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White Paper: The Definitive Practical Guide to IRM

by | Aug 17, 2017 | Best Practice, , ,

We’re excited to announce that we’ve published The Definitive Practical Guide to Influencer Relationship Management. We brought together industry experts from marketers to the influencers themselves, to create a step by step guide with best practice and frameworks to help you nail your influencer marketing strategy.

Contributors include: Philip Brown, Owain Williams, Luke Brynley-Jones, Lee Odden, Dave Chaffey, Tim Hughes, Spiros Margaris, Jim Marous, Konnie Alex-Brown, Joan O’Connor, Bryan Kramer, Tim McLoughlin, Angela Lipscomb, Jason Miller and Joe Martin.

This guide is for anyone in Marketing, Communications or indeed business who would like to improve brand equity and/or market share by working with influencers in a 2-way partnership to provide value to the influencer community and wider marketplace.

Take yourselves from ‘aspiration’ to ‘execution’ using our practical framework to organically create, implement, measure and scale your influencer marketing activity to produce meaningful results for your business. 

Why does the industry need this guide?

For the lack of a better analogy, if influencer marketing were to take human form, it would be an awkward just post-pubescent teenager. It’s growing up yet not quite mature; it’s gaining a voice but isn’t always taken seriously. But teenagers do eventually mature, they just need some guidance along the way. The exact same goes for influencer marketing. 

Influencer marketing is an exciting strategy; according to eMarketer 84% of marketers worldwide said they would launch at least one influencer campaign within the next 12 months. There are brands that are doing it well, some deservedly, some merely fluking it, yet there are many marketers unsure of:

  • How to start influencer relations programs
  • What can be achieved
  • How to measure success

An example measurement framework from the whitepaper:

Onalytica Example Measurement framework by objective
The hurdles and challenges expand beyond just getting started however: the subject of fake influence; how to best work with influencers without necessarily offering financial compensation and how to best integrate influencer marketing into your marketing mix.

The bottom line is that everyone seems to want to do it, but given the industry’s fast-moving and evolving nature coupled with the lack of an established ‘best practice’, there needs to be some guidance and frameworks in place to provide clarity to brands- something that hasn’t been done, yet. This is where our Definitive Practical Guide to Influencer Relationship Management comes into play to provide clarity and enablement. 

What does it cover?

In a nutshell, our white paper will enable you to understand and do the following:

Key Takeaways of the paper

With such confusion across the industry on what TRUE influencer marketing is, there are some key messages and takeaways from the paper:

  • You don’t have to pay influencers; there are copious opportunities for organic engagement
  • There has to be something in it for the influencer AND your brand
  • Integrate different skill sets within your strategy
  • Influencer marketing ramps up and increases the quality of your Influencer Generated Content
  • Success heavily relies upon credible influencer discovery

Want more?

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