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Interview with Daniel Newman

by | Nov 24, 2017 | Interviews,

Daniel Newman

Daniel Newman

Principal Analyst at Futurum Research & CEO, Broadsuite Media Group

Key Topics:Digital Transformation, Big Data and Analytics, AI, Mobility, Automation, Future of Work
Location:Chicago, IL (Suburbs), USA

Daniel Newman works with the world’s largest technology brands exploring digital transformation and how it is influencing the enterprise. His work has appeared in leading media outlets around the world, from Forbes to CNBC to the London Times. Daniel travels the world as a keynote speaker, consultant and analyst. He is a six-time, best-selling author including his most recent “Futureproof: 7 Key Pillars to Digital Transformation Success.”

How did you get to become an expert in digital transformation?

I grew up around technology and first fell in love with it when I was working in the Pro Audio space designing studios and live sound environments. This quickly evolved into enterprise technologies like Unified Communication and Mobility. From there it continued to snowball into more technologies and my love for tech met my passion for business and leadership. Digital Transformation isn’t just tech, nor is it just change management, but really it is the harmonious marriage of the two. As I was building businesses in the tech space, later moving into marketing and research, I found my passion in bringing business, technology and leadership together to help companies adapt to the change the disruption and digital change is bringing rapidly into our lives.

What areas of digital transformation are you most passionate about?

Every year I provide my predictions for Digital Transformation, however my big areas of focus are Culture, Innovation and Technology. I love seeing how these three things are helping certain businesses thrive while others are struggling to survive. Here are my predictions.

Which digital transformation influencers influence you?

There are a ton of smart folks out there sharing great ideas about Digital Transformation, however, most of my inspiration comes from those leading technology companies. Leaders like Mark Benioff, Elon Musk, Meg Whitman, Bill McDermott, Steve Mollenkopf, Satya Nadella and Chuck Robbins are always super influential as they are leading companies that are shifting and disrupting industries. I also find CTO and CMOs like Oliver Schabenberger from SAS and Shane Wall and  Antonio Lucio from HP to be trendspotters that grab my ear.

It isn’t that I don’t appreciate and think highly of other influencers, but one of my secret sauces (I believe) is that I don’t spend too much time reading what others that do similar work to me are saying. It helps me make sure my ideas and predictions are my own.

Outside of digital transformation who else influences you?

I consume a ton of content on Big Data, Change Management, Mobile, Leadership and Future of Work.

Which brands or products stand out for you in digital transformation?

I have to disclose that most of these are my clients (not all) – my bias lies toward tech for that reason. But some brands are rocking the implementation and they should be recognized as well. Apple, Dell, Amazon, Cisco, Qualcomm, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, HP, HPE, Cisco, Intel, SAS, Deloitte, PWC, Cap Gemini, Disney, Netflix.

If a brand wanted to work with you, what offline / online activities would you be most interested in?

I love working with brands on research, speaking, content programs and podcasts. I work with many of the world’s greatest tech brands and would love to meet the next generation of these companies and help them reach their full potential.

What would be the best way for a brand to contact you?

An email is a great start, but I love to chat on Twitter, LinkedIn or other social platforms as well.