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[eBook] The Complete Guide to Industry & B2B Influencer Marketing

by | Oct 16, 2019 | Best Practice, , , ,

We are very excited to announce that we have launched an updated Complete Guide to Industry & B2B Influencer Marketing. Influencer marketing is at a stage where it is no longer a “nice to have”, but rather a “must have” marketing strategy. Therefore, we no longer feel the need to define what influencer marketing is; on the news we’re learning of the latest influencer scandal and on social media, influencer ads have become a part of the furniture.

Therefore, influencer marketing has become an embedded strategy across both B2B and B2C organizations, but with the industry lacking in guidelines, frameworks and rules, most marketers have been left bewildered about how they can get their program up and running to achieve the best results.

We’ve been chatting with 250 + B2B & B2C global marketers to put together a practical, end-to-end guide with tools, frameworks and guidance to drive brand awareness, shape brand perception and drive sales through story telling and thought leadership.

As ever, our content would be nothing without key contributors from some of the best experts in the business.

Key contributors include:


What does the guide cover?

The guide will take you through the whole process from beginning to end:

  1. The background of influencer marketing; making way for influencer marketing with storytelling and thought leadership at its core
  2. How to write a business case that speaks the language of the boardroom
  3. How to create your end-to-end influencer marketing strategy in 5 minutes
  4. How to identify relevant influencers for your brand
  5. How to effectively engage influencers (both organic and paid)
  6. How to integrate influencers into your BAU activity (For example: events, content and ABM)
  7. How influencer marketing will improve your SEO
  8. How to integrate influencers into your employee advocacy strategy
  9. Which department owns influencer marketing
  10. What are the different maturity stages Of an influencer program
  11. How to measure your influencer marketing success and ROI
  12. What does the future hold for influencer marketing in 2020 and beyond

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