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Who’s Who in IoT Connectivity?

by | Jan 13, 2021 | Influencer Lists,

IoT Connectivity classifies any devices connected to the internet using sensors and software to store and exchange data with one another. IoT Connectivity technologies bring the ‘future’ not only into homes but also into offices, across many different industries by eliminating mundane tasks from our lives. Possibilities of IoT Connectivity uses and devices are endless: from smart speakers to wireless sensors measuring soil moisture and nutrients to the new 5G network.

With the market growing solidly it is projected in a GSMA report that we will see a threefold increase by 2025, with a contraction of $200 billion as previously expected due to Covid-19. While the competition soars between commercial and industrial businesses, there is room for market visionaries to gain a leading edge amongst the competition.

This ‘Who’s Who’ report aims to outline the most far-reaching voices creating content and communicating online about the potential of IoT Connectivity.

What’s Covered in the Report?

In our IoT Connectivity report we have a look at a range of influencers and personas, answering the key questions below:

  • Which brand employees are driving most impact online on the topic of IoT Connectivity?
  • Who are they key social amplifiers on the topic of IoT Connectivity?
  • Who are the key event speakers speaking at IoT events?
  • Which key opinon leaders are discussing IoT Connectivity?
  • Who are the analysts within IoT Connectivity?
  • Which academics & researchers are discussing IoT Connectivity?
  • Who are the influencers within IoT Connectivity and Device Management?
  • Which influencers are talking about IoT Connectivity and Security Management?
  • Who are the key influencers discussing IIoT within the IoT Connectivity space?
  • Which brands are creating thought leadership content on IoT Connectivity?

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These Who’s Who reports are created using the Onalytica platform which has a curated database of over 1 million influencers. Our platform allows you to discover, validate and categorise influencers quickly and easily via keyword searches. The lists are made using carefully created Boolean queries which then rank influencers by resonance, relevance, reach and reference, meaning influencers are not only ranked by themselves, but also by how much other influencers are referring to them. The lists are then validated, and filters are used to split the influencers up into the categories that are seen in the list.

This Who’s Who list should give you an insight into the IoT Connectivity industry and help break it down. We always want to make sure you are getting the most valuable information available from our lists, so feedback is always welcome!

If you want to learn more about Onalytica, or if you’d like to see our platform in action, feel free to get in touch!




Who's Who in IoT Connectivity?

The influential voices working within the industry