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Top 200 Most Influential Economics Blogs

by | Nov 26, 2012 | Influencer Lists,

Some time ago we listed the TOP 100 economics blogs, ordered according to their Onalytica Influence Index.

Similarly to how academic journals compute their Impact Factor, we determined the most influential economics blogs based on the number of citations that they receive.

A great deal has changed since half a year ago, when we published the 100 most influential blogs. Some of the blogs on the list no longer have regular posts. Others have grown and become better. Some blogs have only come under our radar in the recent months.

The Top 200 influential economics blogs ordered according to Onalytica Influence Index is listed below.

As in the previous blog post related to influential economics blogs, the table contains the following metrics: Onalytica Influence Index (I), Popularity (P) and Over-Influence (O-I). We refer to the above mentioned post for an explanation of each metric.

If we compare this ranking with the previous Top 100 influential blogs, we notice a few interesting aspects.

To begin with, there isn’t much movement in the higher ranking blogs. Just as last time, The Conscience of a Liberal (Paul Krugman’s Blog), Economist’s View and Marginal Revolution are the top 3 influential economics blogs.

Many blogs have a lower rank. This is caused by two factors: first, there are new entries, influential blogs that we have only recently started monitoring.

The second cause of a lower rank for some blogs is the quantity and quality of citations they receive. There are a few blogs such as Institutional Economics that decreased both their levels of Influence and Popularity; this essentially means that the blog received fewer citations.

Many of the blogs with a lower rank than in the previous Top 100 list have a comparable level of popularity but a much lower level of Influence. For example Andrew Gelman’s blog has a similar level of Popularity but only half of the Influence it had before. This is the effect of the quality of the citations it receives: lately it has been cited by less influential blogs.

A small number of blogs have a higher rank than before. Sometimes, such as in the case of The Becker-Posner Blog, the number and quality of citations account for an increased rank. However, most of the blogs that are ranked higher than before have received citations from more influential blogs. This is the case with Angry Bear, a blog that has the same level of Popularity but has more than doubled its Influence in the last months.

In our analysis, the data covers the period May 2011- November 2012.

Have we missed anything? Have you noticed some interesting movements that we haven’t pointed out? Let us know!

