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COP 25 – Key Topics and Influencers Shaping the Climate Change Debate

by | Dec 3, 2019 | Influencer Lists, ,

This week, the 25th UNFCCC Conference of the Parties begins in Madrid.

Once a year, almost every nation in the world, along with thousands of observing and participating institutions, from NGOs & IGOs to Universities and specialized agencies, convene to discuss Climate Change. Never has this event been more important, with just shy of 25,000 attendees at COP24 and even more predicted for this year’s event, cutting through the cacophony has become quite the challenge.

To help, we’ve analyzed the data, combing through tens of thousands of accounts to bring you the people at the heart of the event and those quiet but important voices at the fringes of the hubbub, so that you can keep on top of what’s going on, find new voices, and pay attention to what matters most.

Influencer Conversation: Percentage of Top Topics

Alongside the main event, there are hundreds of side events and exhibits happening. These are aligned with 36 themes, 5 of which we’ve taken a deeper look at throughout this report. The 5 areas are Energy, Agriculture/Land Use, Education, Health and Gender. Below is a graph showing the percentage of influencer discussion centered around these areas.

Percentage of Influencer Conversation Top Topics

Influencer Conversation – Percentage of Top Topics

Most Engaged Network

Throughout the report we have broken down each of the 5 areas. Looking at the network map below we can see the most engaged network discussing Energy. The most engaged influencer, Arik Ring can be seen at the top left, and the most engaged brand, IRENA, can be seen in the bottom right.

Top 150 Engaged Network - Energy

As another example, below are the top engaged influencers and brands discussing Education and Public Awareness. The most engaged organization, SDG2030, can be seen top left and the most engaged influencer, Michael E. Mann, can be seen bottom right.

Onalytica Climate Change Education Network Map

To have a look at all the insights gathered surrounding this event and to find the key influencer lists we created, be sure to download the full report below.
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COP 25 Report

Key Topics and Influencers Shaping the Climate Change Debate