Water Security Influencers: Top Individuals and Brands

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Faced with a growing population and climate change, the UN has warned that by 2030 the demand for water is expected to exceed supply by about 40%, with half the global population facing water scarcity.

At Onalytica we used our proprietary Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) Software to analyse the social media debate around water security, in order to identify a list of influencers and stakeholders who hold critical authority over the conversation on water security.

We then quantitatively and qualitatively analysed the conversation drivers, providing insight on thematic issues of importance to top water security influencers and how these key influencers are shaping this important conversation to drive awareness and change policy.


With so many competing sectors of society using water resources, it is becoming increasingly complex to negotiate a comprehensive plan to ensure a water secure world.

Encouragingly, social media can now be used extensively as a channel to communicate with and influence community leaders, activists, journalists, non-profit organisations, businesses, and consumers worldwide as they discuss the topic and search for ways to develop collaborative solutions.


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Rank Twitter Handle Name Influencer Score
1 @BenGoldberger Ben Goldberger 100
2 @MMFlint Michael Moore 83.79
3 @ChadLivengood Chad Livengood 20.01
4 @julia_lurie Julia Lurie 19.68
5 @jvdet Jerome Vaughn 15.93
6 @G_Boccaletti Giulio Boccaletti 13.7
7 @maddow Rachel Maddow MSNBC 12.87
8 @MarkRuffalo Mark Ruffalo 10.93
9 @HRappleye Hannah Rappleye 9.62
10 @markknoller Mark Knoller 9.13
11 @alisonannyoung Alison Young 8.64
12 @NehaShastry Neha Shastry 8.33
13 @kateamarshall kate marshall 8.19
14 @RyanFelton13 Ryan Felton 7.33
15 @mhopp7 Michael Hopper 6.9
16 @PeterGleick Peter Gleick 6.86
17 @adrianasdiaz Adriana Diaz 6.39
18 @jbendery jennifer bendery 6.28
19 @Delo_Taylor D 6.18
20 @DaveBondyTV Dave Bondy 6.02
21 @dakasler Dale Kasler 5.75
22 @emptywheel PotholeWheel 5.09
23 @nayyirahshariff nayyirah shariff 3.96
24 @KentPage Kent Page 3.51
25 @RyanSabalow Ryan Sabalow 3.5
26 @JGHillfreep James G. Hill 3.35
27 @ErinBrockovich erin brockovich 2.85
28 @greenman3610 Peter Sinclair 2.65
29 @Tehelmin Brand 2.45
30 @Raffi_RC Raffi Cavoukian 2.38
31 @ExposingALEC Ron Rabatsky 2.18
32 @RichardBurr_DN Richard Burr 1.98
33 @rickpluta Rick Pluta 1.88
34 @katiecouric Katie Couric 1.78
35 @NeilNfg Neil Glasser 1.68
36 @thewatercyclist Sean Furey 1.54
37 @dejbanlaw Dejban Law 1.48
38 @DrBobBullard Robert D. Bullard 1.38
39 @sasha031 Sasha 1.33
40 @SethMSiegel Seth M. Siegel 1.32
41 @Alex_Verbeek Alexander Verbeek 1.2
42 @tiffani Tiffani Ashley Bell 1.15
43 @justinwedes Justin Wedes 1.15
44 @NWSCMD Dr. Silver Mugisha 1.1
45 @jilevin Jeffrey Levin 1.06
46 @rhackley Randall Hackley 1.04
47 @Sammy_Roth Sammy Roth 1.03
48 @rebeccampeters Rebecca Peters 0.9
49 @caulmick Mick Caul(#not1pipe) 0.88
50 @SoniaFurstenau Sonia Furstenau 0.86



