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Open Source: Top 100 Influencers and Brands

by | Mar 9, 2016 | Influencer Lists,

Open source is the practice of granting universal access to a product’s design or blueprint, and allowing its redistribution, including subsequent improvements to it by anyone. Open source code is meant to be a collaborative effort, where programmers improve upon the source code and share the changes within the community. By reducing the restrictions of copyright, open source significantly decreases the costs to the consumer and the creators of derivative works. In a 2015 survey Black Duck Software estimated 78% of companies are now running open source.

In a recent interview with Forbes, Jim Whitehurst the CEO of Red Hat, one earliest pioneers in the open source world, said “Innovation is happening first in open source. If you’re doing any type of a scale-out infrastructure, it’s probably going to be open source. If you’re looking at implementing a DevOps process, you’ll want to be using open source. If you’re going to do anything with big data, it’s going to be open source. And, of course, the cloud was born using open source software”.

This free exchange of knowledge and ideas has inspired increased sharing and transparency in areas other including biotechnology, electronics, digital content, government, medicine, science and engineering.


We reached out to some of the top 20 influencers to ask them for their views on Open Source. We spoke to Rachel White (#3), Justine Tunney  (#15) and Rikki Endsley. Be sure to follow them to stay up to date on the best content and resources on Open Source!

Onalytica - Open Source: Top 100 Influencers and Brands - Rachel White

Rachel White – Front End Engineer at IBM Watson
The most exciting part of open source for me is how a project grows once you put it out in the world. Once other people get their hands on the code, the project can evolve into really awesome things you would have never even thought of. That being said, Open Source absolutely needs more Code of Conducts, to be more inclusive, and should foster growth from new developers who are interested in contributing while continuing to support existing large contributors. Meritocracy is a myth put into place by people who want to control the status quo, and doesn’t help advance anything. I urge anyone interested in Open Source to take a look at Coralina Ada’s Code of Conduct. Other resources worth noting, reading the Meritocracy Myth , supporting your local Girl  & Black Girls CODE

Onalytica - Open Source: Top 100 Influencers and Brands - Justine Tunney

Justine Tunney
“If we wish to make open source great again, then we must restore the original authentic values that made it great in the first place. These values include, but are not limited to: meritocracy, passion for engineering, the complete authority of benevolent dictators whose legitimacy derives from having been the original founders of their projects, and an uncompromising devotion to superior technical solutions.”

Rikki Endsley

Rikki Endsley  – Community Manager at

“Finding inspiring stories about open source projects and communities isn’t hard. Keeping up with all of them is a lot harder. Fortunately, connecting through social media is a great way to learn about and participate in open source projects all over the world, not just in our own neighborhoods.”


We were very interested in seeing which Open Source professionals and brands were leading the online discussion, so we analysed  700K+  tweets from November 16th 2015 to February 4th 2016 mentioning the keywords “Open Source” OR opensource. We then identified the top 100 most influential brands and individuals leading the discussion on Twitter. What we discovered was a very engaged community, with much discussion between individuals and brands. Below you can see a network map of the online conversation created with our Influencer Relationship Management software (IRM). Be sure to click on the map to enjoy the full size network diagram in greater detail.

Onalytica - Open Source: Top 100 Influencers and Brands - Network Map

Below you can see another network map created with our Influencer Relationship Management software (IRM) showing the #1 Influencer Scott Hanselman at the centre, and the conversations to and from the different influencers in his field. If you are interested in learning more about identifying, managing and engaging with influencers click here to get in touch!

Onalytica - Open Source: Top 100 Influencers and Brands - Network Map 2 (Scott Hanselman)


We looked at all the individuals engaging on Twitter to bring you a list of the top 100 most influential individuals in the Open Source landscape.

