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2022 State of B2B Social Media Marketing Industry

by | Nov 29, 2022 | Best Practice, , ,

We are SO excited to announce the launch of our 2022 State of B2B Social Media Marketing Industry report, in partnership with Immediate Future! The social media landscape continues to evolve, and in order to succeed in 2023, B2B Marketers must adapt and change the way they create content. And we want to help marketers on their way.

With the ever-increasing number of decision makers & social platforms available for content creation, as well as elongated sales cycles and squeezed marketing budgets (thanks to the impending recession), it is more important than ever that social media strategies cut-through and drive business outcomes.

In total, we surveyed 120 B2B marketers to share their insights, so that you can better understand the maturity of the industry and have an opportunity to benchmark your own strategy against your peers.

So, what have we learned?

B2B marketers see the value in social media and Influencer Marketing, but are still struggling with the execution. 90% of marketers see the value in Influencer Marketing, but 70% of marketers are yet to start or are still in experimentation phase and 50% of marketers have no budget assigned to Influencer Marketing at all.

However, this all adds up when we look at the pain points and barriers felt by marketers. 37% of marketers say their biggest challenge is lack of budget and 35% say they struggle with buy-in. 35% say that Influencer Marketing is only a small part of their team’s remit and 32% feel like they don’t have the know-how to get a program off the ground. Add to this 54% of marketers don’t feel too confident in who their industry experts are – a key part to starting.

For social media more generally, despite 71% of marketers saying brand awareness is their most important social media objective, 24% of marketers consider social media after a campaign is in place or not at all and 52% only sometimes or rarely consider their customer pain points and triggers. And only 1 in 3 are tailoring their content across the different social channels.

But this all comes as no surprise when only 6.4 in 10 marketers have at least part of their strategy documented and out of those, only 2.3 in 10 have buy-in.

What’s covered in the 2022 State of B2B Social Media Marketing Industry report?

  • How Serious are B2B Marketers About Social?
  • Social Media Marketing Budgets
  • The Goal of Social
  • Content Marketing Barriers
  • Is B2B Marketing Strategic Enough?
  • Awareness of the Experts
  • Is it What You Know or Who You Know?
  • The Rise of the Employee Influencer
  • 7 Things You Can Control & Influence

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2022 State of B2B Social Media Marketing Industry Report

Insights into the maturity of the market & how to drive business outcomes