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Interview with Timothy Snow

by | Aug 7, 2018 | Interviews,

Timothy Snow

Timothy Snow

Founder of Snow Solutions

Key Topics:Influencer Marketing, Influencer Relations, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, SMM, Strategy, Business Analytics, Blockchain Technology
Location:Hollywood, California

Top 3 LinkedIn Brand Ambassador / Brand Influencer w/ Verizon, Motorola and HTC. Currently Social Media Director / Content Marketing Strategist at G Media Studios. Talent Management / Promotions at Influencer Relations / Marketing Consultant at Snow Solutions.

How did you get to become an expert in influencer marketing?

I began my social media career officially back in 2010 working at the U.S. House of Representatives, Rhode Island Congressional race, followed by Alex and Ani’s creative marketing team that built their annual revenue from $2.2 million in 2010 to $230 million in 2013.

In 2013 I was referred by power luxury travel influencer Ann Tran into Verizon’s Lifestyle Blogger network led by OM Media’s Founder/CEO Top Tech Latina influencer Monica Vila, @TheOnlineMom which I’ve been part of for over five years now and subsequently led to roles with HTC, Motorola and Lumia (now Microsoft) coupling my online influence within smartphone photography and tech niches.

What areas of influencer marketing are you most passionate about?

I have become within the influencer marketing industry an expert in business analytics, influencer relations, ROI and content / digital strategies

Which influencer marketing influencers influence you?

My early role models included Ann Tran, Marsha Collier and Ted Coiné. I’ve been told that having seen Influencer Marketing from both the Influencer’s point of view as well as the brand’s perspective I can be now considered as an Influencer’s Influencer which is a role I take very seriously.

Outside of influencer marketing who else influences you?

I look up to and respect Ann Handley (Content Marketing) Lee Odden (digital marketing) Neal Schaffer (social media marketing).

How would you describe your offline influence?

My offline influence can be summed as such: You have something I want and I’m going to convince you that I’ve got something you need, whether you realize it yet or not. And then when I deliver, you’ll get ten times your expectation in return which leads to word of mouth referrals. My best engagements can’t be measured. Those dark social metrics that stem from private messages to Skype conversations. I’ve never been for all the pomp and provenance of self-promotion.

What are going to be the key developments in the industry in the next 12 months?

Within the next twelve months I expect to see that more brands beginning to take back their advertising campaigns from agencies and bringing them back ‘in-house’ with only help coming from Influencer Relations consultants such as myself. Read more over on my blog here.

I believe also new ways of identifying influencers and with the emerging technologies that Blockchain possess coming into a larger role than most imagined even just a year ago or so when analytics began catching up to digital. I wrote more about this here.

If a brand wanted to work with you, what activities would you be most interested in collaborating on?

Podcasts, webinars, whitepaper, speaking opportunities, product development.

What would be the best way for a brand to contact you?

Email me on