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Rank Twitter Handle Name Company Influencer Score
1 @shanselman Scott Hanselman Microsoft 40.17
2 @nayafia Nadia Eghbal 35.49
3 @ohhoe Rachel White IBM Watson 35.09
4 @emangare Eduardo Mangarelli Microsoft 24
5 @KevinBankston Kevin Bankston New America 23.19
6 @johnbiggs John Biggs Freemit 20.85
7 @mjasay Matt Asay Adobe 19.45
8 @BrendanEich BrendanEich 19.25
9 @jeresig John Resig Khan Academy 18.67
10 @marco_preuss marcopreuss Kaspersky Lab 18.35
11 @billwagner billwagner Humanitarian Toolbox 17.41
12 @kelseyhightower Kelsey Hightower Google 17.32
13 @cra Chris Aniszczyk 16.9
14 @janl Jan Lehnardt 16.46
15 @JustineTunney Justine Tunney 15.46
16 @rikkiends Rikki Endsley 14.16
17 @jpetazzo Jérôme Petazzoni Docker 13.89
18 @tomdale Tom Dale Tilde 13.73
19 @ivelini Ivelin Ivanov TeleStax 13.11
20 @davecheney Dave Cheney Canonical 12.66
21 @searls Justin Searls test double 12.47
22 @joemccann Joe McCann NodeSource 12.38
23 @thegrugq the grugq Independent Researcher 12.15
24 @larsklint Lars Klint Pluralsight 11.84
25 @webRat Todd Rafferty Wrecking Ball Media Group 11.81
26 @sindresorhus Sindresaurus 11.76
27 @daleharvey Dale Harvey Mozilla 11.64
28 @CoralineAda Coraline Ada Ehmke Healthfinch 10.68
29 @i_robin Robin Muilwijk 10.51
30 @Vjeux Vjeux Facebook 10.29
31 @elisee Élisée Sparklin Labs 10.2
32 @Don_Watkins Don Watkins 10.07
33 @DAC_dev Adam Cameron Hostelworld Group 10.07
34 @solardiz Solar Designer Openwall 10.03
35 @tsmith Ty Smith Twitter 10.01
36 @swardley swardley CSC Leading Edge Forum 9.88
37 @Dries Dries Buytaert Drupal Association 9.74
38 @jonobacon Jono Bacon Github 9.58
39 @pkafei Portia Burton Atlantic 9.35
40 @DrPizza Peter Bright Ars Technica 9.21
41 @JWhitehurst Jim Whitehurst Red Hat News 9.02
42 @jlwallen Jack Wallen TechRepublic 8.88
43 @kentcdodds Kent C. Dodds PayPal 8.85
44 @frazelledazzell jessie frazelle Docker 8.71
45 @webmink Simon Phipps Meshed Insights 8.33
46 @philshapiro Phil Shapiro Takoma Park Maryland Library 8.22
47 @hichrisfabian christopher fabian UNICEF 8.04
48 @jesslynnrose Jessica Rose DreamFactory Software 7.89
49 @jesse_squires Jesse Squires Instagram 7.79
50 @yaypie Ryan Grove Yahoo! 7.67



In the top 100 brands we can find a great selection of brands and industry resources like Open Source Way, Docker and Info World as well heavyweights such as Microsoft, IBM and Fujitsu.

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Rank Twitter Handle Name Influencer Score
1 @opensourceway Open Source Way 100
2 @TechCrunch TechCrunch 72.26
3 @docker Docker 55.49
4 @Azure Microsoft Azure 36.19
5 @OpenSourceOrg OpenSourceInitiative 31.78
6 @OpenAtMicrosoft Open at Microsoft 31.1
7 @OpenSource_VR OSVR 30.3
8 @OpenWorldForum OpenWorldForum 30.14
9 @linuxfoundation The Linux Foundation 27.57
10 @VisualStudio Visual Studio 24.44
11 @ZDNet ZDNet 23.38
12 @infoworld InfoWorld 22.42
13 @msdev Microsoft Developer 21.96
14 @arstechnica Ars Technica 21.23
15 @gradle Gradle Inc. 21.09
16 @UNICEFinnovate UNICEF Innovation 20.59
17 @jsconf JSConf Last Call 17.77
18 @VentureBeat VentureBeat 15.48
19 @nixcraft nixCraft 14.29
20 @hackaday hackaday 14.26
21 @RailsGirlsSoC Rails Girls SoC 13.83
22 @IBM IBM 12.89
23 @TechRepublic TechRepublic 12.55
24 @CIOonline 12.45
25 @MSEdgeDev Microsoft Edge Dev 11.64
26 @qtproject Qt Project 11.15
27 @Fujitsu_Global Fujitsu Global 9.68
28 @arduino Arduino 9.66
29 @gigasquid Gigasquid 9.32
30 @MyceliumCom 9.31
31 @DigitalTrends Digital Trends 8.7
32 @RedHatNews Red Hat, Inc. 8.44
33 @fossasia FOSSASIA 7.98
34 @ibmmobile IBM Mobile 7.7
35 @OReillyMedia O’Reilly Media 7.66
36 @brooklyn_js BrooklynJS 7.58
37 @WIREDInsider WIRED Insider 7.58
38 @wordpressdotcom 7.43
39 @TheASF Apache – The ASF 7.39
40 @ErlangSolutions Erlang Solutions 7.33
41 @IBMbigdata IBM Big Data 7.32
42 @BSDmag BSD magazine 7.06
43 @SparklinLabs Sparklin Labs 7.03
44 @thenewstack the new stack 7
45 @casaJasmina casajasmina 6.91
46 @keen_io Keen IO 6.79
47 @sourceforge sourceforge 6.78
48 @SwiftSandbox Swift Open Source 6.59
49 @SUSE SUSE 6.5
50 @Razer RΛZΞR 8.4


At Onalytica we love building these lists and want to give back to our loyal readers as much as we can. If you’re interested in other topics (such as Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Big Data) be sure to have a gander on our blog or why not propose some topics to us on twitter? We also build some very cool software to manage all of these influencers. Get a free demo today by clicking the button below!


Disclaimer: As ever with these lists, it must be stressed that the ranking is by no means a definitive measurement of influence, as there is no such thing. The brands and individuals listed are undoubtedly influential when it comes to driving discussion in the Open Source debate.

The PageRank based methodology we use to extract influencers on a particular topic takes into account the number and quality of contextual references that a user receives. These calculations are independent of a user’s number of followers, but we do filter our lists based on how much a user is engaged in the conversation and the influence they drive through their networks.





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