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Influencer Selection Made Easy: Introducing Media Monitoring

by | May 31, 2023 | Best Practice, , ,

A pivotal moment in every customer’s Influencer Marketing journey is finding the right influencer to collaborate with. Discovering new creators on social media has never been easier (only 9% of marketers don’t know who the influential experts in their industry are) but vetting them efficiently still poses a challenge. How can you quickly gain insights into their reputation and track record without laborious hours of manual research?

We’re excited to unveil our game-changing media monitoring feature, designed to accelerate your path to success and revolutionize your influencer selection process!

Unlock the Power of Insights in Seconds

Say goodbye to endless searches and skimming through articles that all blend into one. Our media monitoring solution scans 270k outlets from across the world retrieving 1.5M articles monthly, to identify mentions of influencers across key B2B topics (AI Ethics, 5G, RegTech, Cryptocurrency, & many more). We summarise essential data from the top 25 articles with the highest reach each month, saving you countless hours of research.

Gain an Extensive Overview

Make informed decisions without wasting time and effort. We break down the key metadata of each article and present it in an easy to digest format. The influencer’s coverage is split into 3 categories: detected outlet information, article content details & insights on articles that match topical queries.

Discover vital information about the outlets that covered the influencer, including monthly traffic and country of origin. To indicate credibility and provide you with valuable context, we have identified the most frequently mentioned outlets as well.

Delve into Article Insights

Uncover patterns and trends effortlessly and save yourself from manual data collation and analysis. Our new feature offers topical analysis that reveals the recurring themes and phrases across thousands of articles, and a word cloud that highlights the terms which come up the most frequently in their media coverage.

Want to dive deeper for a more comprehensive understanding of the content? Our platform provides access to the top 25 articles ranked by outlet reach, and each article includes individual insights with a direct link for further reading.

Answer Key Questions

Use our new media monitoring feature to answer these vital questions when vetting an influencer you plan to collaborate with:

  • What are other people saying about this influencer?
  • Which media outlets covered them the most in the last 6 months?
  • Which keywords appear the most in articles mentioning them?
  • Where are the outlets covering the influencer based?

Cut Through the Noise

In the face of the internet’s mounting complexity and scale, our media monitoring feature acts as your trusted guide (your very own influencer “Zagat”, if you will), delivering the insights you need to navigate the crowded world of influencers and thought leaders. Our mission is to empower you to confidently and effortlessly select your perfect influencer to partner with on your next campaign.

Unleash the power of influencer insights with our new media monitoring feature. Request a demo and experience the difference today!