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#OnaChat: The Future of Work

by | Mar 3, 2022 | Best Practice, , ,

Our February #OnaChat Twitter Chat honed in on the Future of Work. This is something that impacts everyone, and having discussions like this can help employers understand how to help their employees and create an environment that is welcoming and appealing.

Why is the Future of Work important as a discussion?

The Future of Work needs to be an ongoing conversation. It impacts our day-to-day lives, it gives brands the opportunity to rethink and redesign the way they work, and it gives employees the chance to realise how they actually want to work, and what works for them.

What impact has the pandemic had on the Future of Work?

Flexibility has been a key factor throughout the pandemic. Having an employer that trusts you can be the difference between staying at a company and moving elsewhere. It’s also become clear that moulding life around work is not how people want to live anymore, and working for a brand that understands this is crucial.

What do you think the number one priority should be at the moment for employee experience, and in turn, retention?

Company culture seems to be the at the top of employee priorities. If you create a culture where employees are encouraged to grow and thrive, they’ll stay. People won’t stay if they feel underappreciated and undervalued.

What does physical and emotional health look like in a hybrid working environment?

Communication becomes even more important in a hybrid working environment because managers aren’t seeing employees in an office on a daily basis. So reaching out and having a regular catch up can ensure teams stay synched and people feel like they’re voices are being heard, no matter where they’re working from.

How do you think the metaverse will impact the way we work?

What is there now doesn’t have the maturity to be used in a professional environment, but it seems that the metaverse does have the capability to make collaborations far more immersive. What brands will need to think about is up-skilling to make sure they’re not left behind as the technology matures.

What’s your top tip for employers in 2022?

Listen to your employees and look at what other brands are doing. Small changes can have a big impact on how your company runs and how your employees feel about you.

In our next #OnaChat session, we’ll be talking about the Women in Tech, if you’d like to tune in, be sure to add it to your calendar!