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Top ERP Thought Leaders

by | Feb 20, 2014 | Influencer Lists,

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are used by large organizations to integrate business processes across various departments, and optimize their workflow. However, recent research from Gartner asserts that traditional (or “legacy”) ERP solutions are under threat from cheaper, more flexible systems as cloud-based solutions continue to mature. Industry giants SAP and Oracle have responded to this increasing competition from smaller vendors by changing their mix of on-premises and cloud offerings.

As the ERP landscape continues to evolve amid this disruption, so too does the conversation around the subject. We looked at the Twitter conversations around related hashtags such as #erp and #erpsoftware, using PageRank analysis to surface the most influential stakeholders talking about ERP today. From this, we produced a list of influencers, as well as a network map of the connections between them.

Network Map – Top 50 ERP Thought Leaders (click to enlarge)

The network includes a wide range of stakeholders, from industry experts, analysts, thought leaders, consultants and writers to representatives of ERP vendors large and small such as SAP, Oracle, Sage, Plex Systems and Acumatica…

…wait, what’s that – you wish you could see a ranking and network map of the most influential organizations within the ERP industry, so you can see for yourself which firms are vying for dominance? Well certainly you can, because we put all of that analysis together for you in one neat download.

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The Top 50 ERP Thought Leaders

Rank Twitter Handle Name PageRank (Normalised)
1 @ERP_cindyjutras Cindy Jutras 100
2 @rwang0 R Ray Wang 41.47
3 @LouisColumbus Louis Columbus 37.43
4 @erickimberling Eric Kimberling 31.97
5 @pjtec PJ Jakovljevic 30.79
6 @nickcastellina Nick Castellina 23.44
7 @fscavo Frank Scavo 16.44
8 @gbeaubouef G. Brett Beaubouef 15.82
9 @lyleekdahl Lyle Ekdahl 15.66
10 @holgermu Holger Mueller 14.05
11 @Sergiolat_ Sergio Martínez 13.69
12 @ChLetellier Christophe Letellier 13.03
13 @WatServLtd Tom Doerner 11.92
14 @AmalioFD Amalio Fdez-Delgado 10.58
15 @mkrigsman Michael Krigsman 9.26
16 @ggheorghiu Gabriel Gheorghiu 8.13
17 @SAP_Jarret Jarret Pazahanick 7.92
18 @simonlporter Simon Porter 7.81
19 @dbmoore Dennis Moore 6.85
20 @milesahead Trevor Miles 6.84
21 @SoftwareGuruCPA Bob Palmer 6.56
22 @AlanCharlesMann Alan Mann 6.43
23 @Aleksey_TEC Aleksey Osintsev 6.38
24 @jlnorwood James Norwood 6.37
25 @lukemarson Luke Marson 6.09
26 @paulhamerman Paul Hamerman 5.86
27 @OracleTim Tim Hughes 5.85
28 @smist08 Stephen Smith 5.52
29 @DavidTurner1 David Turner 5.49
30 @RCKlein Robert Klein 5.24
31 @Dana_Gardner Dana Gardner 5.16
32 @jasonaverbook Jason Averbook 4.96
33 @InFullBloomUS Naomi Bloom 4.81
34 @David_Hardstaff David Hardstaff 4.71
35 @MTHei Martin Heisig 4.55
36 @DanAldridge1 Dan Aldridge 4.26
37 @abonde Allen Bonde 4.22
38 @simbeckhampson Paul Simbeck-Hampson 4.12
39 @rhsmithvl Robin Smith 4.05
40 @stefangrahn Stefan Grahn 4.02
41 @SteveBogner Steve Bogner 4.02
42 @avillaes_es Antonio Villaespesa 4.00
43 @heidimelin Heidi Melin 3.83
44 @Tim_Purcell Tim Purcell 3.68
45 @avlconsulting Anne Vinagre 3.64
46 @fcharles Frédéric Charles 3.39
47 @TheCloud_Amiee Amiee Keenan 3.39
48 @135sara Sara 3.31
49 @CyrillSchmid Cyrill Schmid 3.18
50 @Erwan_philippe Erwan Philippe 3.13


Do you want to know more influencers (maybe you reckon you were no. 51, or you are more interested in the less well-known influencers)? Are you looking for more in-depth analysis and insights into trends within the ERP market (or any other market for that matter)? Well then,





Top Thought Leaders

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