoy the full size network map. A high quality version is also included in the full report, that you can download by clicking the green button below!

Top 100 Individuals

We looked at all the individuals engaging in the social selling discussion to give you the Top 50 influencers in the social selling landscape. Be sure to hit one of the green buttons to download the full top 100 brands and individuals for free, including detailed network map to better understand the debate.


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Rank Twitter Handle Name PageRank (Normalised)
1 @jill_rowley Jill Rowley 100
2 @Timothy_Hughes Tim Hughes 89.49
3 @kokasexton Koka Sexton 73.47
4 @DigitalKeith Keith Gill 59.49
5 @GerryMoran Gerry Moran 46.7
6 @SocialSalesLink Brynne Tillman 46.41
7 @JackKosakowski1 Jack Kosakowski 40.41
8 @kimgarst Kim Garst ツ 39.32
9 @kathikruse Kathi Kruse 34.71
10 @Jon_Ferrara Jon Ferrara 33.67
11 @iSocialFanz Brian Fanzo 31.47
12 @jamietshanks Jamie Shanks, MBA 31.4
13 @bryankramer Bryan Kramer 27.33
14 @MelonieDodaro Melonie Dodaro 26.78
15 @kurtshaver Kurt Shaver 25.77
16 @kevinttully Kevin Thomas Tully 23.95
17 @barbaragiamanco Barb Giamanco 23.57
18 @kenkrogue Ken Krogue 23.01
19 @rachelloumiller Rachel Miller 21.91
20 @SusanGilbert Susan Gilbert 20.4
21 @JulioVisko Julio Viskovich 20.3
22 @markwschaefer Mark Schaefer 18.05
23 @AmarSheth Amar Sheth 18.02
24 @Mike_Kunkle Mike Kunkle 15.6
25 @alexhisaka Alex Hisaka 14.84
26 @gabevillamizar Gabe Villamizar 14.74
27 @emmajs24 Emma Snider 14.53
28 @EricLMitchell Eric Mitchell 14.06
29 @JeffZelaya Jeff Zelaya 13.69
30 @socialtosales Celina Guerrero 13.58
31 @mikedfresh Mike Derezin 13.52
32 @JeffSheehan Jeff Sheehan 12.44
33 @MarshaCollier Marsha Collier 11.87
34 @LinkedInExpert Viveka von Rosen 11.64
35 @danielnewmanUV Daniel Newman 11.6
36 @ajenkins Andrew Jenkins 10.31
37 @scoremoresales Lori Richardson 10.03
38 @ValaAfshar Vala Afshar 10.01
39 @TamaraMcCleary Tamara McCleary 9.83
40 @sean_h_burke Sean Burke 9.8
41 @TheGrok Bryan Eisenberg 9.18
42 @lizkempinski Liz Kempinski 8.98
43 @fondalo Robert Caruso 8.95
44 @babettetenhaken Babette Ten Haken 8.94
45 @GaengerS Sheridan Gaenger 8.65
46 @tomskotidas Tom Skotidas 8.48
47 @danjswift Dan Swift 8.38
48 @aseemb Aseem Badshah 8.25
49 @jillkonrath Jill Konrath 8.24
50 @alyson2 Alyson Button Stone 7.78


Top 100 Brands

LinkedIn for sales tops our list and we are not surprised, in our opinion LinkedIn remains one of the best platforms designed for social selling. Hubspot and Salesforce are also engaged in the community and are joined by smaller CRM players like Nimble and Pipeliner. We also find a number of blogs, like socialmediatoday and MarketingLand to name a few. Be sure to download the full analysis for free to get an idea of who are most influential brands in the social selling debate.

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Rank Twitter Handle Name PageRank (Normalised)
1 @linkedinselling LinkedIn for Sales 100
2 @HubSpot HubSpot 93.35
3 @MySales4Life Sales for Life 33.61
4 @Nimble Nimble 32.97
5 @PipelinerCRM Pipeliner CRM 31.74
6 @salesforce Salesforce 27.4
7 @B2Community Business 2 Community 25.6
8 @ActOnSoftware Act-On Software, Inc 25.59
9 @bhivec2 BHIVE Labs Central 22.48
10 @PeopleLinx PeopleLinx 22.47
11 @SocedoApp Socedo 22.14
12 @KiteDesk KiteDesk 17.23
13 @socialmedia2day Social Media Today 16.7
14 @hootsuite Hootsuite 16.66
15 @InsideSales 16.08
16 @socialselling Social Selling News 15.68
17 @rFactr rFactr 15.38
18 @ClearSlide ClearSlide 14.75
19 @LinkedInMktg LinkedIn Marketing 13.49
20 @janlgordon Curatti 12.36
21 @addvocate Addvocate 10.4
22 @TopSalesWorld Top Sales World 9.77
23 @Velocify Velocify 8.08
24 @OracleCX Oracle CX 8.02
25 @SalesJobSearch SalesForce Search 7.7
26 @insideview InsideView 7.68
27 @Marketingland Marketing Land 7.43
28 @hirevue HireVue 7.15
29 @OpenView_Labs OpenView Labs 6.57
30 @MakingTheNumber SalesBenchmarkIndex 6.36
31 @triblio Triblio 6.27
32 @b2bsales B2B Sales Tips 6.03
33 @AA_ISP AA-ISP 5.86
34 @HireOnLinkedIn HireOnLinkedIn 5.86
35 @ArtesianS ArtesianS 5.75
36 @sapcrm SAP CRM 5.56
37 @MSocialBusiness Max. Social Business 5.12
38 @salestools Inside Sales Tips 5.12
39 @PGi PGi 5.1
40 @AGSalesworks AG Salesworks 4.99
41 @scoopit 4.94
42 @vidyard Vidyard 4.84
43 @GELendLease GE Capital, Americas 4.53
44 @purematter PureMatter 4.47
45 @MarketingEds Marketing Magazine 3.84
46 @KurlanAssoc Kurlan & Associates 3.79
47 @sales_hub SalesHub 3.6
48 @IASocialMedia Integrated Alliances 3.54
49 @trapit Trapit 3.43
50 @SteamFeedcom SteamFeed 3.26


At Onalytica we love building these lists and want to give back to our loyal readers as much as we can. If you’re interested in other topics (such as Content Marketing , Wearables, Machine to Machine …) be sure to have a gander on our blog or why not propose some topics to us on twitter? We also build some very cool software to manage all of these influencers. Get a free demo and learn more right here!





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