1. The Conscience of a Liberal (Paul Krugman’s Blog)100100.01.2
2. Economist’s View69.982.11.0
3. Marginal Revolution54.179.90.8
4. Brad Delong53.875.40.9
5. Greg Mankiw’s Blog51.258.21.1
6. Econbrowser50.454.51.1
7. Naked Capitalism46.950.71.1
8. Think Progress45.847.81.2
9. The Money Illusion45.551.51.1
10. Library of Economics and Liberty43.058.20.9
11. The Big Picture39.943.31.1
12. Worthwhile Canadian Initiative38.444.81.0
13. Calculated Risk37.043.31.0
14. Freakonomics35.740.31.1
15. Crooked Timber31.041.00.9
16. Why Nations Fail29.831.31.1
17. Zero Hedge27.944.80.8
18. Interfluidity27.635.10.9
19. Cafe Hayek26.032.81.0
20. Economic Policy Institute25.329.11.0
21. Angry Bear22.523.91.1
22. Modeled Behavior21.632.80.8
23. The Incidental Economist21.520.91.2
24. The Baseline Scenario20.335.80.7
25. Overcoming Bias20.026.90.9
26. Credit Writedowns19.222.41.0
27. Economic Principals18.817.91.2
28. The Irish Economy16.811.91.6
29. The Becker-Posner Blog16.625.40.8
30. A Fistful of Euros16.418.71.0
31. Infectious Greed16.117.91.1
32. Rortybomb16.126.90.7
33. Keith Hennessey15.810.41.7
34. The Policy Center15.811.21.6
35. Dani Rodrik’s weblog15.621.60.9
36. Stumbling and Mumbling15.621.60.9
37. John Kay15.415.71.1
38. Mainly Macro15.112.71.4
39. Uneasy Money13.318.70.8
40. Next New Deal13.114.21.1
41. Chris Blattman12.914.21.1
42. Patrick Chovanec12.88.21.7
43. A Dash of Insight12.89.01.6
44. China Financial Markets12.39.01.5
45. Organizations and Markets12.015.70.9
46. The Oil Drum11.615.70.9
47. The undercover Economist11.615.70.9
48. Firedoglake11.59.71.3
49. The Reality-Based Community11.413.41.0
50. Environmental Economics11.315.70.8
51. Andrew Gelman11.320.90.6
52. John Quiggin11.311.91.1
53. IMF Direct11.118.70.7
54. Conf. of a Supply-Side Liberal11.015.70.8
55. New Economic Perspectives11.012.71.0
56. Adam Smith Institute10.814.90.8
57. Liberty Street Economics10.623.10.5
58. The Volokh Conspiracy10.610.41.1
59. Donald Marron10.210.41.1
60. Multiplier Effect8.35.21.6
61. Division of Labor8.311.90.8
62. Taking Hayek Seriously8.29.01.0
63. TaxProf Blog7.811.90.7
64. Daniel W. Drezner7.79.01.0
65. The Reformed Broker7.610.40.8
66. Tim Worstall7.68.21.0
67. TripleCrisis7.67.51.1
68. Economists Do it With Models7.59.70.9
69. Coyote Blog7.410.40.8
70. Brett Keller7.43.02.3
71. EconomistMom7.36.01.3
72. Noahpinion7.07.51.0
73. Growthology7.09.00.9
74. Stan Collender6.86.71.1
75. ThinkMarkets6.712.70.6
76. The Economic Populist6.79.00.8
77. Kantoos Economics6.513.40.6
78. Historinhas6.59.70.7
79. Club For Growth6.38.20.8
80. Knowledge Problem6.311.90.6
81. Orgtheory.net6.18.20.8
82. Winterspeak.com5.95.21.2
83. Dynamist.com5.99.00.7
84. Qfinance5.26.70.8
85. Roubini5.26.70.8
86. U.S. Food Policy5.23.01.6
87. Knowing and Making5.16.00.9
88. CoRE Economics5.19.00.6
89. Alpha.Sources.CV5.16.70.8
90. voluntaryXchange5.18.20.7
91. Matt Rognlie5.08.20.7
92. The Capital Spectator4.87.50.7
93. The Everyday Economist4.76.00.8
94. Economics Intelligence4.711.20.5
95. Peter Gordon’s Blog4.73.71.2
96. Institutional Economics4.63.71.2
97. The Conglomerate4.68.20.6
98. Half Sigma4.53.71.2
99. A Fine Theorem4.46.70.7
100. Economic Logic4.42.21.6
101. Karl Whelan4.33.71.1
102. MoneyScience4.14.50.9
103. Open Economics4.14.50.9
104. Aguanomics4.06.00.7
105. Questions and Observations4.04.50.9
106. Reszatonline3.93.71.0
107. Increasing Marginal Utility3.93.71.0
108. Thomas Palley3.93.01.2
109. REneweconomy3.82.21.4
110. Harvard International Review3.83.01.2
111. Fight Entropy3.81.51.8
112. EclectEcon Economics Studies3.82.21.4
113. Healthcare Economist3.83.01.2
114. Aid Thoughts3.73.01.1
115. Capital Chronicle3.72.21.4
116. Chicago Boyz3.73.01.1
117. Truth on the Market3.77.50.5
118. TVHE3.65.20.7
119. Ben Muse3.53.01.1
120. Aplia Econ Blog3.53.01.1
121. The Unbroken Window3.53.01.1
122. WTF Finance3.52.21.3
123. Businomics Blog3.42.21.3
124. Long or Short Capital3.31.51.6
125. Ralphonomics3.31.51.6
126. The Street Light3.20.70.0
127. With Certain Unalienable Rights3.20.70.0
128. Macro Business3.21.51.6
129. Ludwig von Mises Institute3.24.50.7
130. Forest Policy – Forest Practice3.13.01.0
131. Economics One3.11.51.5
132. Neighborhood Effects3.15.20.6
133. Flip Chart Fairy Tales3.13.01.0
134. Mecpoc3.11.51.5
135. Karen Grepin’s Global Health Blog3.11.51.5
136. EclectEcon Economics Studies3.12.21.2
137. Mostly Economics3.13.00.9
138. J William Ambrosini Jr3.11.51.5
139. The Leisure of the Theory Class3.05.20.6
140. Empirical Legal Studies3.02.21.1
141. The Lump of Labor2.92.21.1
142. Stephen Williamson: New Monetarist Economics2.92.21.1
143. Tabloid Edition – Tim Worstall2.92.21.1
144. Environmental and Urban Economics2.81.51.4
145. Econospeak2.80.70.0
146. Iacono Research2.81.51.4
147. Bronte Capital2.81.51.3
148. NYU Development Research Institute2.87.50.4
149. The Slack Wire2.71.51.3
150. Marc Gunther2.72.21.0
151. Cautious Bull2.70.70.0
152. Our Word is Our Weapon2.71.51.3
153. EconWeekly2.72.21.0
154. All Roads Lead to China2.60.70.0
155. The Angry Economist2.63.00.8
156. Market Design2.60.70.0
157. Economics and Psychology Research2.60.70.0
158. Atanu Dey on India’s Development2.51.51.2
159. The Prudent Investor2.50.70.0
160. Carpe Diem2.50.70.0
161. Don’t worry, I’m an Economist!
162. Undergraduate Economist2.50.70.0
163. Turing’s Invisible Hand2.51.51.2
164. The Past Speaks2.51.51.2
165. Miraj Patel2.50.70.0
166. Supply and Demand (In That Order)
167. Johan Fourie’s Blog2.51.51.2
168. Pannell Discussions2.50.70.0
169. NEP-DGE Blog2.52.20.9
170. Macro Man2.50.70.0
171. Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago2.50.70.0
172. Duncan’s Economic Blog2.43.70.6
173. History Squared2.45.20.5
174. Big Picture Agriculture2.40.70.0
175. The RepEC Blog2.45.20.5
176. Environmental Valuation & Cost-Benefit News2.40.70.0
177. New Economist2.35.20.5
178. The Power and the Money2.30.70.0
179. Welker’s Wikinomics2.30.70.0
180. Development Therapy2.30.70.0
181. Ideas2.20.70.0
182. Labour and Capital2.20.70.0
183. Anti-Dismal2.20.70.0
184. Rajiv Sethi2.20.70.0
185. Richard H. Serlin2.20.70.0
186. Conversable Economist2.22.20.8
187. Tough Cowards Flinch2.21.51.1
188. John Myles White2.20.70.0
189. DFID Bloggers2.20.70.0
190. Everything Finance2.20.70.0
191. AtlanticBlog.com2.12.20.8
192. The Discomfort Zone2.10.70.0
193. Simoleon Sense2.13.00.7
194. Falkenblog2.11.51.0
195. Public Financial Management Blog2.11.51.0
196. Freakonometrics2.10.70.0
197. Econometrics Beat: Dave Giles’ Blog2.10.70.0
198. Decision Science News2.00.70.0
199. econblog1012.01.51.0
200. Ecological Headstand2.00.70.0