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Rank Twitter Handle Name Influencer Score
1 @TIME TIME.com 100
2 @nowthisnews NowThis 59.97
3 @ajam Al Jazeera America 21.42
4 @vicenews VICE News 15.5
5 @ABC ABC News 14.97
6 @circleofblue Circle of Blue 14.81
7 @Water Water.org 14.35
8 @wef World Economic Forum 12.75
9 @isciences ISCIENCES, LLC 9.62
10 @Salon Salon.com 9.4
11 @siwi_water SIWI 7.8
12 @IWCare IW Customer Care 6.36
13 @NRDC NRDC 6.25
14 @EcoWatch EcoWatch 5.99
15 @wearewater We Are Water 5.8
16 @oxfordwater Oxford Water Network 5.68
17 @nwscug NWSC 5.29
18 @jhbwater Johannesburg Water 4.81
19 @MotherJones Mother Jones 4.76
20 @UN_Water UN-Water 4.73
21 @CECHR_UoD CECHR 4.43
22 @grist grist 3.99
23 @greenpeaceusa Greenpeace USA 3.67
24 @ConversationUS The Conversation US 3.56
25 @MIAFLCIO Michigan AFL-CIO 3.46
26 @nature_org Nature Conservancy 3.11
27 @ifpri ifpri 2.99
28 @unitedutilities United Utilities 2.96
29 @scottish_water Scottish Water 2.9
30 @saveourwater Save Our Water 2.83
31 @RiskRewardFBN Risk & Reward 2.82
32 @UNICEFwater UNICEF Water 2.81
33 @thirstproject Thirst Project 2.59
34 @WorldBankWater World Bank Water 2.46
35 @thameswater Thames Water 2.33
36 @EEPublishing E&E Publishing, LLC 2.16
37 @FAOclimate FAO Climate Change 2.05
38 @EnviroNewsTV EnviroNews 2.05
39 @FresnoBee Fresno Bee 2.02
40 @IDEtechnologies IDE Technologies 1.9
41 @Alimdaad Al-Imdaad Foundation 1.81
42 @OurWaterCounts Our Water Counts 1.62
43 @EnvAgencyYNE Env Agency Yorks&NE 1.58
44 @insideclimate InsideClimate News 1.53
45 @HFUSA Humanity First USA 1.52
46 @WaterResearchSA WRC 1.48
47 @GE_Water GE Water 1.42
48 @DWS_RSA Water&Sanitation_RSA 1.4
49 @IrishWater Irish Water 1.34
50 @ensiamedia Ensia 1.31


To determine which professionals and brands were leading the online discussion on water security, we analysed 517K+ tweets from November 2015 to January 2015. After examining over 189,000 engaged individuals and brands on Twitter and in the blogosphere, we used our proprietary PageRank-based ranking system to identify the most influential brands and individuals driving engagement on water security.

Using Onalytica IRM, we uncovered valuable insight on the engagement patterns of influencers in the water security community, which may be of use to social media strategists, policy developers, politicians, businesses and consumers alike as we work together to develop collaborative solutions to ensure global security, development, and overall human well-being.

Below you can see a network map of the online engagement between our top 100 water security influencers. Be sure to click on the map to enjoy the network diagram in greater detail.

Onalytica - Water Security Influencers - Top Individuals and brands



Water security influencers are highly engaged on a variety of sub-topics affecting the water security community. We determined that there were seven key subjects which dominated water influencer conversations in 2015:

Key Water Security Debate Drivers

Of the seven subjects most discussed amongst water influencers, Climate Change was the largest debate driver, with water influencers posting about the subject 23,519 times in 2015. Agriculture followed with 23,024 posts by water influencers. Freshwater and groundwater accounted for 22,272 posts, while water influencers discussed drought in 15,097 posts. The remaining three subjects still played an important role in influencer conversations, together accounting for 15% of the share of voice. Water, Sanitation and Hygiene programming accounted for 6,527 mentions, most of which were by non-profit organisations. Water influencers made general references to water scarcity in 4,426 posts, while the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by world leaders at the UN Sustainable Development Summit in 2015 captured 3,800 mentions.


At Onalytica we know that social media influencers wield genuine power to inform the development of public policy. The myriad of connections and interactions on social media amongst thought leaders play an important role in steering decision-making on some of the most fundamental issues in the world. This report enables communication professionals to unpack the mass debate and understand who the key water security influencers are and how to communicate with them to address the vital issue of water security.

Our in-depth analytical report on Top Water Security Individuals and Brands has been produced as a multi-part series, allowing readers to understand the flow of the debate, which topics this vital audience really cares about, and how they are driving influence on the overall debate and its subtopics. In each section of this multi-part series we will examine the chief water security debate drivers in detail, to help illustrate how our Top Water Security Individuals and Brands are interacting on each subject and shaping key debates within the community.

Stay tuned as we release in-depth insight on each of the key sub-topics deemed critical to water security influencers.

UPDATE:  The first part of this series focusing on Climate Change has been released! Click the link to read our report on Water Security Influencers and Climate Change!






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