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Who’s Who in AI?

by | Sep 22, 2021 | Influencer Lists,

By 2026, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will drive the greatest technological breakthroughs in the industries of automotive, banking, computing, energy and healthcare.

SwissCognitive is closely watching the cross-industry global AI market – which has notably taken off with Covid. In this time of rapid transition, we all want to gain a clear perspective. What is certain is that a home office doesn’t equate to digitization and that we all want our businesses to be rolling again. That is exactly where AI comes into play – a technology that is practically already available today, yet still has enormous development potential in the future. There is no doubt: there is no company that should let this chance slip away.

It’s clear that in the next few years, we will see an overheated race for AI investments, a massive rise of AI start-ups and corporate labs, more mid-sized companies being involved, and a sharp increase in society’s interest and knowledge about AI. Parallel to that, however, we will also see an increase of AI nationalism, regulations, ethical questions and associated societal challenges. We can expect that AI nationalism will be used primarily in the great struggle for data sovereignty for national security, territorial integrity or in the expansion of it. Governments will increasingly consider AI as a central resource for the defence of their own interests. We can also foresee that AI experts will be on the rise, but so will be philosophers and social scientists. Why? Because more than ever, the questions around AI are not only about the future of businesses but the future of societies.

What will happen in the next 5 years?

  • Hyper automation – the use of advanced technologies to automate tasks, will intelligently change the world of process automation.
  • AI and ML technologies will become an important part of information security, with the market expected to reach $40 billion by 2026.
  • Augmented intelligence, where with AR and VR the merging of machines and humans will massively improve our cognitive performance.
  • We will gain a full 360-degree view on our available data, including both structured and unstructured.
  • Robotization, respectively autonomation of physical procedures, will be massively demanded, with industrial drones, semi-autonomous vehicles, airplanes & ships, medical nano-robots and remote-controlled construction machines, like cranes, excavators and drilling machines playing an increasing role. We will likely start seeing significant changes already before 2026.

It’s time to realize that advanced data analytics, or AI as we call it, falls into the category of world-changing inventions. With this in mind, the wheel, steam and electricity have just greeted their new colleague.

Introduction provided by Dalith Steiger & Andy Fitze, Founders of SwissCognitive – The Global AI Hub

What’s Covered in the AI Report?

In this report we have a look at a range of influencers and personas, answering the key questions below:

  • Which Brand Employees are driving impact online?
  • Which Professional Influencers are creating inspiring industry content in this space?
  • Who are the key Social Amplifiers on the topic?
  • Which Key Opinion Leaders are creating great content on the topic?
  • Who are the Event Speakers within AI?
  • Who are the Content Creators within the space?
  • Which Journalists & Contributors are contributing to the conversation?
  • Who are the Analysts within AI?
  • Which AI Academics & Researchers are contributing to the topic?
  • Who are the Machine Learning influencers?
  • Who is sharing content on Deep Learning?
  • Which Brands are creating thought leadership content on AI?
  • Which Publications & Resources are sharing content within this space?

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About Who’s Who reports

These Who’s Who reports are created using the Onalytica platform which has a curated database of over 1 million influencers. Our platform allows you to discover, validate and categorise influencers quickly and easily via keyword searches. The lists are made using carefully created Boolean queries which then rank influencers by resonance, relevance, reach and reference, meaning influencers are not only ranked by themselves, but also by how much other influencers are referring to them. The lists are then validated, and filters are used to split the influencers up into the categories that are seen in the report.

This Who’s Who list should give you an insight into the industry and help break it down. We always want to make sure you are getting the most valuable information available from our lists, so feedback is always welcome!

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Who's Who in AI?

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