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Onalytica Bids Farewell to Influencer Lists as You Know Them

by | Sep 10, 2020 | Best Practice,

Back in 2009 when Onalytica was founded, B2B influencer marketing was in its infancy and still finding its feet. Influencer platforms were few and far between, “influencer” wasn’t in the dictionary as a social media term and Forbes & The Sunday Times influencer lists didn’t exist.

Fast forward to 2020 and there’s over 1120 influencer marketing platforms (as of end of 2019) and the industry is valued at $9.7 billion.

Onalytica was a key pioneer in the familiar influencer lists as we know them today and have made great strides in connecting topical communities around the world. We launched our first influencer list back in 2012 on the Top 200 Most influential Economics blogs. We’ve since gone on to publish another 162 lists to date on everything from Fintech, AI & Cloud, to topics such as Cancer Care and Sustainability. We’ve learned along the way, taking on board feedback from influencers, our customers & readers and adapting our algorithm as we learn what true influence in this digital age looks like.

Onalytica’s lists have become globally renowned, with influencers including their Onalytica Ranking in their Social Media bios as a badge of honour. We’re proud of what we have achieved and we have our community to thank for getting to where we are today.


Sample search results using Onalytica’s platform of influencers with Onalytica in their bio


But we want to do more; we want to make our lists more worthwhile to our readers. We want to capture not only online influence across Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs, but to also capture the influencers doing great work offline too.

With this said, we’re very excited to announce our new and improved influencer lists format, called “Who’s Who”. As part of this new format, we will break our influencer lists down by topical focus and key personas, rather than having one whole list of 100 influencers. We will break our influencers down into personas such as:

  • Social Influencers – influencers amplifying content on social media
  • Content Creators – influencers creating content in their area of expertise
  • Event Speakers – professional speakers in their area of expertise
  • Industry Analysts – analysts working in the industry
  • Brand Employees – influential employees working in the industry
  • Brands & Publications – brands and publications leading the way

We have put together our first Who’s Who report on the topic of IIOT, with the help of the wonderful team at IIOT World, which we will be launching next Tuesday (15th September). To receive the report as soon as it’s live, subscribe below.





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