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2021 B2B Influencer Compensation Report

by | Nov 16, 2021 | Best Practice, , ,

We are delighted to have partnered up with Convince and Convert to produce the 2021 B2B Influencer Compensation Report. The first of its kind, this report sets the standard for how much brands should pay influencers and the different variables that may influence this.

B2C influencer marketing has been around for 15+ years, with Fashion, Beauty and Retail influencers completely re-defining what it means to influence consumer behaviour and buying decisions, creating an industry set to be worth $15+ Billion in 2022. B2B Influencer Marketing is following the same trend and over the last 5+ years, the number of B2B Influencers in the marketplace has grown exponentially across sectors such as Tech, Financial Services and Healthcare. Led by tech innovation being at the forefront of development across all sectors.

As with any emerging industry, there have been no set rules for how brands and influencers should engage. This has resulted in influencers being unsure on how to set their rates, and brands not being sure how much they should be paying influencers. Through Onalytica’s marketplace, MyOnalytica, we have gathered the data for this compensation report guide, answering those questions and setting guidelines for both brands, and influencers.

Buyers want value. They want thought leadership that tells them something, they want content that has credibility and gets them thinking. And that means quality content. And content created with influencers is just that. It has value. For the business and for the buyers. It should be part of your marketing investment, part of your brand ethics and part of your sales process.Katy Howell, CEO, Immediate Future

Rate analysis for video creation


What’s Covered in the Compensation Report?

Global & Geographical rate breakdown & key considerations and tips for:

  • Authoring eBooks & White Papers
  • Consulting services
  • Video creation services
  • Podcast guest or hosting
  • Writing Blogs & Articles
  • Event Coverage Services
  • Twitter Chats & LinkedIn Lives
  • Speaking at events

In addition to this, you will learn:

  • Key considerations that impact an influencers’ rate and whether they’re the right fit
  • How to complement paid activities with organic engagement
  • How influencers know their worth when setting their rate cards
  • The typical collaboration packages that we see with our clients that drive maximum ROI
  • The typical industry points that we see relating to influencer compensation and payments
  • Expert tips and tricks from influencers and influencer marketing experts


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2021 B2B Influencer Compensation Report

Insights into how much brands should pay influencers based on different types of collaboration